What to do when you are sick and can’t sleep?

Well, this is not so good as you are now sick and you can’t even read this article having your mind in this.

That is why I am going to break it in a short piece and try to give the best ever tips for making you sleep when you are sick.

As when a human becomes sick he/she can’t sleep as there might be some pains and headache which don’t allow him/her to go sleep.

It happens to almost every human in sick days.

It’s winters and they are going away and summer is coming. It means the cold flu and cough is coming the way to us.

And you know a cough? and flu of these days?

It is a garbage thing when happens to us and we end up doing cough and over coming flu.

What happens in the end? we have to go to the hospital and take medics.

It means we are going to that building where we should not and have our selves away from that hospital building.

But how? how can we get our selves away from the hospitals?

Well, this is the main question and every body asks this to almost every body.

But who can answer this?

Maybe no one.

However, we are here just for you and here I have decided to give you the exact working tips on sleeping while you are sick.

So, when you are sick and you can sleep well.

After sleeping well for some hours you can make your sickness go to hell and feel better than before.

I am not going to reveal any thing related to search and research audits from different mediums.

Just trying my best to explore more in my mind and found what I have tested and works for me.

So come with me and read what I am doing to get my self away from the hospital and sleep well at any time I like just below this line.

Don’t follow the hourly clocks

Yes, people say that following the time will lead every human to live a better life.

But, in my experience when you start following the time you will end up following it and you become sick.

Not just simple sick – you even become a sick person from his mind.

Your body will react to it and gives you the sickness points, which will be a problem for your pains and headaches.

Not just that, I have experienced it by following the time and I come to know that when I try to follow the hourly clocks I become nonproductive.

It means I end up following the clock but can’t fulfill my client’s needs.

So, it’s better to do your work on your desired timing frame and do on your own rules, not your boss.

For job holders, I will suggest that you should try making friend ship with your boss and have your work with you at home.

Just be relax and do it when you want to or like to do that.

Don’t follow every order of your boss, try to figure out and tell your ideas too.

By doing this: your boss will be happy with you and grant you some peace of mind by granting a leave for some days in a month.

Drink tea!

Yeah, the best thing ever.

Tea is every thing for a sick person – especially who become sick because of weather changes.

In many cases, people become sick by coldness and feeling more cooler than they are.

In that cases, every body can take help of some cups of tea and have good sleep just by drinking some tea.

Really? Can’t you sleep after taking tea?

Well, this is not with me.

I become sleepy just after taking a sip out of tea cup.

Maybe it just for me and not for you, in that case, you can try drinking some of your favorite drinks but not soda.

As every soda drink will make sense while you drink it and after some moments it will slow down your procedure to over come the sickness.

So, it’s better to drink tea and have some daar-chini in it to make it more strong.

Don’t feel it

When you got success in don’t feel the sickness.

You can become a good person who is well known by over coming on sickness.

It means when you are sick, you should try to avoid this thing by doing some things like:

  • Talking to your best friends and family members till then you feel sleepy
  • Watching TV to make your self more happy and busy in it and don’t feel the sickness
  • Playing video games or with kids to make yourself feel power in your body

You can try doing all of these things to introduce yourself to your self as a champion and make your body automatically become a fighter against sickness.

I am doing this from my teenage years and getting my power with me which we call as will-power.

As you know will power is every thing of human and an ant too.

Basically, every thing (having life) on this world have hope and some kind of will power which makes them explore more this world.

From animals to humans and birds every thing in this world has it.

But, who uses it?

Do you?

Well, if your answer is NO then you are not a living thing.

You are probably dead enough.

A: as far as I know – every living thing in this world have will power and use it whenever they need.

So try to use yours and have your days pass with good and great feelings, not sickness.

Have great sleeping nights and don’t forget to follow us on social media networking websites and try leaving comments below with your suggestions and tips.


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