What to do if your man is not a romantic guy?

You set the dinner by candlelight, and he takes the plate and goes to the computer?

Do you dream of a trip to London, and he buys a ticket to Dubai?

On Valentine’s Day you give him a heart and decorate the apartment with balls, but he only smiles tautly and takes out from behind a new blender?

Do not worry, these men are around a dime a dozen, and you are not the only woman who considers her chosen one a stiff cracker, albeit so beloved.

They say that in the modern world, romantic men can not survive and only women are allowed to get a little twisted in the clouds.

The representative of the stronger sex at this moment should stand firmly on his feet and watch to ensure that his dreamer does not fly too far.What to do if your man is not a romantic guy?

But whatever the others say, we – the gentle and airy girls – so want periodically to receive from the beloved at least a modest bouquet of chamomiles and in an embrace under a warm blanket to meet the dawn.

We watch touching films and are moved by the way the protagonist throws a whole world at the feet of his lover, sings under the window of serenade and makes an offer of the hand and heart on the sandy seashore.

And then we look at our man and with sadness understand that it’s not about him: under beautiful movies about love, he only falls asleep sweetly, and the very thought of waking at night awaiting dawn brings him to longing. What should women do, whose electors are not at all romantic?

Order yourself to be content with the small – for example, his rare invitations to the movies (let him and the boring male action movies)?

Or get a lover who will help compensate for the lack of bouquets-sunsets-dawns?

In fact, all these are extremes. In such a question it is quite possible to get by with little blood, the main thing is to start to decide whether you really need this romance.

Most of the townsfolk unanimously repeat: romantic men are infantile, inconstant and absolutely useless in everyday life.


Most of the townsfolk unanimously repeat: romantic men are infantile, inconstant and absolutely useless in everyday life. Give them a starry sky, inspiration and long talk about the callousness of the world. Build a strong relationship with this type is almost impossible: you tell him about the nail, which had to be scored two weeks ago, and he told you about wasting precious time on meaningless matters; You allude to the fact that the multivarker would greatly facilitate your work in the kitchen, and instead of giving such an unromantic gift, he presents one teddy bear after another.

In general, instead of a normal man there is a fairy unicorn (no less) next to you, which you yourself know what does with the rainbow. Of course, all this is exaggerated, but just imagine that your reliable and strong elect suddenly turned into a similar child-overgrown? Then you just have to rejoice, because next to you an adult is an adequate person.

Do not make hysterics

If the first option does not suit you and you still want romance, then proceed to plan “b”. First of all, you need to talk with your man and explain what exactly you lack in these relationships. Just do not make a typical mistake for most women – do not make him hysterical.

Do not cry, accuse him of callousness, call to conscience, telling what a wonderful boyfriend your girlfriend – and flowers she gives, and the star named her. All this does not work for men, and moreover – often makes only worse.

Most likely the “cracker” will be offended and think that you have pms. And it was worth tearing for another “diagnosis”?

Calm, only calmness

As it is not necessary, we have already understood. Now let’s talk about how to. Firstly, when you start talking on such a sensitive topic (for most men, that’s exactly what it is), be as calm as possible.

You do not want the beloved to consider you an inadequate woman who does not know how to tickle yourself and his nerves?

Secondly, explain to the man that this is not a whim and you really think relations that are devoid of romance are incomplete. Admit that with a smile, remember the time when he was only trying to win you. Tell us how much joy you brought simple flowers from the flower beds, which he tore off for you under the angry cries of grandmothers. Let your man again feel like a knight, they like it.

Be more romantic

Some psychologists advise starting with themselves, not expecting that the first step will make a man. Do you want candlelight dinner?

Cook and cover on the table.

Do you dream of a romantic trip to Paris? Independently plan the next trip and put it before the fact. All this, of course, is good, but for some men this behavior of their women relaxes: they say, she does a good job herself. To avoid such a nuisance, try to turn the situation into a so-called romantic marathon.

Tell your beloved that from this day you are playing an amusing game: you are giving him a romantic surprise, and he, in turn, must take the baton and surprise you with something. Let this game be easy and laid-back – you do not oblige him to anything, but patiently wait for him to hit you.

Do you dream of a romantic trip to Paris? Independently plan the next trip and put it before the fact.

Understand yourself

There is an opinion: in romantic deeds only women who are insecure need themselves, who need constant confirmation that they are loved.

Is it really so difficult to say.

There is probably a grain of truth in these words, because we are acutely aware of the lack of romance in the relationship when it seems that they have exhausted themselves and our man no longer sees us as the beautiful nymph we were to him a few years ago.

On the other hand, even the most popular and confident ladies “in great demand” want flowers, serenades and beautiful deeds.

Be that as it may, before you blame the callousness of a man, look into yourself.

Perhaps it’s not that he suddenly became a “biscuit”, perhaps it’s you that have lost inner harmony and are trying to compensate for the loss of the external “tinsel”.


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