What if you are a spender?

“Honey is a very strange thing: if it is, it is not there at once,” Winnie-the-Pooh fat boy was genuinely surprised by the fact that his favorite delicacy ends before he can appear.

We also behave like a cartoon bear, but instead of honey, we have money that is easily spent at times on completely unnecessary things.

Some people do this quite rarely, while others realize that they are really dependent, and this dependence is called “tragalizm.”

Perhaps, relatives and friends constantly repeat that something is wrong with you, and maybe you yourself understand that you regularly make “purchases for the sake of shopping”, but the fact remains that if you are a spender, Then do.What if you are a spender?

Of course, there are those who will say: “If the expenditure of money delivers to a person pleasure, then why change something? There are not so many things in life that make us happy. ”

Of course, it’s up to you, but you have to think about one thing: you succumb to momentary weakness to experience a momentary joy, but perhaps you are depriving yourself of something more worthwhile in the future.

For example, today’s fiftieth blouse, which you will not even wear once, may call into question a bigger and necessary purchase tomorrow. And what if these blouses are not 50, but 100?

Do you think this figure is astronomical? Believe me, there are people who can not limit themselves in buying clothes, shoes and cosmetics.

They repeatedly replenish the collection of nail varnishes with another red tint, while knowing that they will not remember about it.

When is it worth it to sound an alarm?

Not all spenders realize that they have problems with a reasonable expenditure of money. The biggest difficulty is that even apparently useless, in the opinion of others, the purchase they still consider necessary and sometimes just necessary.

Let’s see, in which case you should seriously think about whether you are suffering from “tragalism”.

1. You now and then quarrel with your beloved man on the basis of your inability to spend money, while you never considered a spouse sparse.

2. You regularly borrow money from friends or acquaintances, but these funds never go to buy big things – they always “fly off” to irrelevant trifles such as a new lipstick or a trip to a cafe.

You understand: most of the wardrobe items were bought not because they liked you, but because they just had a decent discount.

3. You have nothing to wear, despite the fact that there is not a single free shelf in the closet, and the hangers are broken due to the fact that there are several things hanging on each one. You understand: most of the wardrobe items were bought not because they liked you, but because they just had a decent discount .

4. When you leave the house, you take a considerable amount with you, hoping to spend a mere penny, but you return with nothing, and you can hardly remember exactly where the money went.

5. Despite the size of the salary, you always sit without money. And it was always like this: before you were raised, and now, when the monthly earnings seem quite decent.

6. You feel guilty every time, the code comes back from the store and, parsing the packages, find in them a bunch of things that are completely unnecessary and as if by chance you happened to be.

What to do?

Our advice is not designed to make out of the trash of overly practical girls and women. After all, in excessive saving there is nothing good, as in uncontrolled waste.

But, you must agree, the ability to wisely spend money, allow yourself to relax, when you can do it, and tighten the belt, if necessary, is a pretty useful skill.

1. Make a cost plan. If you spend a certain amount of money per month on paying bills, buying food, transport, and so on, then you simply can not ignore these expenses – they will not become less and certainly will not disappear anywhere. As soon as you receive a salary, immediately postpone the necessary amount, so that it does not turn out so that you have two more weeks to eat something and ride something, but in your pockets is already empty.

2. Do not buy because it is from a friend. We often think: “Katya bought a new model of the phone, I also need it . ” And whether it is necessary? If your device works fine and you did not even think about changing it until you saw a fashionable gadget from your friend, then the conclusion suggests itself: you absolutely do not need to spend money on a dubious purchase.

3. Discounts – insufficient motivation to buy. How many times did you buy any wardrobe item (or cosmetic product) after seeing that the store is selling ? Certainly not once. But answer honestly – were these always things of prime necessity, do you use them today, or are they, forgotten, lying in the far corner and warming your soul only with what you bought at half price? It’s sad that even this half of the price you gave away just so, for nothing.

4. Eat only when hungry. For us it became commonplace after a shopping trip to go with a friend in a cafe and have a cup of coffee. Catering establishments located in large shopping centers earn huge sums on spends, because, as a rule, a cup does not do it: pancakes, cakes, hot dishes, etc. are used. And more often than not we fill the stomach not because we want There is, but simply for the company or under the influence of odors. And how much money is spent on what you will then feel guilty about! Therefore, eat only when you are really hungry, and the figure will be saved.

Most often we fill the stomach not because we want to eat, but simply for the company or under the influence of odors.

5. Do not change the concept. We women tend to buy 20 tubes of lipstick and 10 bottles of carcass, considering that all of these funds will make us irresistible. Of course, cosmetics adorn , but the true beauty does not start with her. The key to attractiveness is proper healthy diet, careful treatment of yourself, exercise and elementary observance of hygiene rules. You will not be helped even by the most expensive spirits, if you, excuse me, irregularly take a shower.

6. Keep your checks. At the initial stage of saving, keep checks from all purchases that you make during the day. Having come home and having studied them, you will be surprised that you do not remember how you spent half the amount fixed in the documents. So, it’s unlikely that these expenses have brought you true joy.

So if you are a true spender you should keep on counting your needs and the financial problems too.


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