What if my husband is a tyrant?

When we say or hear the word “tyrant”, then inside there are unpleasant feelings.

When we are still little girls, our parents protect us from bad people and talk about the correctness of the choice of a partner in life.

We carefully listen to them and we definitely decide for ourselves that we will not allow the appearance of a tyrant man in our future life for nothing.

But in reality, everything can turn out exactly the opposite. After all, often such men never directly say that they like to engage in tyranny and full subordination of their second half.

It all begins when you are completely open to him when you start living together. Say, “I have suffered your loneliness, now everything will be different, you will do what I say!”.

Usually, this occurs after the wedding. The man begins to understand perfectly well that you are now his wife and can not get away anywhere.

The wife starts to think that this is a temporary behavior that will not happen again.

And some wives, on the contrary, begin to love their husbands-tyrants more.

Remember the proverb about the horned bleating pet? Well, this is just the case.

So who is this tyrant?

A tyrant husband is the man who completely subordinates the will of loved ones to himself.

Certainly, this is the cause of conflicts in the family. He constantly controls them, leaves them no choice, everything decides for them.

Tyrant gives pleasure to track every step you take, every action you take. Before you buy something, you need to ask permission and then report how much money was spent. The tyrant shows pathological jealousy.

It seems to him that you are deceiving him, you have a secret lover, you are constantly called by other people’s men!

A tyrannical man does not like you when you go anywhere without him.

He either forbids you or pretends that he does not hear anything.

A very important point is that with other people it behaves quite differently! Many of your surroundings simply do not believe that he is capable of tyranny. But there is a completely neglected case when you see “Satan in human form”! This manifests its tyranny in relation to all others.

Women at risk

Of course, not all women can stumble upon such a despotic man. He sort of chooses you from the crowd.

And if a woman is fairly self-confident and capable of rebuffing, she will never fall into the hands of a tyrant. But the rest of the fair sex can not resist.

1. Women who want to find themselves a courageous and strong man, sometimes confuse masculinity and tyranny.

2. Women who can easily fall in love. They suffer all the shortcomings of a man, which ultimately leads to the manifestation of tyranny on the part of his “Apollos”.

3. Women who are not confident will easily fall into the hands of a despot. He will be happy to guide you. Uncertainty makes a woman understand that she is in principle no one else is needed, except her husband is a tyrant.

4. And, finally, quite presumptuous women can receive as a gift a tyrant husband. After all, they are two hundred percent sure that they can change a person.

If you identify yourself with at least one group of women at risk, then be vigilant. Do not plunge into the pool with the head. Remember that any decisions need to be taken on a fresh head. If you notice in your man a propensity for tyranny, it is better to weigh and think several times.

After all, no man on earth has the right to subordinate, intimidate a woman, to mock him morally and physically! A beautiful half of the population is not created for this at all. A woman should be a beloved wife and a happy mother! All this can only give a decent man!

What if the husband is a tyrant?

If you understand that you live with a tyrant. There can be two ways out:

The first one is to get away from it. But, it will rather exacerbate your sense of dignity and will not solve the problem in any way. As you can see, girls/women fall into a tyranny of a certain character storehouse.

The second way is to solve the problem. To do this, you can do the following:

1. Disclose his tyrannical antics to friends, relatives, and relatives. Bring the relationship to clean water.

2. If it’s too hard, and it’s scary to open up to your relatives, tell us about the problem of a sensible friend (who has a persistent character). Or call the crisis center for support.

3. Do not be silent in conversation with the husband. Let him know that he has weaknesses. He is not God! Make it clear that he is called to take care of you, and not to infringe.

4. Strive for independence in all aspects. First of all, economically. Often, it is economic instability that lowers self-confidence.

5. If possible, live separately. Protect yourself for a while from its bonds. The problem will not be solved until everything happens according to the same scheme.

It’s not easy!

But, if there is a problem, it is necessary to solve it as soon as possible.

We only live once, why suffer?

Successes to you and sound, strong relations!

If you find it difficult to manage yourself, ask questions and together we will try to find answers.


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