What a Mother Seeks from Her Family (read must)

Where can I start this? I don’t know, but what a mother seeks from her family is can’t be discussed here.

Whatever the topic is, I can discuss on that – so to make this true, I am going to tell you a secret. Well not one, going to tell you many secrets.

I was a kid when my mother takes care of me and now I am an adult, still, she is doing the same. I don’t know why (but she is doing).

She even doesn’t get paid for doing this and if we talk about this that she is not even getting paid for doing care of her family then why she is doing so?

And she fell crying for no more reason that she is doing this for her family and taking care of her family for the sake of her own happiness.

Because her happiness is only when she see her family happy and good in every aspect of life.

However! we are not here to talk about that why a mother takes care of her family and what she gets by doing this.

We are here to know about what a mother seeks from her family to be the happiest person.

So to let you know the good needs of your lovely mother I’ve created this list for you and I also because I am also thinking about this so let dig in it.

She doesn’t ask, but she want happiness too

What does it mean?

It means that she is different when she was a young girl – she was like us and didn’t feel any thing like we don’t.

But, that not means that she doesn’t deserve it. She even wants it and just doesn’t ask to you.

You should give her the best of yourself and make her happier, here’s something you can do to make her happy with her life:

  1. Get up early in the morning and take a shower (be fresh)
  2. Talk to her before any other person in every situation (give her the first priority)
  3. Help her in every home work she do for you and make some jokes on your friends to set a smile on her face

There are so many other steps you can take to make her realize that you are the one lovely kid of her, who really takes care of her.

This will show her the best moments that she was living in and remind that she has done a good thing to make your birth.

She ( your mother) also needs some time to rest

Well, this is the thing every body avoids and don’t give a damn to this topic.

I think you should take care of this thing and if you do this daily, then believe me she will do her best for you.

However she is doing always, but when she gets your attention and see that you are doing care of her to make her rest after day and night after some work – she’ll do more lovely things to you.
Mother seeks something special

By something special, I mean to say that when Friday comes, she wants to talk to you and give some tips on your life (because of its half-day out).

You should save your pocket money and buy something special for her every month.

It will increase the chances of her joy in her married life and be having kids like you, who really take care of her and buy things for her too.


Maybe I’ve not listed so many things in this article and I just forget to mention that there are is nothing she really needs from your side but the happiness.

And not her own, She wants you to be happy, because when you are happy – she defiantly is happy.

So make your self-happier if you want to see your mother more happy with her life, family and all other things.


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