Ways to improve communication with your girlfriend

Unfortunately, not every friendship has a right to exist.

Above, we have described a relationship in which the continuation or not of interest to both one side.

Typically, this refers to the types of friendship, when someone is too difficult or uncomfortable during intercourse.

In all other cases, it is possible to fix or mend relations.

The following will describe tips for communicating with a friend, which can improve your friendship:

Be honest to each other

This was stated above several times, but repetition – the mother of learning.

Honesty and openness – the best foundation for building strong friendships. Insincerity always felt and leads to distrust, so it’s best to avoid it.

Learn to give

Any relationship based on the balance sheet, including friendship.

If you are the only one working on your relationship, then your friend will soon get tired of it, and it will run away from you.

So try to occasionally do something good for her.

Seek to understand her friend and her point of view

Each person is unique and has its own worldview. It is always on something based and is not taken out of nowhere. Even if the views of your friends seem silly and blasphemous, try to understand it – at least in part.

You do not have to accept them – just see how it has formed an opinion on a particular issue or why it goes that way. I’m sure you will learn a lot for something new and useful.

Clearly identify relationships with men

The most common reason that women’s friendships are denied existence – a quarrel because of the strong half of mankind. Therefore, our task – to prove that it is not so! Stipulate with my girlfriend all the slightest nuances of relationships with men, so as not to cause offense and did not “cross the road” to each other.

Not necessarily friendship should be more important than love – perhaps in your case everything will be vice versa, but both of you will be mentally prepared for this.

Support each other

Remember that sometimes you just want to hear “you’re doing it right!” Or “all will be well.” This gives us confidence in their own abilities and in the future, and at the same time does not cost anything.

Therefore, keep a girlfriend more often, and she will answer you the same.

Remember that friend also have a personal life

Each of you should have your boundaries and personal space. Some aspects of life should be just for you and your family. And if a friend takes offense at such boundaries, you should gently explain to her that loneliness and independence you need like food and sleep, and it does not mean that you have from her hiding something.

Try to have at least one scope only your life – where you can realize itself without friends and avoid competition.

Give advice unless you are asked – do not meddle in the life of a friend without the expressed need.

Train your ability to understand and “read” girlfriend without words

It’s great when you do not need to explain to each other what is happening to you – it’s obvious by your facial expressions.

This level of understanding is usually achieved only with a deep sympathy and over a long time.


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