Top Mistakes That Can Completely Destroy A Relationship

All of us, when entering into a relationship, want happiness.

However, time passes – and there is less and less enthusiasm, and more and more emptiness and routine.

What are the causes of such problems?

Happiness in relationships is not a thing in itself and not a winning lottery ticket.

But it does not forgive some mistakes.Top Mistakes That Can Completely Destroy A Relationship

Which ones?

And how to avoid them?

Mistake #1: nothing lasts forever under the moon

In your life came the long-awaited love. You are on the rise, but … at times you are visited by doubts: “No, this can not last forever. There is no need to be seduced. ”

Moreover, you are trying to be vigilant. Whenever something goes wrong, you say to yourself: “I knew it! It was immediately clear that we did not have a chance! ”

Stop it! The sincere belief that relationships will not pass the test of time leads to subconscious sabotage . You arrange constant checks on the strength of your man: you are always unhappy with something, you break on it, roll up hysterics …

Stop testing the patience of your partner . If this continues, sooner or later he will slam the door for your cries: “I knew that you would not stay for long!” You will prove to be right. Do you want that?

Realize your problem, believe in the best and … You will again be right!

Mistake #2: strange games

You are depressed. Upset. Evil. Lean back in the chair, close your eyes and sit here for so long, all evening, all night …

“What’s the matter with you?” – hear the sympathetic. – “Nothing!” – sharply throw in response. And later burst into an angry tirade. You asked to remove this photo from the wall! Repair the door handle. Take out the trash. Yes, there is little else … But whatever you say, it has nothing to do with your present condition.

Stupid, children’s games, in which there can not be a winner … What in the end? The vessel of patience of the other overflows, and the love goes away. And do not ask after why!

Take away emotions. Anger and resentment are fraught with manipulation and kill respect .

Open your heart and just talk to the man . Honestly explain to him the cause of your condition, regardless of whether it is to blame or something else. Listen carefully to him, without rushing to accusations. Find the solution together. This is the best way to deal with the situation.

Mistake #3: love is the main thing

There are couples who, despite all the difficulties, stay together for a long time. What keeps them? Love, passion? Of course, they are important. At this energy, a man and a woman are attracted to each other and start relationships.

Mutual obligations and care are also important: they give the feelings depth and permanence.

But the happiest unions are based on something more: partners are interested in each other’s thoughts, feelings, values . They understand each other, draw inspiration from communication and are grateful to each other for this. The interest in the partner’s personality is the glue that binds together love, care, and passion .

Mistake #4: disastrous passion

Are you jealous? But if your man really can not be trusted, then why are you with him? And maybe he is trustworthy, but the problem is in you? If you were once betrayed, and the wound still hurts, realize this.

And learn to trust. Stop interrogating a man, checking his pockets, looking for subtext in words. Destroying his self-esteem with his cavils and suspicions, you destroy all the best that is between you.

Or maybe he is jealous of you without reason? Then immediately stop the relationship! Run from the jealous as fast as you can. Jealousy is not a sign of love . This humiliation, because you are not someone’s property!

Long and happy relationships are based on trust .

Mistake #5: Do I need a lot?

A love union is a union of two equal persons. Everyone brings in something that enriches the other, gives him an incentive to grow.

But by accepting someone who can not give you something of the same in return, you lose the resource, you are emptied.

And you will never be happy in such a relationship! Remember: in harmonious pairs, both partners feel the value and importance of each other .

Mistake #6: happiness will come if?

Do you really think that for happiness you need something else? Start to live right now! Surround yourself with interesting people. Achieve new successes in work . Visit the delightful corners of the world. Bring yourself in shape.

Take care of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

No one wants to see beside him an unhappy, sullen, lonely, desperate woman. The more you care about yourself, the faster you become a self-sufficient person, the more men will want to be near you .

Loneliness is a beautiful period to rethink the past experience and get rid of beliefs and behavior that prevent happy relationships .

As a result, you will begin to attract people who will respect you, feel your value and do something good for you.


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