Top 6 unknown secrets of males in sex

There are many stupid and annoying myths about what men think about sex.

In fact, we are not looking for entertainment at all times (to be honest, we ourselves manage to get pleasure ourselves).

We do not have sex because it is an exciting conquest (we believe that women sleep with us because they also want sex, and not because they were “conquered”).

It is not an instinctive imperative to make as many small copies of yourself as possible (most men just do not want a girlfriend to become pregnant).Top 6 unknown secrets of males in sex

So what is this, after all? What makes men have sex and what does it mean to us?

Probably should not have done this, but, dammit, for the sake of understanding between the sexes, I will open the 6 most secret secrets that men think about sex.

1. We do not want sex all the time

It is assumed that we want sex always, unfortunately, many women think of us like that.

For a man, it is incredibly difficult to give up sex with an accessible woman, and not only because it is “not like a man”, but also because a woman will certainly think: “Something’s wrong with him!”

Yes, everything is the same with him! Like women, we want sex … only when we want it.

The catch is that we can not always see the difference between the sex we really want and the one that we do not really want until the time for embrace is over after it’s over. We really should work on this.

2. Sex = Recognition

We constantly suffer from self-doubt. We try not to pay attention to this feeling, to disguise uncertainty with bravado.

We try to drop the feeling of inferiority, because it seems to us that we will not seem attractive to women, if we are not completely self-confident. All this is terrible.

But there is a time when a small inner critic has to shut up. This – an orgasm, after which a man falls into the arms of a woman. And this is the best moment that only can be.

3. It’s really about power

Talk about what a man wants to dominate is not a myth. But nothing wrong with that.

We want you, women, to beat in ecstasy, forgetting your own name and losing control over yourself.

And everyone wants to be that guy who makes you do it all. But what dominance can be discussed here, if everyone still benefits?

4. We behave detached, because we do care

Sexual valor is the Holy Grail of all men. This is more than success in business, than huge muscles, than sparking wit. If you’re not a sex terrorist – you’re not a man! And there are a lot of ways to screw up.

Or we do it too fast, or too slow. Too rough or too soft. It’s frightening that if you are emotional, she decides that he has fallen head over heels or, worse, you can scare her with expressions of affection. But the worst of fears is the fear of not giving her a buzz.

Some women get orgasm from simple physical sensations, and for many it is a complex process, an entire equation. Something like: physical stimulation + sense of security + a little bit of extreme + loss of control + overbearing + crossing fingers behind and praying that everything will turn out + something else that we have no idea about.

We would like her to like everything and, of course, we do not want you to tell your girlfriends that we “are not in bed.” It all puts a lot of pressure on the psyche.

So sometimes we pretend that we do not care, we behave coldly, and often this game becomes a habit. In fact, deep inside us is very important, as women evaluate us in bed.

5. You probably know more men about what sex means to us

Men rarely get the opportunity to see themselves from the side while making love.

And women can look at us in detail and note what gives us the most pleasure.

If you really want to know what sex means to us, then discard all the stamps that live in your head, and look at the man as carefully as possible, because …

6. We are all completely different

This is the biggest secret, which in fact is not a secret.

Everyone knows that there is no universal formula for understanding men.

If you want to know a man sexually, you’ll have to have sex with him. Many many times.

Unfortunately, this is the only way.


Did we missed anything? if you are a man you can suggest us something more than this using the commenting form below.


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