Top 50 Signs of A Serious Relationship

Sooner or later the period of passionate life and reckless flirting is replaced by the need for long and serious relationships.

But sometimes it is very difficult to recognize where the border of easy love ends and the era of true love comes?

All girls, carried away with good fairy tales about princesses and sorceresses, learn from childhood that true love should smoothly flow into a serious relationship, that is, marriage.

Involuntarily since the youngest years, having programmed itself for such a scenario, having matured, women subconsciously gravitate toward serious relations.

However, the subconscious of men is arranged somewhat differently.Top 50 Signs of A Serious Relationship

They basically do not really strive to grow up, because of what they are internally opposed to strong and serious bonds.

Signs that the guy takes you seriously . But in life there is nothing eternal. At one point, every man, without even noticing it, dips his head into a mad love vortex.

And then in his behavior and actions all signs of a serious relationship are clearly traced, which it is simply impossible not to notice.

Do you still doubt the fortress and reliability of your novel (love)?

Then a selection of undeniable signs of a serious relationship will help you better understand the feelings and aspirations of your young man. And if in his behavior you notice at least a few such factors, you can safely make lists of guests for your future wedding.

50 Signs of Serious Relationships:

  1. When meeting friends, he introduces you as his girlfriend.
  2. In a company of friends, he involuntarily touches you.
  3. He asks you about your work, and if you have planned an important event, he is necessarily interested in how it went.
  4. He is interested in your acquaintances and visibly jealous of you to friends of the opposite sex.
  5. He tells you about his childhood and youth.
  6. He shares his secrets and plans with you.
  7. He does not plan a weekend without consulting with you.
  8. He tries to facilitate your life – brings products, changes light bulbs in the hallway, etc.
  9. He seeks to see you every day.
  10. If for some reason the meeting is canceled today, he will definitely call before going to bed.
  11. He also calls you several times during the day.
  12. He does not forget every day to send you SMS with the wishes of good morning and good night.girl reaction when guys don't reply
  13. On his page in the social network, he displays your shared photos.
  14. He knows about your hobbies and hobbies.
  15. He invites you to his home at any time.
  16. Before your arrival, he always brings order to the apartment.
  17. He wants to visit your home more often.
  18. He insists that you stay with him with an “overnight stay”.
  19. He also does not hurry to leave your home.
  20. He “forgets” his things in your apartment.
  21. He meets you every evening after work.
  22. He knows your favorite dishes and invites you to that restaurant where they are served at their best.
  23. He wakes up early and prepares breakfast for you.
  24. He is interested in your opinion, choosing clothes or perfume.
  25. He carefully monitors his appearance.
  26. He seeks to please you in everything.
  27. He knows the names of all your friends.
  28. He tries to behave affably with your relatives, friends and colleagues.
  29. If he is invited to a friendly get-together or family holidays, he calls you with him.
  30. Pastime in noisy companies, he prefers quiet walks with you and romantic evenings.
  31. He does not close your e-mail and social networking pages in your presence.
  32. He plans a joint vacation.
  33. He suggests that you move to him as soon as possible.
  34. He suggests that you start a pet siting job.
  35. He cares about you if you get sick.
  36. He likes how you cook.
  37. He gives you presents without a reason.
  38. He wants to introduce you to his parents.
  39. He also insists on getting to know your parents.
  40. He is visibly nervous before meeting your family.
  41. He shares his youthful love experiences with you.
  42. At the same time he is interested in your past novels.
  43. He tells you about the size of his salary.
  44. He trusts you in matters of allocating the family budget.
  45. He talks about your future together as a future plans.
  46. He dreams of your future children.
  47. He is trying to equip your house.
  48. Instead of “I” he increasingly speaks “we”.
  49. He speaks of love and his sincerity is felt in his words.
  50. He makes you an offer.

Here for this article, our aim was to give you a understanding of these signs so you can try your best to make your life easier and relationship more stronger.

Be happy.


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