Top 20 Most Interesting Facts About Love

Where does love come from? God’s gift?

Does it arise as an instinct for procreation? And maybe, love decorates our lives thanks to our own fantasies, but in fact it does not exist?

Interesting facts about love will help you to consider this great feeling from different angles.

A lot of words are said about love. This song is dedicated to songs, composes poems and odes.

Regardless of social and religious characteristics, in every country in the world it is considered a great happiness to find love and live with it in peace and harmony until the end of the earthly days.

However, to this day no one can confidently answer the question – what is love?Top 20 Most Interesting Facts About Love

Romantics endow this feeling with tenderness and loftiness, pragmatists believe that love is just a passion and affection, and scientists come to the conclusion that falling in love is a chemical reaction of the body.

Probably, the versatility of the views and opinions that are hovering around this feeling, is due to the fact that to everyone, love is represented in different guises.

20 interesting facts about love are written below:

1. Monogamous love exists

Some psychologists tend to believe that a person at an instinctive, natural level is polygamous.

However, if you observe the world of fauna, you can see that some species of mammals choose their only partner for life.

For example, monogamy is present among such animals as gibbons, swans, wolves, albatrosses and black griffins.

2. Sympathy is born during the first 4 minutes of dating

Love does not begin immediately. However, sympathy for the person always arises during the first acquaintance, namely, during the first 4 minutes of communication.

3. Hearts of lovers beat synchronously

When lovers look into each other’s eyes, their hearts start surprisingly in tact.

To date, scientists have not been able to scientifically explain this phenomenon.

4. Love affects the body like cocaine

Sensations of a man in love are almost identical to euphoria, which comes from a dose of cocaine.

5. Love replaces painkillers

It is proved that the embrace and touch of a loved one can reduce pain. This is due to the fact that at that moment a special “painkiller” hormone is produced in the brain.

6. Couples resembling each other outwardly, less likely to quarrel

Numerous studies have revealed that couples, in whose appearance there is a certain similarity, live a stronger and happier marriage than couples with the opposite type of appearance.

7. Couples with the same level of emotionality and temperament are unlikely to be together

People who have the same views on life, as well as preferences, very easily start a relationship. However, according to psychologists, partners with similar characters are hard to build a serious relationship, because sooner or later they will get bored together.

8. “Broken Heart” exists

Experiencing a love tragedy, we often resort to a beautiful metaphor: “a broken heart.”

In fact, the heart, of course, can not break, however, because of systematic experiences in the body, the development of certain substances stimulating the work of the heart muscle slows down, because of what the heart hurts with real pain.

9. Love lives no more than a year

According to scientists, a person can be in a state of love for not more than a year. At the end of this period, he either moves to a new stage of conscious love, or is disappointed in a partner.

10. Love is like a mental disorder

Studies have shown that in the body of a person who is in love, an interesting chemical reaction is occurring – a sharp drop in the level of serotonin and an increase in the level of cortisol. Exactly the same reaction occurs in the body of a person suffering from mild mental disorders.

11. Memories of love contribute to creative thinking

When a person thinks about his lover or lover, the segments responsible for creative and abstract thinking are activated in his brain.

12. In extreme situations, people fall in love more often

If an unfamiliar man and woman are in a situation that is dangerous to their health or life, there is a high probability that they will fall in love with each other. This is due to the development of adrenaline, which acts in the same way as the hormone of “falling in love”.

13. A man chooses a girl for serious relationship by the face

It is generally believed that men tend to pay attention to the figure of a girl. However, this rule is valid only in cases where a man is currently seeking “easy” love. If a man is determined to seek a serious relationship, he, first of all, will look at the person.

14. “Butterflies in the stomach” appear due to adrenaline

The expression “butterfly in the belly” displays the state of a man in love who can not find a place for excitement. But in fact, the sensation of agitation in the abdomen appears due to the action of adrenaline, which is developed in humans at the sight of the object of passion.

15. At the sight of a loved one pupils widen

We have noticed that when a person looks at his lover or even his photo, his pupils dilate.

16. To fall in love with a person, it is enough to look into his eyes

It is proved that if you look intently at an unfamiliar person, the level of his confidence in you will increase dramatically. Together with this, a person will feel sympathy for you, and perhaps even love.

17. Love lives in the brain

Love is considered a heartfelt feeling. But in fact, scientists managed to prove that it does not originate in the heart, but in the brain, because it is there that a special hormone is created, responsible for falling in love.

18. Couples who meet for a long time will be happy in marriage

The statistics says that couples whose romantic relationships lasted at least a year are bred less often than those whose spouse was hasty and violent.

19. The attractiveness of the voice is influenced by the number of sexual partners

The scientists conducted an interesting study – they asked the men to evaluate the voices of unfamiliar women.

As a result, men almost unanimously named the sexiest voices of those women in whose lives there were many sexual partners.

20. Love makes people kinder

In the body of loving people, a special hormone, oxytocin, is intensively produced. This hormone affects our mood, mental abilities and good nature, respectively, falling in love, people become kinder and more optimistic.


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