Top 14 important habits of happy couples

We argued that all happy families are happy equally.

And we might think that this is just a beautiful phrase, but numerous studies confirm that strong couples really have common habits that allow them to live in harmony and keep relationships for many years.Top 14 important habits of happy couples

So, what do happy couples do so that in the course of time their love becomes only stronger?

Here is something you should read and follow to have a happy life with your partner:

1. They say, “I love you”

If you think this is obvious, we can congratulate you – you are doing everything right. But in some pairs, for some reason, they do not consider it necessary to admit to each other in love. As in an anecdote: “I once said that I love you. If something changes, I’ll let you know. ”

But three simple words, uttered with tenderness, can cool the heated atmosphere, inspire confidence in yourself and in the fact that everything is fine.

2. They go to bed together

Hugging a pillow, while the loved one is sitting at the computer in the next room – somehow wrong. Try to go to bed as often as possible.

Before going to bed, you can discuss the events that happened during the day, plan the weekend and just cuddle each other under a warm blanket. It’s very close.

3. They do not leave the house without saying goodbye

At first glance, this seems like an insignificant trifle, but a few seconds that you spend on a kiss and the phrase “until the evening”, will charge your loved one with a great mood for the whole day.

Even if one of you is late, show concern – wish each other success.

4. They discuss emerging difficulties

“Do not push” – let it be the main rule in your relationship. If something suddenly touched, went wrong, it seemed harsh and rude – just discuss it with your loved one.

Happy couples are happy because they do not allow their brains to clog up with unnecessary suspicions and insults.

5. They listen to each other

In continuation of point 4 – it is not enough to speak, it is also necessary to be able to listen. Do not interrupt, do not question any word, but patiently listen to all the explanations and arguments.

Try at least sometimes during the fiery speech of a loved one not to think about what to say in response, but to delve into his words. Very useful skill.

6. They are not protected from each other

Happy couple understand: their relationship is not a battlefield.

Even if there are quarrels and misunderstandings, they do not close from each other, do not try to “push” their point of view, do not take the position of the teenager, whom his mother scolds for bad behavior, but treat the loved one with love even at the moment when you want him “To kill”.

7. They do not criticize each other in public

Although even the criticism of the tet-a-tete, if it is not constructive, can negatively affect relations. American psychologist Daniel Goleman conducted a study involving thousands of couples, and his result was sad: 93% of families who constantly criticized and discounted each other, divorced within 4 years.

What can we say about public criticism? It “destroys” the relationship much faster.

8. They hold hands during walks

Someone will say “kindergarten, pants on straps,” and scientists say – everything is very serious. Tactile contact is really important for building strong and trusting relationships.

In addition, women perceive such a gesture as: “He has feelings for me, and he does not hesitate to show them publicly.” And for a man this is another way to show that there is him and only his girlfriend. Others let them look, but the “territory” is closed to them.

9. They dream together

They say that dreams, invented by two people, come true twice as fast. So it or not, you can check on yourself and your beloved person.

But what exactly will help you such a habit, so it is in strengthening relations. The common dream, the common goal – all this incredibly brings together and adjusts to the general wave.

10. They discuss major purchases

Of course, each family has its own model of budget management. Someone “merges” all the money into a “common pot”, while others live with different cards and take each other’s debts.

But anyway, the experience of happy couples shows – if you have planned a large purchase, first discuss it with a loved one. So you not only prevent unnecessary quarrels, but also show your loved one that his opinion is important to you.

11. They are fooling around together

Such things can not be planned. In order to tickle each other’s heels, fight with cushions and bite your nose, you need a proper mood.

But if you understand that you behave like little ones – do not resist, do not try to seem more serious and do not play a strict kindergarten teacher. Joint foolishness is very close. Yes, and negative emotions during the fight with pillows you can throw out.

12. They give each other the opportunity to get bored

Even if they spend together 24 hours a day, each of them finds the opportunity to be alone with them, so that later, having become bored, again be close. Personal space is necessary for everyone.

And even to people who are really happy in a relationship. They respect the desire of a loved one to be alone with their thoughts.

13. They praise each other

He does not miss the opportunity to remind her how she looks and cooks incredibly delicious. She notes all his career successes, even if some of them seem insignificant.

Mutual praise, pleasant words, admiring glances – these are all different variations on the main thing that everyone wants to hear: “You are special! I’m so lucky with you. ”

14. They surprise each other

An unplanned trip to the cinema, a bouquet of flowers without a reason, a delicious Sunday breakfast and many other ways to surprise a loved one – all this improves relations incredibly.

Happy couples know: one can not perceive the one who is near, as a given.

Get used to, believe that the case in the hat and now you can forget about the sweet surprises – this is the way to nowhere.

That’s why they try to please each other, and they themselves are happy even more, seeing a sincere favorite smile.

What do you think we forgot to add to this list?


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