Top 10 Things A Woman Should Not Allow Her Man To Do

A woman has a great ability to forgive and endure, especially if love demands it.

Many women, for the sake of maintaining relations, turn a blind eye to the grievances and humiliations generously bestowed on their beloved.

Of course, the degree of self-esteem and readiness to compromise each has its own, however, there are things that under no circumstances should be allowed to commit to your man.Top 10 Things A Woman Should Not Allow Her Man To Do

Top 10 things that a woman should not allow her man to do in public or even in private moments are written below to guide you to have better relationships.

1. He does not respect you

Respect is the foundation of all relationships. It is impossible to build a joint future with a person who constantly criticizes you, does not listen to your opinion and simply does not take it seriously.

You, of course, can step on the throat of your pride, hoping that your love will change a man.

However, do not feed yourself in vain illusions, in time his disrespect for you will only worsen, and criticism in your address will become more rigid and ruthless. As a result, such relationships will destroy your female self-esteem.

2. He’s lying to you

Complete trust in each other is the first sign of a harmonious relationship.

However, how can you trust a person who constantly hides something from you, does not talk and embellish facts? If a person deceives you on a small household level, it is likely that he prefers to hide and something meaningful.

If a man grafts about himself, for example, he talks about his achievements, which in reality was not in reality, then, with the help of lies, he compensates his understated self-esteem.

3. He often behaves aggressively

By their nature, men are more aggressive than women. And sometimes we even like brutal representatives of the stronger sex, who, if necessary, will be able to protect themselves and their woman.

However, if the aggression of a man is directed solely towards you, this is a sure sign that the man is asserting himself at your expense. Every man wants to be strong and courageous, however, not everyone does it.

To quench your inner complex, men in this category are looking for a weaker victim, which, often, becomes the closest person.

4. Betrayal

Under the word “betrayal” one should understand not only physical treason, but also moral treason.

If a man hits your weak spot, remove the rose-colored glasses, because his act shows that he does not value your feelings.

5. It makes you cry

A man destined for you by destiny, entering into your life, will fill her with joy. If the actions, words or omissions of a man are your excuse for tears, consider, do you really need this person?

Many esoteric teachings use an interesting way to help determine if a person who is near you is your destiny. If after a meeting with a man you noticed that your life is improving in all areas, and you yourself feel unprecedented ease and carelessness, then you are going in the right direction.

If a man brought into your life only troubles and problems, then do not waste time, emotions and strength on him.

6. He uses you

A man who really loves, will do everything to first of all surround you with care and comfort.

If the actions of your chosen representative show that he is near you just to satisfy some of his goals, do not make long-playing plans about these relations.

His feelings will evaporate as soon as he loses interest in you or find a more “advantageous” lady.

7. He criticizes you

The chosen one of the loving man is always the most attractive, intelligent and beautiful woman in the world for him.

If your partner allows himself to criticize your appearance, mental data or behavior, it says two things: either he tries to assert himself against your background, or he just does not like you, but lack of willpower and upbringing prevent him from completing the relationship beautifully.

In any case, you should not allow a man to understate your self-esteem and sow unnecessary complexes.

8. Selfishness and Indifference

There is an interesting belief: a woman, living a civil marriage, considers herself married, and a man – free. With this belief, you can argue, but in fact it turns out that often it is the woman who puts a lot of effort into the development of relations and radically changes her life for the sake of the chosen one.

If the man behaves as a consumer, that is, takes your “victims”, not trying to give you anything in return, he does not care about your relationship. At the moment he is near you, just because it is so convenient, comfortable and profitable.

But if the situation develops differently, do not doubt, from the category of your beloved girl, you will quickly move into the category of the “former”.

9. He is excessively jealous

Only women who do not have the experience of communicating with these jealous people can embrace their pride with the phrase – “jealous, then loves.”

Light jealousy is the constant companion of love relationships.

But if a man constantly suspects you of treason, forbids you to communicate with your friends and goes crazy with one of your careless gestures or words, life with such a person will seem to you a hell.

10. Assault

If all the above-mentioned nine points can still be somehow challenged, then it is impossible to justify a man who is capable of hitting a woman.

In whatever stressful situation a man is, and no matter how serious the cause of his aggression, if he allows himself to raise his hand against a woman, he passes that line after which there is no return. Without restraining himself once, he will not restrain himself in the next.

Allowing a man to behave with you this way, you will turn your life into a series of endless fears, tears and humiliations.

To forgive or not to forgive is a purely personal and individual matter.

However, by constantly sacrificing your principles and feelings, you underestimate your dignity, losing faith in relationships and love.

But even all-consuming love has the property to end, if two people do not try to save it.


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