Top 10 Reasons Relationships Fail & Love Ends

Why does love end and relationships fail? Perhaps, this question can be attributed to the category of rhetorical, because it is unlikely to be answered unequivocally.

According to statistics, most marriages fall apart because of the betrayal of one of the spouses.

But, as a rule, the love in that strong relationship connecting the husband and the wife with strong bonds, ends much earlier.

Looking at couples who are at the stage of romantic relationships, everyone, including themselves, it seems that love has no boundaries.Top 10 Reasons Relationships Fail & Love Ends

It can hardly be foreseen whether young people will be able to overcome all the crisis moments of their novel in order to carry pure and unshakable love through years or even decades.

However, despite all the difficulties of this unpredictable feeling, there are couples who managed to prove by their own example the strength and invincibility of love.

1. Separation

They say that at a distance love only grows stronger, but an excessively long separation ruthlessly destroys this feeling. It is the separation that most of the women interviewed put the first place in the list of factors that destroy love.

From the psychological point of view, this is not at all surprising: when people have to spend a lot of time without each other, they gradually lose their love.

2. Lack of passion

Some relationships are based on passion. However, passion has a property to fade with time.

And if, in addition to sexual satisfaction, the couple, in fact, did not have anything to do with it, sooner or later such a relationship would end in a fiasco.

3. Misunderstanding by friends and relatives

At first love is blind. Being in the euphoria of falling in love, we seldom pay attention to the opinion of our friends and relatives, trying to devote as much time as possible to our beloved.

But as soon as the passions subside, we have to return to normal life, where besides relatives we have relatives and friends.

It is very difficult to keep love and avoid conflicts if the surrounding people do not find a common language with your lover, or vice versa, it does not aspire to become a full-fledged part of the habitual society.

4. Lack of romance

The first stage of the relationship is almost always filled with attention, beautiful courtship and romantic deeds.

Meeting with a man who struggles to please, a woman unwittingly begins to perceive courtship as a matter of course. But when relations lose their beautiful entourage, turning into everyday life, a woman feels deceived and unnecessary.

5. Difference in worldviews

Many women, answering the question – why does love end, noted that this is due to various life goals. It is very difficult to build relationships with a person who is moving along a completely different path.

Moreover, the difference in worldviews, capable of destroying love, applies not only to professional activity, but also to the notion of family happiness, preferences in rest, culture, political and social views, etc.

6. Treason

Not every person can and wants to forgive treason. Perhaps, this factor is the most obvious reason that destroys love.

In addition to the betrayal, many women noted that they could hardly love a man who, after doing this, tries to hide his deception. While an honest confession and sincere apologies might have softened the circumstances.

7. Treachery

Under the word “betrayal” each person has his own associations. For some it is a deception, for someone treason, and for someone – not an excuse for the assigned hopes.

Whatever form betrayal has, it always involves a burning resentment and anger, as well as distrust in a relationship that gradually destroys love.

8. Quarrels and Conflicts

A periodic surge of emotions is beneficial to the relationship.

However, if between the young people there are constantly contradictions leading to quarrels, sooner or later it will bother both of them, and then the love will cease to be as joyful and easy as it was before.

Therefore, it is always important to remember that excessive emotionality can destroy the strongest feelings.

9. Encroachment on freedom

Women, like men, need freedom and personal space.

If love and care cross the permissible border and become obsessive, this is unlikely to benefit the relationship.

10. Birth of a child

Strange as it may seem, for some couples the birth of a child marks the end of love. This is the case, because such a crucial life event redistributes roles in a new way.

First, becoming a mother, a woman can no longer devote herself to a man.

Secondly, having tried on the status of a father, a man must take life and his actions more seriously than before.

Since not all men imagine how radically life changes with the birth of a child, it can sometimes be very difficult for them to get used to a new way of life and preserve their former feelings.

All the above-mentioned reasons were noted by the majority of the online interviewed women.

However, analyzing their relationship, it is important to understand that love is a feeling that does not tolerate stereotypedness.

Therefore, in order to preserve it, you must first act in accordance with the call of your own heart.


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