Top 10 Most Common Reasons People Get Divorced

Do you love your spouse and dream to live with him in peace and harmony for the rest of your life?

Psychologists around the world working on family issues studied statistics and identified 10 common reasons why marriage ends in divorce.

And even if at the moment in your family life harmony and love reign, you need to take them into account, and try to prevent such moments in your relationship.

Pleasant fuss, congratulations from friends and family, Mendelssohn waltz, ring on an unnamed finger and, finally, beloved ones are in a new status for themselves – the status of husband and wife.Top 10 Most Common Reasons People Get Divorced

On this day, it seems to all of us that family happiness is unshakable and in the world there is no force capable of destroying relations.

However, as unpleasant statistics say, every third modern marriage ends in a non-pacified old age, full of care for each other, and not at all the long-awaited procedure – divorce.

As a rule, for one of the spouses the issue of divorce always arises unexpectedly.

But since each effect has its own cause, divorce is just the culmination of many mistakes, inattention and misconduct.

No one is immune to quarrels, conflicts and disagreements, but it is much easier to prevent the problem in advance than to subsequently try to correct the incorrigible. The main causes of people get divorced.

1. Absence of common interests

It would seem that the reasons for the divorce in the family can be very different: someone met real love, someone was disappointed in the wife, someone wanted to start life anew.

However, all these phenomena are more likely a consequence of the lack of common interests between the spouses.

As a rule, at the beginning of married life, the husband and wife are in happy euphoria.

They share secrets and problems with each other, build common plans and have common goals. But gradually euphoria passes and boredom sets in, because of which loving people begin to move away from each other day by day.

2. Financial dissatisfaction

Money is not the main thing. But they help the spouses not to get bogged down in everyday problems and not to allow numerous disagreements. Especially often family life ends in divorce because of the lack of financial stability for spouses with children.

In addition, many spouses are divorced not because of a lack of money, but because of a different attitude towards them. This problem is especially acute in families where only one spouse works.

3. Changing the appearance

With age, all people change. But, as a rule, in women, age changes are noticeable earlier than in men. According to the American Center for Statistics, the main reasons for the divorce among families aged 30 to 40 years are the dissatisfaction with the external data of the spouse, namely, the rapid weight gain.

There is nothing surprising – if a man no longer perceives his wife as an attractive woman, he begins to look around, compare and compare. But it is interesting that women are rarely submitted for divorce due to the fact that their spouse has aged and lost their former attractiveness.

4. Lack of respect

Men are very sensitive to criticism, especially if this criticism was expressed in the presence of strangers. And if the family life is periodically marred by conflicts, during which the woman, shining with eloquence, seeks to hurt, offend and anger her husband, sooner or later all these quarrels will turn into one big bunch of anger and disappointment.

After any conflict, a man feels humiliated and abandoned, which will surely make him look for respect on the side.

And if you do not want to get an invitation to divorce sooner or later, try not to succumb to anger and aggression in any situation and under the influx of any emotions, and never criticize your husband with strangers.

5. Different views on the upbringing of children

Childless couples often quarrel because of financial difficulties, different views on life and everyday problems. However, as soon as the husband and wife become parents, the main percentage of serious conflicts between them arises from disagreements in the issues of raising children.

If the couple can not resolve a single model of upbringing, it is quite possible that their marriage will end in a break for this very reason.

6. Disrespect for relatives

As it turned out, for the frequent reasons of divorce, psychologists consider constant quarrels between spouses because of each other’s relatives.

Most often this problem can be traced in families who have to live together with their parents. Also, many families fall apart because the spouse could not find a common language with the children from the previous marriage of their partner.

7. Jealousy

Some people perceive jealousy as a sign of love. Perhaps this is so, but at the same time jealousy carries a destructive power.

Regardless of whether this feeling is based on real or imaginary suspicions, if it constantly worries the spouse, sooner or later a person will not be able to assess the situation adequately, which will cause completely uncontrolled and unjustified quarrels.

As a rule, male jealousy is more subject to morbid jealousy.

8. Adulthood

According to statistics, the greatest percentage of divorce cases fall to couples who started their family life at a young age. But it is interesting that this statistic is valid only for those families where the spouses are peers.

This phenomenon is explained quite simply: we all grow up, and growing up changes not only our physical state, but our consciousness. Accordingly, with age we look a little differently at our previous dreams, aspirations and deeds.

9. Indifference

Couples who, in critical relationships, turn to a family psychologist, often complain that after a few years of marriage their partners became indifferent. For example, the wife is less likely to be interested in the affairs at the work of the spouse, and the spouse shamelessly forgets important holiday dates.

These cases are not rare, and their fault is the lack of development in the relationship. Unfortunately, a person is arranged so that when he becomes morally bored, he starts looking for a third-party vent, while forgetting about those who are nearby.

10. Dependence

Absolute leader in the list of reasons leading to divorce in all countries is dependence on alcohol and drugs.

However, relatively recently this list has been supplemented by several modern causes of divorce – addiction to gambling and computer games.

Moreover, the divorces that have arisen precisely for these reasons are the most painful and prolonged.

As a rule, at first the spouse tries to help the person who has got into dependence, independently, however as this phenomenon has very deep psychological character, similar attempts can be seen in very rare cases for having a divorce.


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