Tiny Times When You Can Lie To Your Lover

Its become the hardest point for some people when they have to lie to their lover and they just end up thinking that they should tell lie to them or not? and they can’t survive when they have done something against their lover.

To help them out and set the minds of that people on the right path we have done a deep research on this topic and come to know that we can do lie to our lovers when there is a tiny time.

Yes, we all have some tiny times or you can say not that big times like when we have to pay bills or have to give audits of something which have promised to our partner and he/she is fully full serious for that thing.

We can do have some space for the lie in the tiny times where the risk is nothing or the risk is like 0 to 10 scale and not above 20 either.

You can take advantage of having that tiny times so you can easily do tell the lie and your lover will not get you.

To digg deep inside of this matter we have done a deep research and got a good data of information which we have utilize in making this report and article to be the exact cure for your pains which you have when you don’t know that it is the time you can lie to your partner and nothing wrong will happen or it is not.

I will tell you the truth about telling lies to your lover on different time categories which you should remember and start making your relationship more strong by lying to your lover when it will help you.

In a survey we have read that people gets out of mind when they happen to tell some lie to their real relationship holders.

They just don’t want to lie to their lover and they want their lover to be always happy.

So if you want to know more about when you can lie your lover and have your relationship gets more stronger then you should read below this paragraph.

Over spending

Money is every thing for some people in the world and they think that money is really every thing of the world and they should save money for later use.

But, they don’t know that money is nothing and other also tells them but they are on their own ways with blind eyes and closed ears.

They just want to save every single penny for later use and when it comes to their lovers over spending even when the lover is spending own money they become rude.

If you have the same thinking love then you can make your lover to think more about this and you can do lie to your lover after you have spent some big bucks.

However it is advised to not over spend but in many cases many people think more deeper and they just keep you asking to not spend that much.

In that case you are not over spending but spending more money as you have in your pockets and still your lover is asking you to spend less then you can say a tiny lie on this tiny time like when you are spending $500 you can tell that you have bought that item or have done something else for only $300.

Just make sure that you don’t do this often and try to not gets caught.

Past sexual experiences

When someone have someone on date for the first time, the first question if not then the 3rd question must be like “lets talk about your past relationship or past sexual experiences” and its a bad question.

Really its a bad question and we all should avoid asking this to any body who is meeting with us for the first time even when we are meeting for 3rd to 5th time.

As it is a question like getting our selves insecure.

Because when we will ask someone (for an example) what was the best part of that sex time you have enjoyed recently or when you have that great day to have pleasure?

What will be the out put?

Just thinking that when you have a slim body and your lover loves the muscular body which she have talked about in an answer to your question and she must be like talking about her x.

What you will do then?

Or if you are a girl and asking this stupid question and the guy said that he like big sizes of that two thing and you them as in a small size?

What you will do then?

So its better to keep calm and think before saying or asking any thing in first to 5th date and whenever you have done this you can do lie.

After some days you can say truth but in that time you should lie a little about your recent lover like you can say that you have many friends but you was in search of the lover and you think that you are now have to end that search.

This type of questions and answers will makes sense.

You like your lover’s friends or not

This will be the 2nd or 3rd question after having your relationship working good for a few weeks.

Your lover will ask you to tell that you like her or his friends or not? and you have to tell the truth because it will give an impact on upcoming fantasies.

However you have to make your lover happy with your answer and the answer should be in a big YES to have your lover be happy with you and smile instantly.

So, its better to do a little lie on this tiny time and have your lover smile and be happy with your answer.

Don’t worry after some days you can tell your lover that your that friend is not that good and you think that he or she should end the relationship with that person.

It will result in a good relationship of your lover with yourself.

Be happy and do lie in tiny times and don’t lie in big times where may you can get ending point in a relationship. Thanks and goodluck.


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