There are some women’s issues, for which you do not have answers!

There are a number of issues that women have long become archetypal in the performance of women.

Some basic and deeply awful questions and issues like:

  • What are you thinking about?
  • Do you love me?
  • I am fat?
  • Is this blouse going to me?

And the worst thing is: None of the answers invented in the history of mankind will end the conversation started by any of these questions.There are some women's issues, for which you do not have answers!

It’s not even questions:

  • This is a face-off of the puck
  • The starting whistle
  • Beat the gong

And I want it or not – I’m already involved in a conversation about the true content of which so far I do not even suspect.

In addition to questions-starters, there are a number of purely rhetorical questions. They do not have to answer, but they sound extremely regular. The truth is strange, for a short while getting up in the middle of the night from bed, to hear the question “Where are you going?”

r seriously try to think about the question “What should I wear today?” I will say more, it’s generally harmful to answer the last question. The consequences may be the most unexpected.

It’s hard not to mention the question “Where are you?”, Especially if the loved one is calling the office number.

But today I want to dwell on the women’s issue, which really admires me.

“You do not notice anything?”

Yes, it was him!
Let’s once again, a little quieter and with a value:

“Do not you notice anything ?!”

One of my friends, when he hears this women’s question, immediately mentally transferred to student’s time in the department of the commander’s office, when on the examination he pulled out a ticket according to Bernoulli’s hypothesis of flat sections and understood only the word “flat” in it.

If you are bored or you just want to have fun and put your lover in a dead end, this question is the very thing.

Speak and enjoy. The eel in the frying pan is the weakest analogy for the spectacle that awaits you. Although to whom I tell this?

Hairstyle? New lipstick? Earrings? Shadows? Hair color? Eye? Nail? What?!! I washed the dishes? Put the cage and the hamster on the refrigerator? Has washed off an ax? Increased the amount of RAM? A birdhouse? Has she proved Fermat’s theorem? Or just turned off the heating?

When you get tired of it – translate the conversation into the endgame. The text is the same, just slightly change the intonation.
So, on a sigh and with mild sadness, say your favorite female question:
“You do not notice anything …”

In this place, he can start to get nervous a little more clearly than 5 minutes ago, but you should not even think about pardoning.

Get it: “Darling, buy me something delicious …”

Dear men, if you are suddenly reading this. Relief in this place, which you can accidentally experience, is nothing more than an illusion. Yes, you are spared the need to notice something that can not be noticed, but “to buy something tasty” so that your ideas about “tasty” coincide with the views of your loved one – this is aerobatics, accessible to a few. In most cases, after returning from the store, you still have many questions to ask.

And now let’s move on from the lyrics to the specifics. Men are simple creatures. I would even say, the simplest (forgive me amoeba and paramecia). You’re not trying to get the TV to make you coffee? So do not try to get men to get into your thoughts.

Try to replace the old questions with new ones. Well, for example, so. Instead of “What are you thinking about?” Try to say, for example: “It seems to me that you are tired at work and still can not distract yourself. Do you want to go to the cinema? “; Instead of “I recovered?” – “Let’s take 2 tickets to the fitness club?”; Instead of “You do not notice anything?” – “True, I have a cool new varnish?”. Instead of requesting to bring something delicious write an exact list, preferably indicating the places, prices and a reminder to check the date of manufacture.

And the question “Do you love me?” You can not change. Anyway, the answer to it is quite obvious. Well, of course – yes!


Our question and request to you is, if you got the answer to any of above issues and questions than please dare to put that in the commenting form below so we can help many mans of this world.

Believe us, it will help!


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