The trap of “lazy” relationships that simply exist

Let’s face it – we all love short cuts. We like it when everything comes easy.

As in work, money, and in a relationship.

Many of us often take them for granted.

Even without realizing that the relationship between a man and a woman – this is something that should be carefully worked on.

If you do not, you can fall into the trap of “lazy” relationships that simply exist, instead of flourishing and making both partners happy.The trap of "lazy" relationships that simply exist

Now answer honestly, how are things with you? Maybe you’ve been dating or married for several years.

It is not so important.

More important is another.

If your feelings are sincere, the desire to become closer to a man, to know and understand him is quite natural phenomenon. And it should not be ignored in any case.

Otherwise, at some point you will realize that your relationship has become “lazy” and no longer brings the former joy.

Therefore, if it is important for you not to lose the emotional component of your relationship, it is important to be loved and feel the care of a man, keep reading further.

How to make the relationship between a man and a woman deeper

Quite a few couples prefer to ignore the daily troubles arising from the principle of “hiding garbage under the carpet.”

Here they are, but we have covered them – and it seems that they are already gone! Why do you need to sort out the relationship if you can just pretend that nothing has happened and everything is good again?

All relations between a man and a woman begin with a gradual study of each other . During this period, small quarrels often occur on the ground of mutual misunderstanding. And this is normal. After all, this is one way to understand what kind of person is really your partner, and how to make your relationship deeper.

It is important in this period to learn to solve the problems that arise, and not hide them “under the carpet.” But there is another way to deepen the relationship between a man and a woman and build rapport.

I recommend periodically asking your man some of the following questions. And also ask him to ask them to you.
It’s incredible, but even 30 minutes a week, allocated for this event, can make the relationship between a man and a woman much stronger and stronger .

Do not trust? Try it once and see what happens.

If you do not like it, no one can make you do it again.

But such an exercise can translate your relationship from the state of existence of “lazy relationships” to a level of prosperity .

As a result, you will no longer be tempted to hide “garbage under the carpet” and leave problems unresolved. You will learn how to minimize them.

So, these are the 9 questions that will help make the relationship between a man and a woman deeper, if they ask them to each other and honestly answer them.

Can I make you feel even more comfortable with me?

This is a great question that you can ask about your pastime, personal communication, and about intimacy.

Ask what he wants. What is particularly gratifying to him when he is near you. Maybe, lie down for a few minutes silently, deeply inhaling your scent. Or he needs embraces, as an expression of love. Or it is enough to establish eye contact “eye to eye”.

Are you satisfied with our sex life?

But do not directly ask a man the question of whether his shared sexual life suits him. Better try sometimes to accurately bring it to the topic of novelty in your overall sexual life.

Interested in what else he would like to try, that he is interested. Also offer your options. Surely, you also have a desire for this.

It is important to remember that this question is appropriate to ask if the relationship between a man and a woman has already moved to the stage of intimacy.

If you just start dating, it is not relevant. It is better to postpone it for the future.

How can I better support you in life?

In principle, there is a possibility that he is satisfied with everything. But this happens quite rarely. Therefore, in most cases this question can catch the necessary strings in the soul of your partner and awaken in him the desire to talk about their desires. Maybe it will be something unpretentious, but a bit unusual: “I want the cause of every waking up in the morning to be a sweet kiss from you. It’s really capable of cheering me up for the whole day. ”

It could be something more. For example – “Although we agreed that we will cook in turn, but I have a hard week at work and I most likely will have to stay long and come back late. Could you take on the duties of cooking dinner for this time? ”

As a result, the relationship between a man and a woman becomes much stronger and stronger after each such case of mutual assistance.

Did I accidentally do something that was unpleasant to you?

Your man’s answer to this question may well surprise you. For example, you thought that everything was fine between you. But after the conversation came up moments that were not always pleasant for your man. Be attentive.

Listen and do not interrupt.

If your partner decides to give an answer to this question, it will be a brave act. After all, with your story about what exactly caused your pain from him, than he is disappointed, he can cause some pain to you.

It can be very difficult for him to lay it all out. After that, sincerely thank him for the revelation and ask for forgiveness if you feel guilty or embarrassed.

You can promise to change your mind and do not let it happen again. Your man will be pleased.

How do I behave when you come home from work?

Of course, directly asking this question is not desirable. But you can accurately bring a man to an answer to it.
Why is this necessary? A man may want something concrete that you will never guess about yourself. What is important to him as a man.

Maybe he wants you to wonder how he spent the day at work. Or maybe he needs a little moral rest, and your best gift for him after a hard day’s work will be half an hour of absolute silence. After completing this request, you will come a few steps closer to understanding his inner world.

By the way, from this question you might think that I describe the relationship between a man and a woman who sits at home, waiting for him to come.

This is not quite true.

Do you remember that I recommended at the beginning to ask these questions to each other? If you are the first to show interest in his personal preferences, soon the man will ask about your desires. For example, how to cheer you up at the end of a hard day, if you also work.

How to behave with a man: what motivates him to be with you:

Is there a kind of physical contact that will help you feel more loved?

Now it’s not just about the types of sexual contact (we already talked about this above).

Perhaps there is some physical closeness that he lacks. Maybe he likes it when you play with his hair. Or he likes it when you come up and hug him from behind.

There can be many options, because every separate relationship between a man and a woman is unique. And to find out about them, you just have to ask. And then often embody them in life.

Are we close (from his point of view)?

Our individual needs can vary from day to day. Maybe your partner has been under stress all week and now he needs more care, compliments and support. Or, on the contrary, he is now rapidly rising up the career ladder, constantly busy and he needs more free time and personal space.

The request for greater independence does not mean that he began to love you less, but about the caress and concern that he is weak. Just people have emotional needs, which are due to the presence in their lives of various events .
And the better you learn to please his needs and tell him about your own, the deeper your relationship will become.

Do you have experiences that make you feel stressed? Can I help you deal with them?

The answer to this question will give an opportunity to understand what problems he has to face.

This may be unpleasant for both of you, but otherwise you will not be able to understand and help him. You can rephrase the question to make it sound softer and more relevant.

Everything that falls under the category “How can I be useful to you in your business?” Adds depth to the relationship between a man and a woman .

On what topics and in what situations is it hard for you to talk? How can I support you in these moments?

This question can be asked every couple of months.

Everyone has their own “cockroaches in my head” that make him feel vulnerable in different situations .

Maybe he is very uncomfortable when you publicly criticize him, even if in jest. Or he closes emotionally when you start to discuss the topic of sex.

Perhaps there was some failure in the bedroom, which makes him feel extremely embarrassed and ashamed. It is not necessary to “climb into the soul” and beg for answers to these questions, as in interrogation. Try to learn his desires from the position of love and respect for him as a man.

The most effective way to bring order to the relationship

I do not want you to think that I recommend 24 hours a day focusing on solving all the problems of your partner.
In no case! I will remind you once again that this is just a tool that will help you better understand each other.

Also, do not ask all the questions at a time. Evaluate the situation and choose the most suitable.
On some of them he will give more detailed answers, on others – less. Several questions can be ignored altogether, since it considers it inappropriate to answer them. Take it. Give your man time.

These questions provide an opportunity to start a dialogue inside a couple, whose presence few people can boast of .
This is how the relationship between a man and a woman is transferred to a completely different, qualitatively new level.

Many things can be hidden under the carpet.

But these 9 questions are the most indispensable tools that will help to extract everything, even the smallest turmoil. Get rid of all the accumulated “garbage” to make you a really close and happy couple .

I believe that you will succeed!


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