The Science Behind Seducing a Women

Ever wanted to seduce a woman? don’t know that how you can done this and searching on the internet for exact tips on how the heck any tip work?

Well, I was just like you before searching and researching on this topic and getting views and reviews from real humans.

Now I am totally prepared guide you and tell you the total science behind seducing any girl or you can say every women with your touch and word of mouth.

I am saying enough?

Well, no I am not and I will prove it now in this article just by letting you know that what really it takes to seduce a women and have her wants every thing you like to give her.

From your bed to your heart and from your heart to your bed, you can have her every where after the time you got success in seducing her.

So, try these simple yet effective and amazing tips which you can’t find any where else and have yourself be a master of the science of seducing any women.

Lets read these tips and follow them to have many girlfriends from now.

Talk about her beauty

Even she is not that beautiful, just try to get one of her best thing and always talk about that one thing.

For example if she is not really beautiful try to figure out these things in her:

Look at her eyes, they are charm or not? big or small and if big and have a nice color pick this
Scale her body with your eyes and tell her that she got a sexy body in entire world
If there is nothing like sexy body or charming eyes you can still look at her lips and talk about them

In other case you should try your best to find something she really likes in herself and let you talk about that thing in a seducing mode.

Hug her crazy

Hugging her like a crazy person will lead you to make her realize that you want something secret from her.

When you hug her tight and in a crazy but seducing mode and she don’t stop you doing so, now the time for taking advantage.

Lets seduce her.

Talk like you are drunk and say that you are losing patience having her in your arms.

You can’t stop yourself hugging her tight and even you want to eat her.

Believe me, she will be seduced and keep listening to your talks.

Just ask her to say something and she will say the same thing for you.

After she said that same thing, its the time to ask her for a enjoyment in your room or wherever she wants.

Don’t say that words which can create a bad sound.

Just talk in code and try to ask her for a seductive dinner at your home and have her eyes look at yourself before you say that words.

Also, don’t let her answer to your question quickly and instantly say that you love her from the bottom of your heart and every thing of yourself is the property of her.

She will think on that and accepts your invitation too.

Arrange a seductive dinner

Now after having her coming in your dinner venue please don’t stop yourself doing the hard work for her.

You can now seduce her just by having a dinner in a place where she feels good and seductive.

Have red roses all over your room and on the table of the dinner, it will create a sexy look at your dinner time.

Off all the lights and let emergency lights do the game.

For doing this you should ask your best friend to be at your home’s main switch and switch it off whenever that girl arrives in your room.

Take an emergency light with you and switch it on instantly now fire up some candle lights and have your girlfriend sit in front of you to take dinner.

Don’t say any thing to her and keep looking at her in a seductive and clever eyes actions.

Just make her realize that you really wants something from her that night.

If she have some trust on you she will be seduced and do what ever you are thinking right now with you.

So try these tips and let me know the results in comments form below.


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  1. Jacklyn June 10, 2017 at 12:13 am - Reply

    The exesptire shines through. Thanks for taking the time to answer.

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