The Most Popular Sex Incidents

Today, sexual life has completely lost its intimacy and has long gone far beyond the boundaries of bedrooms.

The provocative incidents taking place in this so ambiguous sphere of life, over and over again with ever more piquant details, form the basis of anecdotes, comedy series and commercials.

So what are they – the most common ridiculous situations in which there are fervent and not noticing around lovers?The Most Popular Sex Incidents

What are they fraught with and how to get out of them, preserving dignity?


Even if you do not relate yourself to especially ardent natures, for sure spontaneous sex has happened in your life at least once – after all, sometimes the desire to afflict lovers with such force that there is no patience to wait until the moment you get to a cozy and soft bed.

Suppose you are sitting in a restaurant, the interviewees were extremely boring to you, and then, as if by accident, the crazy chevalier begins whispering all sorts of obscenities in your ear, you blush – but no, not at all with shame, but with the sudden heat of love. What are your options? It is likely that you will be in the parking lot, where you have every chance of being caught by an alert guard or a police patrol. And perhaps, the desire will be so intolerable that, leaving the company under a stupid pretext, you go … to the ladies’ room – easily comes to mind with a dozen romantic films, where there is a love scene in the toilet.

The groans coming from the toilet cubicle, and the formed queue of dissatisfied and grinning observers – the situation is ridiculous, but what memories! But this is not all possible scenarios of sudden sex in the most inappropriate places – one of my friends managed to lay a solid foundation for family relationships, stuck with her future husband in the elevator, being at that time his tutor in French and just going with him to another occupation.

Of course, they did not learn French, but the lifters who came to the challenge were taken aback by surprise, finding a bored couple behind the “lesson of love”!

How to be? Of course, the situation is very delicate and good for anecdotes and romantic comedies – in real life, few of us would like to appear half-naked before strangers, and even beyond such a delicate task. The best thing you can do is quietly apologize, timidly lowering your gaze, and go to a more secluded place to bring it to the end. You should hardly be ashamed – youth, she is like that.

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Mom, what is this?

You and your husband get tired at work, not by hearsay you are familiar with all the hardships of adulthood, family life has already been seized, but you still have strength for rare “love holidays”. Here it is, the long-awaited Sunday morning, when the children are still asleep, the dog is not walking, but it is in solidarity with your desires, ready to wait and even politely left the bedroom, and you, happy spouses, are searching for a comfortable posture in order to finally merge in the long-awaited Love ecstasy.

But there it was – the door is unceremoniously flung open by your beloved, suddenly awakened child, and maybe even two, they unceremoniously tumble into your “abode of love” and freeze in a dumb pose, trying to understand why Papa unnaturally hung over her mother, in While both of them make intensive movements towards each other under the blanket. Anticipating the maturing question, you frantically try to figure out which answer, more or less intelligible and appropriate to their age, give.

How to be? If your kid is at the age of 4-5 years, his thinking is already mature enough to understand an elementary but true explanation. For example, you can say as it is – that the father and mother love each other very much and sometimes they want to be alone, so that no one interferes with them, because they want to kiss and do fun as much. It can be added that this is why, when the door to the parent’s room is closed, you need to knock, so as not to disturb them.

Oh, this crazy passion!

Sex is, of course, great! And it is extremely unpleasant, when the impressions of making love spoil because of ridiculous little things. The fault may be, for example, feminine physiology – both of you may be surprised one day, in the midst of the process, suddenly heard the hitherto unknown “squelching”, coming from exactly the place where your bodies merge together.

And all because, thanks to the ardent lover, lubrication in the female “bosom of love” may be too much – hence the characteristic sound, the blame for everything is passion! The situation can be much more serious, if you are so carried away by each other that you will not notice how they lost the smeared condom there – it also happens that it is only the gynecologist who is able to extract it from there.

How to be? Remember – it’s natural, it’s not ugly. Do not be shy of the natural processes that take place in your body at a time when you surrender to the joys of love. On the contrary, the so-called “squelch” can be a reason for the pride of your chosen one – this is clear evidence that he is a good lover and is able to bring the partner to the highest degree of pleasure. If, however, the romantic meeting ended with a visit to the medical officer with the aim of finding the “same subject of individual protection” in the vastness of love – do not be shy, believe me, they did not see that!


Perhaps he was very tired at work, perenervnichal in connection with the delivery of an important report, drank too much, or inevitably approached the very critical age limit when such things begin to occur occasionally. Nevertheless, the situation when “he wanted, but could not”, can completely ruin the mood for both of you and complete the romantic evening with a complete fiasco.

In the female head, as a rule, the thoughts that the beloved has another, his sexual desire dulled, and even completely disappeared completely, begin to swirl uncontrollably: the main thing is to be able to stop in time, so as not to break wood and not aggravate what happened.

How to be? First, stay calm – do not pounce on the partner with accusations and reproaches.

Secondly, be ready to caress it and in every possible way to demonstrate that what happened did not in any way affect your opinion about his sexual abilities. It is possible that this case has all chances to be single in your “practice”, and excessive attention directed to it, can reduce this probability to a minimum.

Another thing, if such funny things are repeated all the time, then you will have a hard work with several specialists: a urologist, a sexologist and maybe a psychologist – together they will help to find out where the problem originates from.

Caution: experiment!

If you love experiments, it’s not a secret for you that most of them end with a visit to traumatology. Those who have seen many things in their time do not know how to balance themselves between the desire to laugh out loud and sympathy for the casual patient, when they face the task of safe and painless retrieval of the most incredible items from various places, with which our body is rich. Or imagine a man hospitalized with a fracture at penis.

It’s unlikely you will be funny, you collide with this on your own experience, rather than reading anecdotes or carefree enjoying the youth comedy. But even if luck will be favorable to you and you will not fall into traumatology, in the process of making love, quite possibly there can be some other curiosity.

For example, a partner can go too far with Viagra or an aphrodisiac, or both of you can smear something sticky and sweet, without first thinking about how to wash it all off hair growing in the most secluded corners of the human body. And do not forget to make sure that your stretching is enough to master the intricate poses from the Kamasutra – otherwise you will have to return to the “starting position” by the ambulance team.

How to be? Whichever passion you have for each other, always think about how safe it is that you do. After all, you do not want intimate meetings to be associated with people in white coats, and the desire to visit the store of intimate goods was repulsed once and for all. Whatever passion covers you with your head, always have a sense of proportion!

Friendly sex: is it possible, is it necessary? Yesterday you were best friends, and this morning woke up in the same bed?

Moreover, you do not have clothes on you and under one blanket you were not at all because you live outside the Arctic Circle and the night before you were hugging innocently for the sole purpose of getting warm?

For all the platitude of the plot in your minds for sure there are a hundred questions, the answers to which you do not know, but embarrassment and a sense of awkwardness do not allow you to discuss what happened.

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