Tell Him The Reasons Why I Love You With These 101 Options

Sometimes it’s so hard to admit your love.

Many people are simply afraid to say these three cherished words, considering them a kind of taboo, because a declaration of love makes you feel unique and special.

You say that you made your choice by finding a soul mate.Tell Him The Reasons Why I Love You With These 101 Options

Why say “I love you!”? In this list you will find 101 reasons for loving your boyfriend.

The Reasons Why I Love You:

  1. You made me the happiest person in the world.
  2. I love your scent, which has become so dear to me.
  3. My heart beats faster at the thought of you.
  4. I love your fathomless eyes, which do not cease to search always for me.
  5. I love you because you do not notice my mistakes.
  6. You make my heart pound louder.
  7. Only because of you did I understand the true meaning of love.
  8. When I see you, I just lose my mind.
  9. When we are together, the mountains are on the shoulder.
  10. My heart jumps when the phone rings.
  11. I can not fall asleep without hearing Good Night.
  12. You even love my endless grumbling.
  13. I love you, because my life has made sense.
  14. I would give everything for your unmatched smile that adorns my every day.
  15. I love you, because the time flies by with you.
  16. You are my source of inspiration.
  17. With you, something that seemed impossible was possible.
  18. With you, I learned to believe in my strength.
  19. I love you for the feeling of “butterflies” in my stomach.
  20. You protect me and all that we have built, from someone else’s envy.
  21. When you are near, all sorts of fears recede.
  22. I love it when you say “you are the most beautiful” at 7 o’clock in the morning.
  23. We have so much in common.
  24. I love you for your patience, because I’m far from perfect.
  25. With you, no problems are frightening.
  26. I love your ideas and dreams of our future together.
  27. You laugh at my jokes, even when they are not funny.
  28. No one can replace you.
  29. You are my guardian angel.
  30. I love it when you want to please me with a scarlet rose or plush toy.
  31. In fact, you can do it with one of your loving eyes.
  32. You are perfect from head to toe.
  33. Even your fingers are perfect.
  34. Next to you is always spring.
  35. I like to see your face when I open my eyes in the morning.
  36. When I confess to you in love, I want to cry.
  37. I love you for what I feel: you love me even more.
  38. I like to dream with you about what our children will be like and how to name them.
  39. When I see you, I want to give up all my affairs and follow you.
  40. Everything I see around makes me think of you.
  41. Our love is worthy of the book.
  42. You are always honest with me.
  43. Next to you, I always have the strength to go forward.
  44. I love you, because now every day of my life reminds me of festive fireworks.
  45. I like your tender embrace.
  46. You often praise me, my actions and views.
  47. I love it when you’re joking.
  48. With you I’m getting better and better.
  49. Your jealousy makes me feel loved and important.
  50. When you look at me, I melt from the inside.
  51. I love your eyes, which speak more eloquently than any words.
  52. You have a wonderful smile.
  53. Nothing can ever divide us.
  54. I like it when you surprise me.
  55. You carelessly take care of me, without asking for anything in return.
  56. You can read my thoughts.
  57. You let my heart open.
  58. I love you for having my first thought in the morning and the last thought in the night about you.
  59. You treat me like a princess.
  60. You pamper me with your love and kindness.
  61. You can not take offense long.
  62. You are interested in any details of my life.
  63. You are very smart and you know a lot about life.
  64. When you appeared, the world around became bright.
  65. Next to you, the most cloudy day becomes sunny.
  66. You’re always on my side, even if I’m not right.
  67. I love you for choosing me from many others.
  68. I’m always drawn to you.
  69. You’re so cute when you’re a little crazy.
  70. The world around disappears when I’m with you.
  71. You made my life extraordinary.
  72. Your look makes you feel the most beautiful.
  73. I like to think about you.
  74. I want to grow old with you.
  75. Everything that happens in my life is important to you.
  76. I like to walk with you, holding hands when everything around us disappears.
  77. You taught me how to truly love.
  78. Life without you is empty.
  79. You have a soothing soft voice that sounds like a melody to me.
  80. I like it when you hold my hand because I feel protected from everything and everyone.
  81. You are my best and most devoted friend.
  82. You made my life look like a fairy tale.
  83. I love you because you are honest with me.
  84. I like to fall asleep thinking about you.
  85. I like to feel your breath on my cheek when we fall asleep, hugging each other.
  86. You’re a terrific lover.
  87. You attract me, like a magnet.
  88. I love your hands because they are always warm, even when it snows.
  89. I love you because you have a heart of gold.
  90. You are the most romantic man in this galaxy.
  91. You always know how to comfort me.
  92. You answer my stupid questions.
  93. I love it when you whisper in my ear: “I love you.”
  94. You know how to give good advice.
  95. You know how to keep my secrets.
  96. Your compliments are the best.
  97. We are just made for each other.
  98. My friends envy me.
  99. I love our nightly heart-to-heart talks.
  100. Your kisses are magical.
  101. You’re the person I always want to be with.
  102. You are special and I dream of being with you all my life.
  103. You can endlessly list why I love you every minute, every hour, every day, every week, every month and every year.
  104. But it is more important to know that I love you because I simply can not do otherwise!


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