Surviving from a Serious Relationship Breakup

How a relationship can survive after a breakup?

Don’t know the answer to this commonly asked question on the internet of things?

Well, you know that every body wants to get a accurate answer to this question so he or she can easily determine that what they have to do for surviving from a serious breakup in any relationship.

As every body wants to get the answer to how a relationship can survive after a breakup, you can think what will be the reason?


The reason is simple here, as teen-ages and others too become angry with each other after a time period.

Not just angry they feel full from their partners and starts finding ways on how they can leave each other with out getting blamed.

This happens when one person try to get him self first before the other.

It happens to almost 90% of the new generation relationships.

As in this latest and techy generation every one is a kind and queen.

No body wants to be in any others rules and have his/her life gifted to any other even the lover or parents.

Everyone wants to live his life with unique style and passion to live as the way he/she wants or like.

However this is true or not I don’t want to get out of the article theme here, so lets come to the right topic.

I just about to give you the details on how a relationship can survive after a breakup and here is the basic things you need to follow for getting your ex back or recovering from a serious breakup.

Survive from a Long-term relationship breakup


You were searching for this answer?

Well, this is worse that you got breakup from a long-term relationship.

As this is very hard to done thing when we call it for a long term relationship, even I can’t believe that you have done it.

Whatever, in case this is the your case – you can read my guidelines below:

  • Be real and say sorry before your partner using any medium like online or by calling
  • Meet without asking or getting permission to your partner or any other person
  • Whatever your partner say or act on you, just keep on your way and try your best to melt his/her heart down

Just put yourself down to earth and think that you are the scariest person on the earth who is just nothing without his partner.

By putting your self down to the earth’s surface I wanted to say that make your self easy to handle for your partner.

Not just that do say sorry before your partner and have his say on you.

Beside this basic and easy then ABC method you should try saying whatever your partner wants to hear from your side and please don’t panic while saying any thing to your partner.

As you have a long term relationship which can’t end very soon.

Make your partner feel your absence

By making your partner feel your absence I want to say that you should take some hard steps.

And by taking hard steps I mean to say that you should try different kind of things to make your partner feel that the life without you is nothing.

Well, if you were so loving and caring to your partner in past you can take advantage of this method.

Because he/she will definitely think about yourself and when he/she thinks you can set a fire bomb on it.

To set a fire on your memories in your partner’s mind you can follow these steps:

  • Ask to his/her friends to help you out in making him/her think about you by talking on your topic
  • Call to your partner’s parents and talk to them nicely and don’t show them that you have broken your relationship
  • Message him/her by sending a random message and after 5 minutes say “sorry my mistake”.

There are also many other things you can do to make your partner remember you and think about you and feel your absence.

If it happens, then there are a lot of chances which will help you in getting your relationship to the healing points.

Ask for help to your parents

This might be a shocking line to you, but it really helps.

However this is not for them who wants to hide their relationships from their parents.

So, if you want to share your relationship’s information and stages with your parents you can start by doing this.

Just go to them and for two or three days take good care of them (as you do, but you have to do more).

They will automatically ask you that what is wrong or new with you?

Just don’t hesitate to say that you have your relationship on ending points and you don’t want to loss that person.

They will then ask you that how they can help you to get that person back.

Just don’t give them any idea or advice, instead ask them to make any way to get your relationship back in normal days.

They are your parents, they will create an idea which will be the out of box thing.

Also, you will get benefit from doing this thing:

you can introduce your partner to your parents without having pain of parents liking and disliking

Even after that you can ask your parents everything and they will trust on you.

As when you don’t inform them about your relationships, they become angry with you and starts having doubts on you.

So, its better to have your say with your parents rather then wasting your time with other persons.

In the end:

If you have any suggestions, queries and tips or any thing else to say to me or this site’s team – then you are most welcome.

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