Surprising ways to seduce a man

This article is the result of a very interesting experiment, including communication with our real friends and a generalization of statements about how they can seduce a man from their point of view.

Do you often have to think about how to seduce a man who likes it?

Or how to attract his attention?

Tell me directly about what you want?

Fearfully! You do not know how he will react. And suddenly he will take you for a girl of easy virtue?

We know that this topic is worried by so many women’s minds and hearts. Unfortunately, the question of how to seduce a man is often solved using tips from the “shorter skirt” rubric and “decollete deeper”.

Yes, such methods can wake up those very primitive desires in a man, but the result will also be obtained primitive – “to drag into the cave, to use and go in search of the next victim.”

But you do not only need “this.” If you want sex for one night, then go ahead. This approach will suffice.

But as we understand it, your ultimate goal is to build a relationship with the man that you decided to seduce. In this case, you need to act quite differently.

We had long been going to write something about this, but somehow we did not dare to “publish on” this topic.

Here, dry advice will not work. We need emotions and real experience of a certain number of men and women.Surprising ways to seduce a man

Therefore, We highly recommend reading it to the end and we promise that in the end you will for sure know how to seduce a man whom you really want.

Men are simple in their decisions, actions, desires.

Women are much more complicated. They spend much more time thinking about their desires and motivations.

Women want to know what men want. And men can talk about this, but more often in the circle of their friends. If you ask directly:

What should a woman do to seduce a man?

You can get one of these answers:

  • Just say “Hi” and send your smile!
  • Look with a steadfast gaze and say about your desire.
  • “Dress neatly, or better still, undress.”

As you can see, these phrases do not shine with originality.

What can we say? Most men are too superficial and straightforward.

From these answers it follows that in order to seduce a man it will be necessary either to tell him directly about his desires on this score, or the lack of “more favorable” options for a man. But such options are not suitable for us.

Men are essentially hunters. And the most desirable prey for us are “hot” women. But every man sees this “heat” in his own way.

Let’s draw some analogy: when you need to undermine your nails, what do you use? Sandpaper or a nail file?

Of course, a nail file. After all, this tool is designed for such a lesson.

And with men. You need a suitable tool to seduce a man.

And for each type of man, he must be special.

Well, in order to seduce a man and applying our advice, you need to know what type he refers to.

So, let’s begin our acquaintance.

Type 1. Fan

Regardless of what he likes (football, basketball, or more refined for our latitudes rugby), the girl of his dreams is a sexy, cheerful, low-demanding fan of the “Command of His Name” with a half-naked bust.

He likes gyms and sports. A clear sign that a man is of this type is to wear a T-shirt of his beloved team for the 50th anniversary of the wedding of your grandparents.

It’s quite easy to find an approach to it.

In his opinion, he is a big league player. Therefore, compliment his physique, paying attention to his visible physical indicators: “You have such great biceps!” Is much appreciated much higher than “Your figure is so athletic!”.

He spends a lot of time on physical training and at the subconscious level needs approval and support to see that his writings are not in vain.

Therefore, often touch his muscles and each time accompany it with ecstasy (“What they are huge and strong!”).

Help him to feel strong. He will like it if you talk to him about sports equipment, events and competitions.

Tell him that you want to start going to the new gym and would like to go with him. If you have rarely visited gyms before, he will teach you and get the greatest pleasure from it.

This process is also well suited for establishing physical contact.

Imagine how he becomes before you, when you lie and keep an empty bar from the bar, holds it and helps you to properly perform the exercise.

Given your desire to seduce him, this is what you need. Is not it?

Caution! There is a risk to remain forever in second place. After all, the first will always be a gym or its teammates.

Children also do not change anything. He will try to teach them to love their most-favorite teams in football, basketball, just as much as his daddy loves.

In the end, the dynasty of athletes will simply continue.

And you in the evenings will sit somewhere on the edge of the couch, trying to pretend that you, too, are interested in watching what is happening. Although if you are one of those who really enjoys such sports (which is not uncommon nowadays), it may not be such a bad idea to seduce a man of this type.

Type 2. A man with a capital letter

He considers himself not just a man, but a man. And you will have to treat him the same way.

He loves women and he does not feel good about the equality between the sexes accepted in the modern civilized world.
Wants his girlfriend (wife) to be Feminine and sexy.

In general, in his eyes this is the main function of a woman – to give him pleasure: visual, physical and moral.

To find an approach to it, you will have to learn to be a “flame and ice,” while not dressing frivolous dresses.

It is important that he has the right first opinion about your person.

The clothes chosen will tell him about you in the best way. It should advantageously emphasize your dignity of the body, but do not expose them.

All these charms, of course, will be useful later, but now, the main thing is to seduce the man visually, without risking frightening him off.

Give him the opportunity to talk more about himself. Hear him out. In women, he appreciates the ability to listen and give moral support more than high intellect. He needs a dedicated woman who will be able to take care of him when it comes to the kitchen and bedroom. Invite him to your house for the evening and prepare an excellent dinner, such as mothers usually treat their beloved sons.Surprising ways to seduce a man

Pay attention! You can cook like his mother, but you can not smell like her. From you should come the smell of an exquisite feminine perfume, awakening “those very desires”, and not the rich, delicious flavor of the kitchen. Otherwise, you risk becoming his best friend, “second mother”, but certainly not a mistress.

And do not confuse “support and listening skills” with “lethargy and indifference.” Paste short replies in his monologues, from time to time laugh at his jokes and do not forget to joke yourself. Listen to it actively, show your presence, so that it does not seem to you that you are missing everything and are hovering in the clouds.

Type 3. Clever

Forget the shy smile of the nice guy in the other corner of the dance floor. This guy will not show his interest in you and certainly will not do first. Yes, he even goes to such places, maybe, only if friends insist on this!

Despite the fact that he has become an adult man for a long time, in his heart he still considers himself a loser (even if he achieved the results), with which no one wanted to dance at the school graduation.

How to find an approach to it? Make friends with him.

Laugh at his jokes . Be a woman who can understand, hear, talk and remain a woman. You will like his company, despite your first impression of him. This is really a good guy who needs a real girl (most often they have it virtual). Do not forget to remind him of how clever he is. After all, he considers his brain to be the most outstanding part (yes, he is really intelligent and will reach his heights). More often talk about how he is sweet and how you like his rich vocabulary.

After a while, when you trust each other, you can hint that the level of his intelligence turns you on sexually.
Such hints can “take down the roof”.

And here you must prepare yourself.

Seducing a man of this type, becoming at the same time his “best friend” means being ready, that there can be a special sharp transition from the friend zone to the “zone of relations”.

Be attentive! Firstly, after you move to the phase of intimate relationships, it may happen that he will continue to consider you a friend. A girl, from friendship with whom you can get benefits in the form of sex. Although if your goal is not further serious relationship, then everything is in order.

Secondly, if you expect long-term communication with him (regardless of the existing model of relations), you will have to get used to his interests: a large amount of reading, constant self-education and sometimes computer games.

In this case, the main thing is not to make the most frequent mistake – do not you dare to make fun of his hobbies and do not remind about past failures. It can quite severely hurt the feelings of the “smart guy” and “roll back” your relationship to the “level of distrust”, from which you have so long had to get out first.

Type 4. Bad guy

” Hot”, interesting, mysterious, capable of unpredictable actions.

It does not matter how many times he will forget to call and warn that he can not come on a date. Such misdeeds are trifles, compared to the desire that you experience when you look at it.

How to seduce a man of this type?

The approach to it is simple. It’s enough for you to be cheerful and at ease. More smile, laugh loudly at his jokes … Show that you HEAR it.


The rest of you does not depend.

If you have enough “flame” for him, and at the moment he does not observe even better options around, the initiative will pass to him in hand. And very soon you yourself, not knowing how it happened, you will find yourself in bed with him.

  • Pay attention! He will always be like this, and you will not be able to change it.
  • Most likely, he will “break” your heart and go hunting for another “spark”.
  • And if you still want to seduce a man who is a “bad guy” type, prepare to forget about the concept of “self-esteem.”

Be ready for constant humiliations and endless apologies to him for being angry with him when he once again flirted with the neighbor beauty / your girlfriend / waitress at the cafe. And now think: “Do you need such a relationship? What good will you get from them? ”

A bit about men of all types

Despite all the differences, there is one thing that applies absolutely to any man.

If you want to seduce a man in a public place, do not look excessively dissolute and behave according to that unsuccessfully chosen image.

We do not want to bring “this” into the house to our mother.

We may like to go home in sports pants, but that does not mean that we will go for a walk.

So, there was one more, more meaningful and valuable, pronounced aloud by the divorced father of three children. We decided to leave his words at last. We did not specifically change any letters in them.

If a woman wants to not just seduce a man, but also in the long term become his companion, she needs to:

  1. Be positive
  2. Be able to cook deliciously
  3. Have an excellent sense of humor
  4. Be able to use one’s intellect
  5. Look good

To let the man know that at the moment he is the most interesting person in the world for her and that she is ready to support him in any endeavors and take care of him in the moments when he will need it.

After these words, the authors of the previous superficial statements fell silent and nodded in agreement.

What in the end?

At the end of this instructive and cognitive survey, We can draw the following conclusions:

  • Develop the strength of your mind and the strength of your body. By this you will be favorably disengaged from the majority
  • A beautiful cover with tattoos and a chic beard is not always as sweet inside as it seems
  • Be courageous and confident in your abilities. This helps to achieve more in life than classmates
  • The most important thing is seduction – it’s you

Well, you only need to learn how to translate all these recommendations into practice. And then you will no longer have any doubts about how to seduce the man you chose. Just read the article, it’s not enough to draw new knowledge from it.

We need to learn.

After all, humanity still does not know much about itself and the world. Developing itself, you will develop and the world around you.

Thank you for your patience (the story turned out to be a long one) and trusted! We did our best!

We suggest you write your comment below and tell us about your experience of how to seduce a man!


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