Revealing The 5 Working Principles of Happiness in Your Life

Yes, the principles of happiness exist – in solving problems that prevent the feeling of happiness in life, you have two options.

One of them is to go with the flow and hope that the circumstances of your life (both internal and external) will be built in such a way as to ensure your happiness.

Or identify and do everything that will contribute to a sense of happiness, despite the problems.

It is not surprising that I am a supporter of the second option.

I urge you to listen to the wisdom of Saint Francis Loyola: “Pray as if everything depends on God, but work as if everything depends on us.”

First, I will share with you the five principles that lay the foundation for all future happiness practices.

Think of yourself as a fruit tree, as a tree can not produce juicy fruits without a strong, healthy root system, so you can not use your happiness practices without reliable foundations of powerful life principles (your roots).

Please study these five principles of eating happiness.

And they will help you create the life that you love.

Principle 1. This is or maybe

Yes, it is.

Today we have everything.

Tomorrow this may not be, and maybe less than it is now.

Besides, none of us knows for sure what will happen tomorrow.

Remember, our time on Earth is limited. Remind yourself of this. This perspective and this Principle of happiness will help you to consciously and purposely seek happiness in various events.

To live by this principle, try:

  • – to realize what you are doing from something that does not bring you happiness;
  • – focus on the opportunities that exist in the present moment to experience happiness;
  • – create in your life – step by step – those things that bring you happiness;
  • – to save your life – gradually – from those things that bring you disappointment, discontent, and suffering;
  • – to be grateful for moments of happiness, thereby prolonging the feeling of happy moments.

Principle 2. If it will, it depends on me

Nobody came to this earth to make sure that you are happy. Maybe only your parents at an early stage in your life. Your happiness does not rest on the shoulders of your relatives, children, employees … It totally depends on you.

Thus, the second source of happiness: it is your responsibility – 100% in creating your own happiness. It’s totally your job.

This can be a hard principle of happiness for awareness. Do not be mistaken in the belief that life is responsible for our happiness.

If you decide to follow Principle 2, then:

  • – Identify and take responsibility (as far as possible) for those moments in your life that define a sense of happiness for you;
  • – Be resolute in overcoming those adversities that arise on the path to your happiness;
  • – abandon the mentality of the victim, who prefers to cause self-pity or blame others;
  • – Accept the prayer: “Lord, give me the strength to accept what I can not change, the courage to change what I can, and the wisdom to feel the difference.”

Principle 3. The decision to be happy

Think about the important decisions that you made in your time and that have affected your life – the decision to which educational institution to enter, the decision to marry or to be married, to have or not to have children, the decision about the chosen career. Track the impact of these decisions on your life. I am sure that the influence of these decisions is still visible today.

Here is another solution that should be added to the decisions already made in your life – I decided (a) to be happy. I bet you never knowingly made that decision.

The third principle of happiness: consciously make a decision to be happy. Adoption of such a decision will be a powerful incentive for its implementation.

When you make this decision, follow these steps:

  • – strive to see in every day the opportunity to be happy;
  • – consciously pay attention to enjoying every moment of pleasure;
  • – Give time each day to communicate with people or activities that bring you a sense of happiness.

Principle 4. Your attitude

You can have all the attributes of happiness – health, money, physical attractiveness, power, status – but all this can be overshadowed by your negative mood. On the contrary, you can be deprived of worldly attributes, but still feel happy.

Your attitude is important. An attitude is a special form of personal responsibility. Why? Because she says that I, and not the circumstances, determine my mood.

You need to recognize that it is you who largely control your own emotional state. This is another of the principles of happiness. Be attentive to your own thinking and try not to let negative thoughts into your consciousness and subconscious, or limit them as much as possible.

Principle 5. Work, work & work

You already know that to overcome obstacles to happiness you need strength.

Simply hoping and praying, thinking that you will experience happiness without effort, recklessly. Try to mow your lawn while sitting in front of the TV.

You have to get up and do it.

As with the lawn, happiness is not a one-time job. This will have to work on for the rest of my life.

Sounds non-optimistic? Unfortunately, this is exactly the way it is.

So, the bad news: you have to work to be happy.

Good news: this work will pay off.

Start with these five principles and look at their impact.

We know that these principles of happiness are powerful, and people have been able to transform their lives by following these principles.


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