Rare mistakes that prevent you from attracting a man

Do you want to know how to attract a man who can make you truly happy?

Do you think that you have already tried all the existing methods?

Most likely, you miss one moment …

Almost every woman is inclined to think that “somewhere out there” there is an “ideal man”, designed specifically for her. And if she is lucky enough to meet him, then everything in life will change at once: he will make her an offer and they will become a happy happy family.

The crux of the matter is that even if this “ideal man” exists, but you are not ready for hRare mistakes that prevent you from attracting a manis coming into your life, then, most likely, you will not understand that it is him when you meet.

The following few tips will help you stop wasting time on unsuccessful searches and will help attract a man who really can become your second half.

To attract a man will help change the way of thinking

The men you attract into your life always correspond to your inner state. People with whom you communicate will always perceive you according to your personal assessment of yourself.

If you are inclined to call yourself a “loser, unworthy of a happy relationship”, this will lead to what everyone around you will consider the same. Including men.

At the same time, if you manage to attract a man , he will be the one who ideally suits you – a loser with whom you will not be happy. But this is not the only problem …

What do you think about men? Would you like to meet with a man who believes that all women are liars? And now think about it, if you think that “all the peasants are goats” and are lying, will any of them want to get in touch with you?

If you want to attract a man and find a soul mate who will have a healthy outlook on life, make sure that you think positively. Pay attention to what you think about the strong field. If your thoughts do not correspond to the type of man with whom you would like a relationship, change them!

Relationship with a man

Imagine what your life will be like when you find your “ideal man”. Get rid of things and from people who influence negatively on your mood, thinking and life in general.

Perhaps you should visit a place pleasant to you, buy a flower pot with your favorite flowers, repaint the walls in pleasant colors. Or stop watching movies that drive depressed.

Perhaps it’s worth stopping talking with a friend who always aggravates an already unhappy situation.

Become a second half of yourself

If you want to stop scaring men from yourself and begin to radiate warmth, tenderness and attractiveness, try to become a soul mate to yourself. How would you like to see your relationship with a future partner? Do you imagine that these relations will be filled with love, trust and emotional affinity?

Do you want to attract a man who will accept you as you are and respect as a woman? Now think, are you able to give it all to yourself?

Can you love yourself as a whole person who deserves to be happy. If you love yourself, then it will be much easier to attract a man who can feel romantic feelings towards you.

Find out what type of relationship you want to have. Then learn to be in this relationship with your “I”. As a result, you will cease to scare others and you will be able to attract the best man for yourself. The one with which you will not think why a man has cooled or changes . Besides, you can learn to enjoy life. Positive thinking always contributes to this.

Cure and release pain and resentment from the past

Even if you change your thoughts and can become yourself a “second half”, this does not give a 100% guarantee that it will attract a man who will make you happy.

Interfere with this may be the mental trauma experienced in past relationships. You must understand that there are no people who at least once did not suffer from the actions of their partners.

But after all, do not everyone go around evil from this? This means that smiling people on the streets were able to survive the grievances that were once caused by other people. Or they just decided to be happy. Understand, if a man works a lot – most likely, he decided to become the best, better off. So do you, make the decision to be happy and beloved.

If you hold on to the pain and suffering from the past, willy-nilly, this will lead to the creation of a wall that will not allow you to establish an emotional connection with men trying to enter your life.

Yes, this “wall” can protect you from getting emotional wounds in the future. But at what cost? Having stumbled upon it, any man will think that you are not ready for a serious relationship and will retreat.

I’m not saying that you need to forgive all the abusers from the past and justify their actions. Just leave them far in the past and give free path to your future. Stop taking precautions about what might ever happen. Only in this case you can attract a man who wants to build a serious relationship with you.
Get rid of the picture of the “Perfect Man”

Do you think that it kills relationships before they start?

Expecting that your partner will be perfect, such as you thought up in your thoughts, you kill the chances of building a relationship with one of those who have already met on your way. But among them there may be one who really suits you. Who really is worthy of you.

Here are some expectations that can prevent you from attracting a man and keeping him:

  • – his choice of venue;
  • – his appearance;
  • – his profession and social level;
  • – his hobbies and hobbies;
  • – Any thoughts that contain the word “must”.

Trying to attract a man who will meet all your requirements, you do not admit others. And in fact among them there can be “the same”, despite inconsistencies to your expectations.

This prevents you from understanding that the person you are looking for may have been in your environment for a long time already.

Stop making mistakes on the first dates

I think you’ve heard the phrase once in your life: “You’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression!”. Especially this phrase is appropriate in the case of the first date.

The first date is an opportunity for two strangers to try to understand if they have anything in common that can lead to a romantic relationship.

Even if you implement the previous 4 recommendations and involve a man who will invite you on a date, there is a good chance to spoil everything at this stage.

Here are the typical 3 mistakes that girls tend to make on a first date:

1) Too much to tell about yourself and your work

Firstly, it can take most of the time and will not allow the man to say a little about himself. Secondly, by focusing on your personality, you say that a man is not interested in you.

Thirdly, if there are a lot of stories about work, he may have an opinion that you are too enthusiastic about it and you have no life outside of work. Few men are willing to build relationships with a woman for whom business is a vital priority. Subconsciously, he can feel that he has no place in her life.

Try to minimize talking on these topics. It is desirable that your communication is not a monologue.

2) Hasty arrangement of roles

Perhaps you are used to being a domineering woman at work, and your voice and tone are a tool for managing your subordinates. Or, on the contrary, you are used to obey the instructions of your boss and not make independent decisions.

All such models of relationships with other people should be left at work. If on the first date you try to seize the advantage, this will not only not help attract a man , but will scare him away and repulse any desire to continue acquaintance.

Trust him, give the man the opportunity to prove himself, but do not put his expectations on his shoulders.

3) Do not listen to the interlocutor

What do you think, what opinion would you have about a man who does not listen to your words? For example, as long as you say, he is busy with his smartphone, pointlessly looking at one point (but not at you) or considering everything around, just to do something by himself.

Agree that it would be insulting or even insulting.

Also, a man who came on a date with you, this behavior will be unpleasant. Therefore, try to behave correctly, otherwise it will not be possible to attract a man like that.

Even if his speech is slightly boring, show respect: look at him, react to his cues and jokes (words or facial expressions), put the phone aside. Otherwise, the question is, why did you even come to this meeting.

The installation of the eye-to-eye eye contact is very important at the stage of getting to know each other and can become a guide for “skipping the spark itself”.

4) Dressing too frankly

A woman often wants to dump a man with her appearance on the first date. That he was obedient. In doing so, she dresses too open and provocative outfits. A man will like it, and he will appreciate your dignity. But this behavior tells him that you are easily accessible, good for short-term meetings and, not the fact that you can build real relationships with you.

Most likely, you dressed like this for other dates. And they were unsuccessful, namely, serious relationships. After all, you’re back on your first date. Better to dress something feminine and elegant.

Of course, this is not all possible mistakes of the first date. These are only one of the most frequent. Avoid them, and you will be able to attract a man who will be able to make you happy.

Brief about the main thing

So, what did we come up with in the end?

The one you need may have been around for a long time, but you simply can not recognize your soul mate in it.

To attract a man and understand that this is exactly the “same”, you will need:

  • – change your thinking in a positive way;
  • – love the woman in yourself;
  • – release the grievances that have happened in the past;
  • – get rid of the image of the “ideal man”;
  • – Learn several rules of conduct on the first date.

Yes, quite a few items. It will take a lot of time and effort to implement them. Time to live a new state of the Woman, which is obtained from the private of the Way . But think, how much time has been wasted, without obtaining the desired result?

And now imagine that the above recommendations – this is not a waste of time, but a small step to attract the man you are dreaming about. After all, you dream)

This is the improvement of you, as a person and, above all, as a woman who dreams of attracting a man who can become her second half. I would even say differently – it’s an investment in your future!

I will be very happy if, using my advice, you will tell me about your results in the future.


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