Mystery of How to Compliment a Man

Remember when you last complimented a man? And what was his reaction?

I believe that the compliments we say to women, (for example, ” I have the most beautiful, my dear, you look so good “), are effective and really effective.

Men also like it when they say pleasant words. This is our nature – we love it when we are praised. But, is it always those sweet words that a woman says to her man, really are a compliment? You will find out about this later.

And as always, I will give you examples of phrases that a man wants to hear. But first I want to explain why I decided to write this article for you.

Believe me, first you need to strive to understand your man , and only then be understood. In this order. I want to emphasize – it does not mean that you put your interests on the second plan. Quite the contrary, as a result – both are satisfied.

What do the compliments between a woman and a man have in common and how do they differ?Mystery of How to Compliment a Man

The compliments that we make to each other pursue the same goal – to show the value of the beloved or beloved for us. So let’s start in order. To begin with, I want to convey to you the importance of compliments to a man.

Compliments of a man are necessary in order to give him strength, give him support.

Your words, when they bear sincere care, are able to convey to the beloved that he is a ” hero”. He wants to hear about it, and not to guess. Praising his masculine qualities – you strengthen the man’s confidence in himself.

He needs to know that he is strong, that he has influence, that he has the gift of persuasion, for example.

Let him know that you found in him ” your hero.”

Thanks Sophie! In their family relationships with the beloved reigns mutual understanding. I’m happy for them.

Do you want to get the husband of your dreams?

Then let’s begin.

The purpose of making compliments to a man is to keep an emotional connection in a relationship.

First, let’s remember what it is – the emotional connection? In the modern world there is an opinion that successful and functional relations in a married couple are built on mutual respect and unconditional trust. And love, passion and other ” romance ” is not a matter of first importance, ” it is possible without it . ”

If in your relationship with a man there is a place for that very ” romance “, then strengthens their ” emotional connection “. This is important for your communication. And I’ll explain why.

Emotional bonding, in a married couple, is the foundation on which your House is built. A house where you want to return soon. You know the feeling when you really want to get home after a ” bad day, ” where the whole negative of the day will not prevail over you. This is a place where troubles lose their weight, become insignificant.

Be sure, if you, as a married couple, do not create such an atmosphere for each other, then no one will do it for you. Such a situation is necessary. After all, the case can reach even before deciding on a divorce , severing relations.

Ask yourself: Do I want communication with my man to create conditions for ” security inside my House “? If “yes “, then a very effective method is to make compliments to your man. And do it right.

Why is it so important?

Effect on a man who can be complimented

And this is a particularly important point. How do you this idea: you can ” program ” the actions of men with the ” right compliments . ”

It is noteworthy that with their simple help one can get from a man …. Yes, anything! You can make a compliment to a man in order to settle in him the desire to do something. Also you can seduce a man by making compliments to him.

I want you to understand correctly. For this I will quote one statement by Muse V.V. – Lily Brick. This idea very accurately conveys the essence. She said: “… It is necessary to inspire the man that he is wonderful and even brilliant, just others do not understand this. And to allow what is forbidden to him at home, and then you will create your ideal man … ” .

Than you fill the mind of your husband – that in him and ” grows “. A man, alas, will begin to follow his beauty, if you tell him that he is ” handsome, like Apollo . ”

But you could have made a ” right ” compliment to a man. Say that none of the men you know does not have such extraordinary mental abilities. Believe me, this motivates to accomplishments. The mechanism works, and the man, confident in his abilities, begins to act.

How to properly compliment a man?

So, the desire to bring back the smile on the face of his beloved, the desire to cheer him up – is commendable and absolutely true. But in most cases, women use “supposedly tried and proven” methods, which bring the opposite result.

For example: try to bring him to the ” heart-to-heart talk “. Here the catch is that men basically suffer difficulties ” inside themselves .” And therefore for him ” pronouncing his problems ” is by no means an encouragement. On the contrary, he will move further away.

Remember, did you ever have such a thing: on a sincere attempt to help his beloved, did he react in such a way that he closed himself even more inside himself?

I want to convey that the best compliment for a man is a phrase that will characterize your condition next to him, will make it clear that you are happy and grateful to him for being with you. A man wants to understand that you are happy with the way he cares for you. He wants to know that you feel happy next to him, appreciate what he does for you. So I want to introduce you a very easy, but effective method.

Pay attention to these 16 phrases, ” convicted ” in compliments to a man. You can successfully use them to develop, improve those qualities for which you value it – courage, strength and similar character traits.

16 phrases, convicted of compliments to a man:

Your smile turns me on / You make me lose my sanity
I’m losing track of time when I’m next to you
I keep thinking about you when you’re around
I adore your smile. In the morning, when I see her, she motivates me to be even better for you.
Take my hand, let’s go for a walk. I want everyone to see how wonderful my man is!
Looking into your eyes, I want to dissolve into them. I want you. You feed my vitality more than the air that I breathe
I want you to embrace me with your whole body . Even between us, even the wind will not slip through
I can not think of anything else when you are near me
If you were a drink, I would drink you volley / or vice versa-relished, with a blissful smile on my face
Having touched your world one day, I became fired by the desire to be his part always
I love it when you look at me like that. I feel loved
When you talk, I can hear even your warm breath
There is no such person in the whole world. That would be of such value to me
It was close to you that I understood the essence of the statement ” women love with their ears .” When you say, my attention is focused on every word you say. Your voice is a real magnet
I admire your ability to do …… / your ability
The best place on earth where I can be is your strong arms. I feel protected next to you

Compliments to a man are weapons.

So, in your fragile hands – the tool that you can create a man of dreams.

You will be surprised how easy it is to have a man next to him who meets all your needs. The main thing is that you do not deprive him of his freedom, because he wants it himself – TO BE THE BEST FOR YOU. Remind him that you feel safe next to him, and you will feel it more and more.

Instruct him that with such a level of intellectual development no ” one head ” can be compared to his work, that he has no competitors there. With each passing day this confidence will grow stronger. Fill your mind with this confidence.

And again about harmony. Not always your words can reach the ultimate goal and cheer up the man. These words may seem mock, and he will take them as flattery. Believe what you say, making compliments to a man.

In addition, men can not be praised. Committed to 🙂 This is tested not by one woman and not by one man.

Marilyn Monroe said: ” I agree to live in a world ruled by men until I can be a woman in this world .” You have power, use it. This is how the world works.

But I want to remind you: I wish that happy families were built. And it is for women who pursue a noble goal – to create a family, healthy relationships, and I give the accumulated experience. And this experience is not intended to seduce a man and rejoice in the ” purchase of a toy.”

Lesson # 5, entitled “Secrets of Building Relationships” gives the woman practical skills and methods of bringing relations with a man to a new level. Including with the help of compliments.

Thank you for reading this article.

It is very important for me to know that my words are of value to you! Keep these phrases on your social network page.

Remember, when saying the right compliments to a man, you make the right choice!


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