Most useless advises of psychologists about relationships

At the end of March, the comedy “Patients” was released (and is now in theaters), in which the main characters try to survive the family crisis with the help of a psychoanalyst and a priest.

But the directly opposite advice of the healers of souls only aggravates the discord in their relationship.

The psychotherapist inspires her husband: “Family is not the main thing!

The main thing is what you want! “And the priest says to his wife:” The family is the main thing!

All for the sake of the family! “And this confrontation has been going on for a year and a half already.Most useless advises of psychologists about relationships

Who will win in it, you will know by watching the movie.

And we, inspired, have prepared for you a list of very popular and absolutely useless advice of psychologists.

Want to maintain a harmonious relationship, avoid following stupid advice!

Tip # 1 He May Hide Something

“If he tells you in detail how his day went, he hides something!”

Men, in fact, are not as communicative as women. But if your spouse decided to tell you in detail about how his day went, then, most likely, he just wants to receive your praise, rather than hide from you a meeting with your mistress.

Tip # 2 He May Try To Cheat You

“If he wants more sex from you, he cheats on you”

Many psychologists assure us that if the husband attacks you with a feeling of passion more often than before, then because he tries to hush up the need to drown out the blame for intimacy with another woman, as well as the need to talk about it. After all, if a man continues to do the same as before, a woman will feel treason in her inner being. Therefore, he tries to talk less banal less and atone for guilt.

 Tip # 3 He Might Change Himself

“If he began to watch himself, he changes you”

Most psychologists believe that if a man switched to a healthy diet, bought a new shirt and started going to the gym , it’s all for her, because they, like real hunters, do everything in this life just to attract women. But it was not there. The vast majority of men begin to follow themselves because of ambition, results and health.

Tip # 4 Is There Any Doubt?

“Does he look happy?” Precisely changes »

Probably, this is the most stupid conclusion of psychoanalysts. After all, some of them really think that only a woman can make a man happy. In fact, men are not as dependent on relationships as the weaker sex. They can win the victory of their favorite team, success at work, meeting with friends and a simple training in the gym.

Tip # 5 He Loves His Friends

“If you stop spending time with his friends, then he does not love you!”

Many couples who have lived together more than one year, begin to notice that over time they begin to spend time separately. In fact, there is nothing wrong with that. You need to draw new impressions, new information, so that you can share it with a partner. And finding each other 24 hours a day can just threaten that over time you will not be interesting to each other.

Tip # 6 Romance Is Everything

“Have a candlelit dinner”

A five-course, five-course dinner will not be able to preserve the union. Remember, dear ladies, if your marriage is cracking at the seams, and in his phone you have repeatedly found a message from another woman, no dinner will help you regain his love and respect.

And what do you think about these councils?


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