Mistakes Killing His Attraction to Yourself

There are so many mistakes every body makes in his life and nobody can say that he is or she is just perfect and here every body is free to do mistakes.

Why free?

Because we are humans and we are naturally in doing mistakes in many moments in our life.

For an example:

Just imagine that you are in love with someone and he is more than in love with you even he just want to be with you always to celebrate every thing with his love (you).

And suddenly he become rude with you (just because he is worrying about his work or some other things in life).

After his rudeness, you may become rude too to that boy and you know what will be the out put?

The out put will be like your biggest mistake when he was in need of your understanding points which you should create for him.

And when you are not with him it makes and sounds like a biggest mistake of yourself to your boyfriend.

We have noticed so many mistakes women can do and many of them are doing which are avoiding the attention of boys to be with them and have a healthy relationship with them.

In case you are in the same problem and you need a guidance then you are welcome here as I am going to share my own respected and tried tips to attract girls to my self and I have asked so many questions to my girl friends (no not that type of girl friends) on girl and friends.

They have suggested many tips to me and as you know that I am a human and also a boy, not a silly girl.

So I have the authority to share the real tips and guide girls on how to avoid that things which makes a boy run away from a girl.

Let’s read the real mistakes killing his attraction to yourself and fix them to have a good and healthier relationship.

You want him to merry you quickly

This is the a main reason why boys hate many girls.

As when they ask them to get married and have their all the time with yourself and enjoy for long hours.

You start talking about having him with you all the time and he will talk to you on this topic even when you are not going to talk about marriage.

The boy will start a conversation on this topic and he is not going to really get married, but he wants to know your thoughts on the topic and he do this just for fun and making the conversation more long.

But, what you think about that conversation?

You probably think that he is going to get married with you and have his every second in your shadows and you start talking about your future and how many children you want with him.

No, not that thing that he don’t want to merry you.

But he wants to enjoy more and have more time celebrated with you in a title of love life, as boys don’t want to get merry with any girl who is really new to him and eager to merry quickly.

For really new to him: I mean to say that when your relationship is not too old and you are in that relationship just for some months or years even.

You should try to express your inner feelings for getting married to him just after some years like 3 to 5 years.

As I have in that experience and strongly recommend you to say that words just after 3 to 5 years of having a healthy relationship.

You know the best thing in having a long time relationship?

Probably you are willing to know and the main thing is when you have a long time relationship you can say any thing to that boy and he will do not say any bad word to you.

Even he said he will make sorry to you in few hours.

In long time relationship, you can say any thing and ask for getting married with having a solid line like: Hey! dear I want to get married and you are only who is my bestir for this.

He will say a yes for must and you can enjoy the rest of the life having him with you.

You believe that every happiness will come from him

It is a bad thing, really dear sweet girl it is bad and you should avoid this.

No body can give you every happiness and it’s natural that nobody is perfect to have every happiness for you.

In every relationship, its become a very strong and unheard thing to have every happiness from a single person.

I have asked to many girls and boys and come to know that every girl wants to get every happiness and joy from her boyfriend, husband or someone who is really in a good relationship with her.

But, you know that?

Really you know that?

Maybe you are unaware of that thing but you will end up saving your relationship with any person when you are dreaming about every happiness to come from that boy.

Please be in your limits and know that you are also a human being and you can’t give all the happiness’s to your partner then how he can do that?

Think about it and have more love for him and get your life in a good way to live.

You think that you are independent

Really? you are independent or thinking like that?

Well, if you are really independent then you are welcome to think like that and have that thoughts in your mind too.

But is unconditional and nobody is really independent in real meanings of life as every body wants to take help from someone even he/she is running an own or personal business.

Either if you are totally independent and think that you can do every thing having total weight on your shoulders you can’t say that you are totally independent and you can do every thing in an ease of success way.

If you want to be a successful person in a deep relationship with your boyfriend then you should avoid these mistakes and have your life become more easier to live and have your relationships don’t die in any way.

In many case studies and news articles I have read that when someone thinks that the other person have to be same like she is, she probably gets into trouble while creating the relationship to last for a long time Ir till death.

It’s also a case that you can’t make any body to think like you, enjoy like you, sleep like you or do any thing like you do.

If you are really serious in knowing the real mistakes killing his attraction to yourself then you should ask in comments and let’s I can guide you on the situation of yourself and in the tone of your story.

So let’s do chat with me and ask your questions in the comments form below.


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