Learn The Art of Flirting with A Guy

How many men are able to easily take the first step toward dialogue with you like a woman to show their interest and set a date?

No, not many.

It is known that the more like a woman, the uncertainty feels most men retreating, not daring to fight for their happiness. It turns paradox- precisely those men who probably would fall in love with you, do not dare to approach.

Why? Because the fear of women’s failure in their consciousness becomes universal scale disaster.

What to do? Are women can not do something to help the man to make the first move?

Of course, they can. And how! But women misleading myth that a real man himself fit and do everything. And many of these men? The maximum one of the ten! Others simply are afraid. And because of this, sometimes for years mired in loneliness. Especially sad that this is the best of the men. Adopt a new acquaintance to them is very difficult.

And now consider what a sea of possibilities opens before the woman is able to compensate man’s inability to tie a relationship, owning flirting skills.

Remember that the most vivid and rich life lived not the most beautiful or wealthy. This is almost always a lot of people and skillfully introduces having a large circle of friends, have fun with new friends. After all, any man – a lottery ticket with an unknown gain.

It never is known in advance, which can bring one or the other contact. We are looking for love and sex, and we get a loyal friend, the experience, the opportunity to learn something or drastically change lives. If the contacts are many and they are skillfully developed, we are beginning to increasingly find themselves “at the right time and in the right place …”.

Effective flirting

It is not only the way to the altar but the path to the very “hundred” friends, that in exchange for your warmth and attention to bring you everything you need for a decent life.

You can not know how to swim, to cook, to skate or to make a million more what some things without which one can live quite exciting, filled. But life without flirting – almost lost a life. Of course, a skilled flirt does not guarantee that you can charm anyone. It’s impossible. But it helps to get out of the world the maximum possible: high-quality communication, useful links, lovers, sexual partners and will certainly help to choose a life partner!

In English, the word “flirt” means coquetry, to attract the attention of the opposite sex with erotic overtones. It attracted the attention of men still liked the ancient Egyptian queen. For these purposes, they have also used perfumes and aromatic oils. The flirting technique was first described by the English writer Lord Chesterfield.

He described a grand ball, where a highborn lady, talking to the men, hid behind her fan’s face, then opened it again covered the face, leaving the eyes, folded and re-straightened fan.

Her companion asked, jokingly, that she does. What the lady replied, “It’s just a flirt” (translated into English it means frequent flapping in any subject). So the word “flirt” has acquired a new meaning.

Set flirt goal

To make it clear to the other party, that it is considered as a potential partner.

Moreover, it is not only women’s privilege.

Woman playing in flirting called and called yoke, men – seducers.

Traditionally a man had the right to make the first move, but the women had a duty to do everything in its power to make this first step has been made.

So, what they are, the basics of flirting? The first step – to show themselves, their bodies. It refers to the hair (which cleverly dismiss), chest (which cleverly highlight), legs (mini-skirt, high cut). This is followed by a correct view. It must attract attention and, at the same time, show Woman weak and humble.

In the old days, flirting, women used as light exposure of the legs or chest tilt slightly, licking his lips, bared wrist, correct hair. That is, using sign language, the language of relevance today.

According to Webster’s dictionary definition of the essence of flirting is “… when a girl knows exactly what she wants, but in every way does this.” It is possible in nature to the female subconscious desire to coquetry, and sometimes even the girls behave frivolously, without realizing that a partner is no longer a game, but some signs agreement to enter into a sexual relationship.

So, before you start flirting, mentally determine for themselves what degree of closeness you want to achieve in dealing with this particular man. And if it does not enter into a sexual relationship, then draw a line in the mind, which should not be crossed.

Try to behave in such a way that he had not had the wrong idea about your potential relationship.

And good luck to you in the art of seduction!


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