Kiss: To know more about the man

You can have incredible, terrific sex, but how many amazing kisses do you remember?

Here we are offering you some guidance about what a man’s kiss means.

First of all the sex and the kiss are two different things but have same sounds, so you should listen to the full music track and not just a few beats for rating that music track.

A kiss, unlike sex, is an act of love that is not determined by the quality of its fulfillment. Its essence is a risk. This is the moment when, for the first time left alone with the girl, I felt my vulnerability and embarrassment. Because it is a kiss that all boundaries disappear.

I remember my first kiss – and there are some who would not remember him? Her name was Naina Kumari, she lived next door. For a day or two before my 15th birthday, she called my door to wish me Happy Birthday. After an awkward silence, she invited me to the cinema. I do not know what I liked about her or what made her appear on my doorstep, but now I kept thinking about how we would go to the movies with her.

This day came, we sat next to, I offered her a popcorn. She refused and continued to look ahead, at the empty screen, without turning her head to me. We sat next to each other, not looking at each other. As soon as the movie started, she grabbed my head with her hands and kissed it.

Not all men speak out loud about their feelings. Some feelings can only be expressed in a touch

This was my first kiss, and so I did not know what to do. But I liked her, and so I let her lead. This kiss was not so beautiful – our inexperience and her braces did their job, I felt a taste of blood in my mouth and ran to the bathroom.

The first kiss is unforgettable. This fear of the unknown and the desire to experience it. Feel the connection with another person closer than you can imagine.

There are different kisses

First kiss. The purest manifestation of curiosity, interest. He starts out jokingly like a game, and at the same time, he’s a little scared. Still not clear until the end of the border. Therefore, the first kiss is an attempt to understand where I begin and where I end and begin you. A sense of mystery, and at the same time with him comes to a sense of calm and security.

There is a kiss of pure passion. This is the kiss that demands insists and cannot wait. Aggressive and tantalizing. This is a kiss from which all the senses fly to the maximum. And this is the same kiss that we see in the films and that leaves us with the feeling that we have missed something in our life if it does not have such kisses.

Because we want this.

The kiss of passion is the one that we see in the films and that leaves us with the feeling that we have missed something in life if there are no such kisses in it

There is a kiss – “I missed you so much.” I think he is the most important of all the kisses that a man can give to a woman. Not all men speak out loud about their feelings. Some feelings can only be expressed in a touch.

When a man kisses you, because he misses you, it’s a hug that embraces your whole. You can get lost, dissolve into each other. And there are only a lot of thoughts, bursts of all sorts of feelings, courage, hope, acceptance of each other, trust and confidence. Whose they are, you can not exactly say.

When a man kisses a woman, it can be described as a strong blow in a collision. Two opposite energies collide to produce a flash. And in this outbreak, in this explosion, a man is absolutely truthful about what he feels about this woman and in what place she takes in his life.

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