In love with a married man? 5 truths you need to know

Based on the experience of myself, I want to emphasize that a relationship with a married man happens in completely different women.

This is not insured by any representative of the beautiful half of humanity, regardless of age, education, ethnicity and cultural level.

Also, I can argue that the mistress of a married man often remains “At the broken trough” – alone, and sometimes with a deep wound in the heart.In love with a married man? 5 truths you need to know

No matter how intelligent and experienced the woman who created the love triangle was, the way out of it would be painful.

Mistress of a married man – a verdict?

You already understand what I’m leading to: the love of a married man is a story that does not end well. But I do not write these lines in order to shame or reproach someone.

Perhaps you are still only innocently imagining how to seduce a married man, and this article is the way of the universe to warn you that it’s better to stop, take a deep breath and switch attention.

Perhaps, you think: “I have a different situation – he is a kindred spirit and we will be happy.” But experience suggests that at least one of the following 5 truths applies to your case.

I understand that controlling emotions can be quite difficult, especially if the relationship is already “spinning”.
Remember, you can always influence the situation.

Of course, if you are not ready to face the truth, I can hardly help. But if you are determined to understand the psychology of married men, keep reading further because …

… this is an opportunity to break the statistics of unhappy mistresses and write a personal version of the end of the relationship with the married. Although how to know? Maybe continuation :-).

Truth No. 1. There is nothing terrible in the destruction of a marriage that has been “broken” for so long

It’s nice to think that you are better than your wife – beautiful, sexy, tender.

But if the man was already “one foot behind the door”, most likely, you are the nearest “way out”, a way to “get rid” of a problem marriage.

To take the married turned out simply? Early to rejoice – he was already going to leave.

Truth # 2. You will switch roles

In the early stages of the relationship with the married in this statement is difficult to believe. After all, it’s he who “pursues” you, does not he? And at first he did not even interest you.

However, psychology works like this: to achieve, feel like a conqueror, to get bored and quietly “start to reverse” – to the family.

As a result, you will begin to realize that the relationship with the married man is not so passionate, and then you will notice that you have to “pursue” him.

Tell me, do you need it? Hardly. Where it leads? Relations with a married man will end as unexpectedly as they began.

Truth No. 3. You waste your life for nothing.

Sometimes the stereotype of a lover allows us to take the role of a “working wife” who goes on a business trip with a married boss or colleague and prefers not to notice the fact that it is only needed “insofar as”. Such a woman believes that everything will change and “they will live happily ever after.”

Can a married man love in such a situation? It is unlikely. Mistress here – just a toy, helping to pass the time on boring trips.

What feelings can we talk about?

Some people eventually realize that they are not much different from girls from a business escort. Unless “services” are not openly paid for.

The rest continue to act as a traveling mistress of a married man who, by the way, can take away more than one year of life, until they are directly told that they no longer need “services”.

Remember the banal, but very important truth – you deserve to be in the center of someone’s life, instead of hiding in the backyard.

Otherwise, then, many years later, when awareness comes, it will be very bitter and painful.

By the way, the example of business trips is just an example, in fact any relationship with a married man falls into this category, active periods in which happen only when it is convenient for a man.

Truth # 4. For a “bad” marriage, two people are needed

The psychology of a relationship with a married man is often based on sex and discussions of a “bad” wife. The catch is that he is married to a “bad wife” not by accident.

And you know the version of one side and you accept it as true.

Yes, the wife can really be a “crazy evil hag”. But it is also possible that the cause is not in the wife.

Maybe he runs after every skirt. Maybe he dumps all domestic duties on his wife, and he plays in tanks. Or a million other “cans” that you, as a mistress of a married man, do not recognize.

There is a risk that as soon as you find a way out of the love triangle, you become a “crazy and spiteful hag” .

As a prospect, pleases?

Truth No. 5. He likes this kind of life

For comfort, some men choose “working bees” for wives, who prepare to eat, clean the house, raise children and, if necessary, indulge in bed.

But the psychology of a married man does not prohibit from time to time “get lost” in search of a portion of adrenaline and new impressions. For these purposes, as a rule, women are sought, who are not so good in the kitchen, but are incomparable in bed.

While these adventures remain “in the shadows,” everything suits him. As long as the wife does her job well, the man will not want to marry a sexual nymph, which is so nice sometimes to spend time.

Let’s sum up?

Most likely, you have no happy future with your married man.

All that you get:

The role of the actress of the “second plan”, on which the “protagonist” will never fully concentrate;

Temporary relationship;

Loss of self-esteem because of attempts to seduce a married man who no longer wants to see a mistress in you;

The opportunity to turn into another “crazy spiteful” passion.

As you see, the options are not very bright. Exceptions do happen. But rarely.

I advise you to think twice, and then again ten, before starting a relationship with a married man.

Of course, if you do not do it for the same purpose as he does for entertainment.


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