How to understand that a man is in love?

On most of our relationship guides and articles the question: “How to understand that a man is in love?” Is one of the most urgent.

And is it true, is there a real way to test the feelings of a man, his willingness to a serious relationship? We answer – yes!

In fact, everything is simple – it is only necessary to follow the actions and words of your chosen one a little. Without prejudice and emotion, without forgetting a simple truth, which we will not tire of repeating: a man is an act.

But, dear women, We also want to emphasize once again that you are primarily responsible for the quality of these actions.How to understand that a man is in love

No, men do not owe you nothing but the fact that you are a woman.

Work on your words, actions and manifestations. The result of this can immediately be tracked in the actions of a man.

More details about the male psychology are already known to the girls who have read our recent articles. And back to the topic.

If most of the following statements are the same as what your man says and does, do not hesitate, he has serious intentions.

So, let’s begin:

11 statements of a man in love

Here is a list of top and effective statements of a man who is in love with you:

1. Your happiness is my happiness

To love someone is to experience an emotional connection. When a man really (and not for show) with you “on the same wavelength,” then he is interested in a long relationship. As one famous writer Robert Heinlein said: “Love is a state in which the happiness of another person is much more important than your own.”

2. I think that you are perfect, although I know that it is not so

Of course, there are no perfect people… But when a man is truly in love with a woman, everything in her becomes beautiful for him. Not only appearance, but also behavior, gait, smile, fads and habits. Of course, he knows that she has flaws, but he simply does not care. He does not think, he just sees only the good.

3. I keep my promises

Whatever one may say, “I love you” is only words … If they are not supported by concrete actions, then immediately there are doubts about their truthfulness. The “right” man understands that the promises given to the woman must be fulfilled. He will not prove to you words – only by actions.

4. I respect you

A man can not love a woman who does not respect. Love implies a deep respect for feelings / thoughts / opinions. A loving man always consults with a woman when making important decisions about both of them.

5. I believe you

Another facet of love is mutual trust. A man who loves a woman relies heavily on her and expects reciprocity in this. We like one famous quotation that applies to this point: “Love gives power to destroy you, but you believe that it will never happen.”

6. I always want to do something for you

“Love” is not a noun, it is a verb. Why? Because true love requires constant and active action, effort and coherence on the part of both partners. If this does not happen, feelings fade as quickly as they do. A wise man (as a wise woman) understands that it is not enough to win a woman, you need to constantly work to keep and develop relationships.

7. I’m near, no matter what happens

The best proof of the man’s love is his desire to always be around. Not physically, but emotionally. That is, he is near not only when the sun is shining in the street, but also keeps an open umbrella over you on a rainy day.

8. I represent our joint future

A man who loves a woman realizes that “I” and “you” are now “us”. When he begins to plan his future, you are necessarily present in these plans. He is not afraid of the prospect of living for many years together , he enjoys the relationship.

9. I do not know what my life would be without you

A man who loves a woman always experiences the joy of communicating and sharing time with her. He realizes that the past unfortunate experience no longer causes emotions, there is only the present moment, where he is absolutely happy, and the rest does not matter.

10. I do not care what you had in the past

Everyone understands that his / her chosen one has a past. A lover wise man is not interested in this past, for him a joint future with a woman is important.

11. I bring you into my environment

A man who is serious about the woman seriously, does not hesitate to go out with her, to introduce her friends and colleagues. If your elect does not seek to introduce you into your social circle, this is an occasion to reflect on the prospects of your relationship.


Men are really capable of loving and, indeed, they want no less women than love.

The answer to the question “How to understand that a man is in love?” Is simple:

Men often express their feelings in concrete actions. If this happens in your relationship – fine! He loves you.

And remember, if a man is comfortable with a woman, he is interested in a long relationship with her.


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