How to Understand a Man Easily? (explained)

How often do you ask yourself the question “How to understand a man, his actions and actions?” And find the exact answer?

Can you say that you are completely satisfied with how much you understand your man?

Unfortunately, sometimes women give up trying to learn more about the motives of a man’s behavior, referring to the fact that it is ” allegedly impossible “. Especially, if in the relationship there is room for mutual insults and disappointments.

The relationship between a man and a woman has its own strategies and mechanisms of understanding.

And you need to ask yourself the question: do we really understand them? Are we doing the right thing for these mechanisms to work?

If you understand the way men think, it will be much easier for you to build relationships with them.

There are truths that give the key to understanding men. Successful relationships are built only when wise women do not ignore these inherent axioms.

When you finish reading this article, you will not have questions about how to understand a man. Men are “genetically trained” to act systematically, why not try women? Naturally, not to the detriment of yourself, your nature and femininity.

If you do not have enough of my beliefs to believe in the effectiveness of my advice, take advantage of the experience of one of my students (I’m very grateful to Marina for these warm words):

Before opening these important truths, how to understand a man, I’ll start with one example. Not exactly typical for a man, but understandable for a woman.

If I wanted to make a delicious apple pie, I would first find an appropriate specialist on the Internet and read his recipe. Having trusted the expert experience, I would not have spent too much time and energy. And the pie would come out exactly as I wanted it to be. All because I initially learned this “mechanism” – a recipe, and then it went by itself.

Just imagine! In fact, everything that surrounds us can really be the way we want to see it in our life. And it’s easy. It is enough to know the “mechanism”. I want to give you this knowledge. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at the recipe for how to understand a man. Do you want to misunderstand your relationship? Then let’s go!

5 facts about the inner world of a man that help him understand better.

Of course, to understand how to understand a man – not to cook a biscuit. And here you can not do with a good cake, and a couple of broken eggs. Therefore, I present to you 5 facts about male behavior that will help you understand how to understand a man:

1. A woman has a huge influence on a man

It is generally believed that power belongs to the husband. This is a myth born of an understanding of the role of men in the family. A man feeds a family, he is an earner. It is accepted to believe: ” respectively, and power ” in the family, also on his shoulders. Competitiveness is a congenital masculine quality, he is ready to accept the challenges of other men, he is ready to conquer the mountains (accept the challenges of this world ). This is an important part of ” Courage “.

But this ” courage ” is the most vulnerable in a relationship with a woman (with you). A man is not born with the ability to find an approach to women. And it is much easier for most of us to demand a salary increase from our boss, to plan and conduct business negotiations of priority value in our work. Faced with greater risks and benefit from them – this is what is in the genes of men.

But when it comes to dealing with a woman – the fears of a man being insolvent can get the better of him, and he will not cope.

Most of the men do not need to provide direct assistance in the production of livelihoods. But a man is not able to motivate himself as effectively as a ” competent Woman ” can do. You want your husband to earn more, make you happier? Do you want him to hug you more often, speak and show how much you care about him? Then motivate your husband and every day spent next to such a man will be for you a real joy.

I’m not talking about daily flattering sessions for your husband. I’m talking about creating an atmosphere in your relationship. A man wants to feel always ” on horseback .” He wants a person close to him, his beloved, to show his daily confidence in his strength and courage. Therefore, motivate your man and he will do everything for you and beyond that.

2. Men like women who take the initiative

I often heard that this is an exclusively male task – to make the notorious ” first step “. This has absolutely nothing to do with reality.

For us, almost always, a relationship with a woman is a strict plan. Starting with dating, and ending with household and family issues. I have already indicated to you that it is much easier for us to enter into competition with another man, because the fear of losing is not so great.

For us, initially, all women – this is a fortress, to which you need to find your approach. First and foremost, you need to be interested in a woman. We are practitioners – we need to create a plan and implement it. In our understanding, the ” first step ” is the actions that we are directing in order to provoke a woman’s interest.

For example, if a man sets a goal to get a job, the first thing he does is try to interest the potential employer in himself. The same thing happens in a relationship with a woman. If a man decides to get attention – he directs his actions to attract interest. But, be sure that in the case of acquaintance with a woman, men are much more likely to risk their ” courage “, to hear ” no ” in response.

So think about it. If you give a man to understand his interest in him (for example, you can smile, or just say ” hello “), then take off from his shoulders this huge burden of choice – ” risk your courage, or not .” Believe me, men are in absentia ” in love ” with the woman who shows interest in him. So, if you happen to encounter somewhere with a man who, as you think, suits you – smile.

You have a great power, a very effective tool – use it!

3. If a woman allows her to act in any way – a man will always take advantage of this

This is offensive, I understand. But you are here to find out the truth and get an answer to the question – how to understand a man. It’s unfortunate to admit, but it’s a fact – men use those women who let them.

If you see that the relationship with a man is developing in the key ” He is with me until he finds someone better “, then do not hesitate – draw a line. And tell him about it. Most men will react to this adequately. So you show self-esteem.

Men can not always distinguish between ” We are well together now ” from ” We are building relationships with the goal of creating a family . ” If you see that a man does not consider relationships in the long run – tell him about it and put a stop to it. Because he will not do it.

4. Men are inherently jealous

If a woman provokes his jealousy for the purpose of rapprochement – it will have the opposite effect.

First of all, I want to remind you again that competition is in the nature of men. A real torture for a man is to even think that someone can take better care of his other half than he does.

Therefore – to evoke zealous feelings for a man in order to return his closeness is one of the worst methods. And, most likely, it will cause the opposite effect. A man will stop a relationship with such a woman. Instead of experiencing this torture.

5. The way to the heart of a man is through his Ego

Men marry women who believe in them unconditionally.

I will give you one well-known example. One man was burning, it would seem, a crazy idea. The idea was to create a self-propelled vehicle (called an internal combustion engine). And, for this purpose, he spent many years in the garage, working all his time on this idea, of course he did not have time to provide his family well.

But his wife, being “to the competent “, believed, day in and day out, in the strength of her husband, and instilled in him this confidence. And in fact it is necessary to consider, that over her husband, and herself, were teased by neighbors, perhaps even friends, people close to them.

And this went on for several long years. Afterwards, she was rewarded for her patience and wisdom. The day when she and her husband left this very garage, on a self-propelled vehicle, the whole world still remembers how the day of the birth of the automobile industry. This married couple was Lumper and Luna.

Support your man, only you are able to make him the best man on earth. Be true to your husband, be his friend and, in the same way, will be rewarded for it.

What is important in understanding men

So, I want to clarify. Be sure – your man is fully able to cope with his direct male responsibilities. In fact, he does not need practical advice on how to make money, how to manage his time, for example. He also does not need to be reminded of what he has committed to you and the family as a whole.

A decent man will be next to only such a woman who is on his side. We do not need to learn anything, we do not need a second mother. Your husband will become successful and will be wealthy thanks to your sincere faithfulness, care and faith in him.

Remember: you can be for him an inexhaustible source of motivation . I have written about this in more than one occasion in other articles. And the man learns life experience and skills with skills independently. You will not need to ” play jealousy ” with a man, or use some unethical, dishonest methods to bring him closer to yourself. It is necessary to be for him a ” refuge “, to give him faith in himself.

And yet – trust your chosen one. You do not tell the taxi driver how he better take you to your destination? What pedals and when to press? Where to turn? That’s right – you just give him money, that is, ” motivate him,” and he himself will perfectly cope with the task assigned to him.

Do not forget these truths. And you will see that in the relationship there may not exist problems with understanding.

Thank you for your attention, I really appreciate it! I passionately want to bring ease and comfort into your life. You deserve to be happy every day. Your opinion and feedback are invaluable to me. Especially if the question concerns how to understand a man.


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