How to save a relationship (quick tips)

How to save a relationship with some tips and effective methods of experienced and known humans of the world can be beneficial for those who have just lost the relationship trust within each other.

And now looking for the ways to get back the the real and that much solid relationship again.

It is difficult, really it is and we can’t get over it.

Just because of some of our dear relatives some times its become a more hard pain to get resolve the issues in your relationships.

As it becomes hard to keep yourself clean or make others trust on you while many of them were trying to kick you off the ground.

By kicking you out I mean to say that there where many people who become jealous with you and they will do their best and cheap to destroy yourself.

In my case I have so many people like them and I think I am the luckiest person on the planet earth.

Thinking that why I am saying this line?

Well, you should think about this.

As the line is not appropriate till this line: I have read that if you have competitors who bark on you then you are a loyal person (if they do it to in a wrong manners).

Maybe you are the bad one, and if this is the case then go clean yourself before.

I am talking about my life and experience in this topic “how to save a relationship” so that was like I dare to talk about just true things and on that routine of mine people gets angry on me.

They try their best to destroy myself and stay ahead of other fake people.

However, I am live here and typing for you.

Haha, so guys now come and read what I have for you in the topic of “how to save a relationship”.

Think about the old days

Just after a breakup or a little fight in your two love birds, you should try thinking about the past of your relationship where you were a good person and your lover was too.

When you become lovers and fall in love with each other in a deeply manners.

Just think that day when you have seen your lover for the first time?

Did you remember that day?

Probably you are (if you are loyal and think that you love your lover more then others).

Because if you can’t remember that day then how you can say that you can remember her/his love?

How you can say that your heart will say every world to your lover or to any other relationship in your life?

If you don’t the answers then do make sure that you are not flirting or cheating with your relationships.

And if you can answer to all of the above questions then you should become happy because you can easily heal your relationship problems.

Talk to each other

Communications are important and very important nowadays.

Because no one will get your right when you don’t even dare to talk and ask for a sorry or say sorry and start the conversation of getting your relationship saved in your hands.

As you can see and feel that whenever two friends or lovers or any other persons become angry with each other and fight, they set the boundaries and try ti stick to them.

But they can’t and still they do follow their cheap rules.

This is the time when you have to save your relationships and have your luck, beauty and imaginations with you always.

Just follow these simple steps when you have to end the fight yourself:

  • Go to your partner’s home or where you think he/she can meat you easily
  • In first hello don’t say any thing and let him/her think that why you are here and what you are going to do
  • Just after 10 to 30 minutes of silence or other talking say SORRY.

I am 70% sure that you will get your relationships save.

Just a sorry can do the magic for getting your relationships back to normal and save them to enjoy more in your life.

Clear the doubts

This is something rare and real for you to do and have your relationships at a safe spot.

Just make others clear their doubts on you by providing the proofs of your innocence.

Lets read an example:

You was in a good relationship with a cute girl and you was living your love life in a happy style and with ease of living.

Suddenly your old friend or ex arrives and you become busy in that girl.

What will happen?

Probably your girlfriend will leave you alone and say that you can enjoy with others as much as you want.

However you was trying to make that girl run away, but how you can explain it to your newly made girlfriends?

You can’t even answer this question.

So, its better to have that girl with you and go to the home of your new girlfriend and ask your old to clean it that you are not more with her.

She will explain it to your girlfriend and if your new girlfriend is a nice and educated human she will forgive you instantly.

Try to clean her doubts and say that whatever she suggests you will do the same after now and you will be on a follow button to your girlfriend’s questions and orders.

Just make her be happy with you and try your best to stay happy.



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