How to return the former guy back to you?

What if you broke up with your boyfriend, but you can not forget him?

Do you think how to return the former guy to extend your relationship?

The situation in these cases can be very complicated, and there are not so many chances, but still there are chances.

So, how to return the former guy?

Try using the instructions written by the psychologists of this article, if you want to get back your man.

1. Decide it

Decide for yourself whether you really want to continue the relationship with the former.

Probably, the most important thing now is to understand, but is it necessary to continue this love story? Weigh all the positive and negative things that have happened between you, because both advantages and disadvantages will return.

2. Learn how to manage emotions

The people around you should see you cheerful and cheerful and if you want to cry, do it when no one is around. If you are in the company, be strong and calm.

Do not tell your friends and acquaintances that you are heartbroken if you do not want your ex-boyfriend to know about it. Accidentally encountering – greet hello, support the general conversation and do not forget to wish him success.

3. Do not be obtrusive

In any case, do not fall asleep to the former guy or to his messages, records on the answering machine and messages in the icu. Do not beg him to come back, promising anything he wants.

With such an attack, a young person will most likely have a feeling of fatigue and a desire to become invisible.

4. Become the one that was before

Another important step, if you want to return your lover, to improve your image. Remember the girl you were when you first met him. What exactly did he turn his attention to then?

What character traits and external qualities attracted him then? Perhaps you let these things go to the background when your relationship has become stable? Return yourself to the former: from head to toe, inside and out!

Create an even more perfect version! Remind your boyfriend why he fell in love with you first. If you can do this, then he will again conquer and ask him to give him a second chance.

5. Become happy

Find your own happiness. Try to do something that you like. Go to parties with friends and have fun. Your family is also important, do not refuse to spend time with her.

It is much more likely to return a man if he sees that you can be content with your life and without it. It is very likely that your boyfriend will want to return to become a part of your life again, when he sees the changes that have taken place, and how fun you spend time.

6. Play on his feelings of jealousy

Men are proprietors by nature, and even if your relationship has already ended, he still considers it necessary to protect what belongs to him. However, be careful, do not overplay!


If the feelings of your ex have not cooled down, he will be jealous, but even if he just thinks about you – this is already a good start.

7. Tell him something nice

If you broke up because you found someone else, you certainly hurt his feelings and now you have to prove that he is the best and you love him.

Show that you treat him with great respect and understand that they hurt him, but never stopped loving him. Make your ex-boyfriend a compliment, always enjoyable for the male ego. Tell me that he is the best lover, and explain why.

8. Become friends

Start to be together again, becoming friends. Go together to common acquaintances, discuss joint interests or engage in favorite pursuits. Remind him with funny moments from the past and how cool you were together.

Gradually the guy will want to become more than a friend again.

9. Talk in private

Clarify your relationship in person, when you feel that the right moment has come.

If you have common friends, then it is much easier to implement. You can meet him at a party, birthday or in another neutral place. When you meet, tell your loved one that they would like to talk to him privately.

Other invitations, for example, to go out for dinner together, can be rejected a prior. As an alternative to a “random” meeting, you can call a former guy.

Tell me that you regret that you broke up and apologize if you have something to apologize for. This meeting should tell a lot about the partner on the reaction that you see on his face and his answers. Thus, you can exchange statements and dot all the “i”.

No one knows the path of their destiny and, perhaps, in your relationship is not the point, but only the ellipsis, and these simple tips can help you return the former guy.


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