How To Really Survive From Serious Stress?

How to survive stress is a question that each of us has to ask ourselves in life.

Experiencing a traumatic event, people are at risk of being emotionally destroyed.

For some people who do not have the proper emotional support during stress or trauma, such an event can get the effect of being “stuck” in their nervous system, which leads to long disasters and problems in the relationship.

However, maybe the other side of the experienced stress in life.

Studies show that many people who report psychological growth and positive psychological changes resulting from very stressful events.

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This increase does not negate the negative effects of trauma, but can co-exist with them, or may be the result of therapeutic or spiritual work.

We are going to give some ways that can help you grow as individuals, experiencing painful experiences.

Relationships to others

Researchers studying the psychological state of people who have been exposed to tragic events such as accidents, military actions, serious illness or loss of loved ones found that social support and relationships with other people for a certain period after the event are key predictors of psychological recovery.

Complicated experiences can deepen our relationship with family and friends at a time when we solve the problem of how to survive stress. And they give us an opportunity to see how deeply people care about us. We can get a new assessment of the relationships that we have, and understand that we can trust others.

Of course, when family and friends do not support and betray our faith, the opposite effect can happen – we can feel lonely and unworthy of love. Even in these cases, we can eventually form new, healthier relationships. We can find out that we can trust some people, even if we can not.

New opportunities

Studies of post traumatic growth have also shown that trauma can lead people to new activities, a new way of life and / or relationships that make life more meaningful and rich in spirit. Some write about their traumatic experiences, how to survive stress, and express their feelings through creativity. This helps them to feel stronger, more integral and connected with others.

Personal strength

Injuries can destroy self-esteem because of the consequences that they cause, or because survivors may feel that they have done something wrong. Children, of course, blame themselves for neglecting their parents.

Therefore, part of the healing consists in understanding that you are not responsible for everything that is happening in the world. Our injuries can help us to know how strong we are and what we can sustain.

We are often surprised by our ability to experience stress and carry complex memories and emotions.

A new assessment of life

After a lot of stress in life, people start to recover psychologically when they connect to simple pleasures of life, such as walking outdoors and time spent with family and friends.

For some people, traumatic situations provide new hope and the opportunity to do things differently.

According to others, understanding that they were close to death gives them a second chance to rebuild their lives and implement lessons learned, how to survive stress.

Tips for achieving growth in the face of adverse events

If you have experienced stress, a traumatic event, this can help:

1. Think about the personal strength that you showed to survive this stress. Even if you made a few mistakes or did some things that you regret, you did what needed to be done to survive, and this is something to be proud of.

2. Think about the things that exist in your life now and make it meaningful. Find happiness in everyday things that are in your life now.

3. Think about what you learned after experiencing this stress and these difficulties, and how you could use this knowledge to help yourself and other people.

4. Know that personal growth and hope can coexist next to grief, and that there will be ups and downs. Learn to anticipate and manage them. Be indulgent to yourself in those days when it is very difficult to see something positive when it seems impossible to survive stress.


We have updated you with the basic and effective ways on how you can really survive from a serious stress and we will do more when you leave comments.


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