How to Please A Man in Sex?

For a long time we was ripe for the creation of this material. The goal (as always): make you look at the relationship from a different angle and see what we don’t want to see.

Our life is full of analogies, metaphors, projections.

Sex – a projection on the relationship in a condensed form.

Do not you know what we mean?

Then it becomes clearer.How to Please the Man in Sex?

What questions will this article answer:

  • What type of sex is the best for a man?
  • The ideal mistress in bed, what is she like?

But the main idea of ​​the article is to show what sex can teach you!

Turn on the atmosphere for the song “Beyonce – Crazy In Love (OST Fifty Shades of Gray)” and continue.

Will we think logically?

To be the best in bed for a man you need what? To a man liked this sex. Is it logical? Yes. Women of course understand this and try to succeed in it. One believes that one must be a passionate lover, the other believes that one should look good in poses and have a talent for oral caresses (by the way, about this below).

And only a small percentage of [enlightened] women understand that it is necessary to deliver a TRUE pleasure to a man in bed (drum roll) to receive as much pleasure as possible!

Listening on the sidelines of familiar men, the most enthusiastic reviews of sex – this is in the style:

“She just sobbed with happiness”

“Imagine, and in the end she burst into tears. I asked – what happened? And she: I talk well ”

It is a pity text can not convey the fire in the male eyes and smiles during the stories. That’s how to please the man!

And do you think why from men you can hear a seemingly silly question: “Did you like it?”. Because the most important thing for him is a woman’s pleasure.

BUT! We can already hear cries through the screen of the monitor: “You are saying well, how? If the most important thing for a man was a woman, not her own, a man’s, pleasure in bed, then they would all try harder in sex, but there are egoists who “poked and turned away.” Where is the logic?”

We can see here two reasons:

1) most likely you yourself do not know how to have fun (we teach you to have fun in the exercise “What blocks the acceptance of yourself and your body” training Love, sex, and eternal youth ).

Well, We have never met a woman who in sex just kicks, and that she complained that men are selfish in bed.

Conversely, those who even just stutter about the sexual selfishness of the male half are often simply not morally ready to enjoy themselves.

2) a man does not respect you as a woman, or has ceased to respect

If a man has sex with a woman he does not respect, then he does not care about her pleasure. And then the proverb “Men – in bed, egoists” come into effect. He refers to it consumerly. And her pleasure in this – a very nice bonus, but not the goal.

So it is in life.

Satisfied women chained the looks of men. Happy man must want to do even more satisfied, to be her Hero .

A happy woman is a RARE [in our time] drug that you can not buy for money, so that’s so valuable.

Well, what kind of woman does a man not respect? It’s true … The one who does not respect, does not like, does not appreciate herself (though with an unaided eye – it’s all right). But this lady is easy to manipulate and convenient to “use.”

How to deliver a man pleasure orally?

Here everything is the same. Learn to receive and show pleasure. There are girls who sincerely believe that the main thing is the technique of performance. Let us destroy this myth. The most important thing is your face, eyes, mouth … transmitting ENJOYMENT from the process. Sounds, words will be an indisputable plus. And then there’s the technique. Can still read about the 7 techniques that a woman can do with her mouth .

To our team, that is, you have to pretend?

No! You must learn to have fun. Simulation is felt and does not lead to anything positive.

What is this all for?

Periodically we hear a reproach on some articles in the style: “That is, it is necessary to raise the self-esteem of a man? What kind of nonsense? ”

Write down yourself somewhere:

The higher the self-esteem of your man (within reason), the more prosperity will be in your family and with your children !

So more understandable?

Let’s sum up the results.

Sex – a projection of life in a condensed form. The same “rules” of relations between men and women are working.

Want to give a man a real pleasure in bed? How how cool you are with him? And if you are not cool? Then deal with the clamps in the body (tantra, yoga, female practices to help).

On this, perhaps, everything. Thank you for reading.

We wish you have great sex, after which words are not needed. Only smiles that convey the whole meaning of what happened.

Write in the comments your vision and experience, how to please the man in sex?


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