How to make yourself happy and also less disturbable

How to make yourself happy and also less disturb able is a common question and every body ask this in one time of his life at least.

There is also a book available in same title and you can read that book by downloading it in a PDF file too.

However here we are not going to share tips from that book and not even sharing insights from that book.

As we still have to read that book titles some how same as our title of this article “how to make yourself happy and also less disturbable” I just keep that separate.

So, what are you thinking right now about how to make yourself happy and also less disturbable?

Do you know that how you can do this?

If yes then its great and you should read my tips to guide me through wrong and right ways of doing this.

If no then please, don’s stop yourself from reading these wonderful and informative article on getting yourself in a good way to your better life style.

I have read so many articles on this topic and come to know that no one is a better article which can teach us to make our selves more happier then we can be.

That is why I am here to introduce you with exact formulas of how to make some one happy and less disturbable at same time.

Maybe it sounds a little crazy and may you don’t want to believe on my sayings here at this page.

But, what if I say that after reading these tips and following the simple methods you will start feeling happiness?

No just feelings of happiness you really become happy if you will seriously follow these tips.

So sit back and rest and do read these tips for free by scrolling down.

Watch you favorite movie

It helps you to delete all the bad memories for a while from your mind and live in a virtual world where every thing is expected and you can replay the moments.

Where you can see any thing from end of the movie to start and middle of the movie.

Its on your fingertips and you can control what scene you like to watch and what moments you want to not watch in any movie which is your favorite in these days.

As there are now many movies come in every week and even day, people end up saying that they have that movie as their favorite movie.

Just after a week they have to say that their favorite movie was not that.

Because there are so many movies launching these days. I recommend you to watch some movies like science fiction movies and futuristic movies where the world become a tiny boll.

My recommendations for such movies are:

  1. Lucy
  2. The Iron Man
  3. Tom & Jerry

Also, you can watch some 3D movies like Ice Age and other great quality films.

It all depends on your mode and scale of rating the movies.

So get your rating and make a list of some great movies (you think that they are great) and watch them when you feel bad or loneliness.

Play video games

Playing video games might be a kids job to waste some time.

But, in most meaningful way I have take it as a remedy to have my self become happy in some bad situations by playing games on my computer or my mobile phone.

In any case you are fooling boring and trying to make yourself busy in something which can waste the time and destroy the bad thinking you can play some games like:

  • Angry Birds
  • Candy Crush
  • Clash of Clane

And there are so many time wasting but amazingly best ever games which will make you addict of them and you will find them more interesting when you start playing that type of games.

In my case I have been playing angry birds and after that now I am a addict of candy crush (soda water) as it is interesting because of its Facebook engagement.

I fight with my social media friends and aim to score more then them to have 1st spot in high scores card.

Being honest, I think candy crush is a good thing to play while you are trying to make yourself happy and avoid bad thinking for some time.

Go out with your friends and enjoy

Make a party plan or go to picnic or you can also arrange a trip to any nearest destination where people go for getting a chill-pill walk.

By chill-pill I mean to say go with friends and enjoy that area of your city or town and make fun with them.

You can enjoy more when you have your crazy friends with you who can do everything on your demands.

Make game plan and ask them to do something for you and in return you will do the same for them.

For an example you can ask your one crazy friend to purpose a sweet girl and do it loudly.

He will try ignoring your dare but you should ask him until he accepts to do that.

I have seen that so many boys got slapped just in try of doing this non-sense thing.

Still it is a fun game and you can play with your best but crazy friends by saying that you will do the same.

And after he have done, go move on and say that you don’t wanna do this bad thing.

He will fight with you and asks to do so.

It will be a great moment fighting with your friend, enjoy it and have more fun.


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