How to Make Your Boyfriend Want You More Than Ever

Often, the relationship between the two lovers collapses simply because the woman does not understand the differences between female and male psychology.

After all, in the life of any active man, there are ups and downs, regardless of the current level of achievements, and it is important to give a helping hand to him, taking into account the particularities of male psychology.

What if the man dropped his arms?

How to be useful to a man?How to Make Your Boyfriend Want You More Than Ever

How to act if a man does not get what he wants?

These and other subtleties we will reveal in this article.

Classics of the genre:

  • “Darling, does something happen to you?”
  • Nothing special…
  • Yes, I can read all of your face and eyes! What?
  • Yes, calm down, it’s okay …
  • “Do you hide something from me, as usual?” Let’s confess!

That’s how at one point the girl uses all the dubious techniques: curiosity, increased tone, obsession, tense intonation, nagging. A whole batch of inadequate behavior instead of the elementary support of his man.

And he is depressed, in his life came a black streak, a real “emotional pit,” from which he could not escape. And the person closest to him, his woman, for the best reason, supposedly “help” pulls out the grave to the relationship. Although she herself does not know about it, struggling to do something for good.

Dear girls, We will make a reservation right away, you are not to blame for this. You do the best that you can. But…

If you want to most properly support a man, so that a man leaves his “cave” as soon as possible and at the same time begins to love and respect you as a woman even more , keep reading the article.

6 types of women who want to “support” a husband or a man

In our view, there are several types of behavior of the fair sex, when a man suddenly needs support for his passion.

Sometimes such “assistance” from the outside looks more than ridiculous, therefore we suggest readers to look ironically at each of the types and try to guess among themselves themselves or their friends.

Female adviser

She is sure that she knows better how to live a man. How to communicate with employees and your mom. Well, sort of like her side is more visible.

Often such women gather in the ladies’ lobbies and express to each other the surprise that their men do not understand how to build their own destiny.

Woman is a bad teacher

“I told you that it was not worth starting this business.”

“You did not hear me when you told me to go the other way.”

“I was right that I had to buy dollars.”

This one, who lamenting, is ardently convinced that by that she teaches a man to not make mistakes in the future.


“Come on, Che upset. Everything will be OK. Life goes on. With all happens “.

Such a friend in a female guise.

Often such women in childhood were friends with boys. From there they adopted the “manners”.

Female psychologist

Dear girls, if you ask the man the following questions, it’s about you. “Do you want to talk about it? What’s bothering you? Let’s discuss this. ”

After that, you will most likely question the “patient” in detail, ask a queue of leading questions, do a delicate analysis of Freud, arrange the technique of alignment, RPT, Gestalt therapy and apply other psychological tricks. Your man literally falls into the hands of an experienced doctor who puts him on the shelves.

And now he regrets that he entrusted himself and his gloomy thoughts to a beloved woman who, with the accuracy of a surgeon, divided the whole world into black and white. In addition, the psychologist forgot that initially she attracted a man as a woman, and not as an expert in some area of ​​life.


If there is a desire to see the mirror image of your face, distorted by the anguish of suffering, you need to see it. She sincerely expresses her participation, she is not indifferent to any details about your trouble. And because she is ready to listen to the man for hours and nod in response, stroking the top and wiping his tears with her handkerchief. In the “pallet” of the compassionate, you can cry non-stop.

Holding her beloved to her breast, the woman thinks: to show one’s indifference means to upset the man even more. And they sit together in their one for two mourning.


Often, she has all of the above skills and looks omnipotent. But among other things, she also does everything she can for her chosen one. And for his chosen one.

For her, it’s not a problem to write a resume for a man and send out documents on rating companies if a man suddenly was suddenly fired. She will not hesitate to take a loan or give her money to the startups of a loved one.

“He’s a native person to me! ..” Yes? 🙂

We place the accents.

Well, did you know yourself at least one of the points? Or maybe we missed a certain type? You can write about it in the comments.

And remember the most important thing.

So, what needs to be understood before we give a competent model of female behavior?

A man does not need your advice, teachings, advice, even if he directs them directly from you and asks.

Still, he is a representative of the stronger sex, therefore he must always and everywhere show exclusively his own competence. And do not allow yourself to be weak, although you are near that there are forces trying to become his faithful assistant.

We will give an illustrative example.

I have a girlfriend Sophie, who worked as a business consultant before her marriage. So … The men addressed her.

The “strangeness” that she shared with me is that the men took offense when she started advising, but were very grateful when she just listened to them.

It is important for a man that at a difficult moment you hear him, listen and listen.

The benefit of this behavior of a woman sometimes exceeds the sense of her own advice. Why? If you are observant, you have often noticed how men become closed in the hour of failure and testing.

And it’s not only nature that is to blame for this, having conceived and created them like this, but partly by women themselves: maybe someday your man shared his sore, but what did you do in response? Listened to – it’s already incredible, many thanks.

But! Immediately, barely stopped listening, they began to advise without asking about it. And the man instantly concluded that it is better not to share the next time absolutely nothing. It is much safer to become a snail. Do you understand now?

How to support a man competently and effectively?

  1. Try to carefully ask his experiences – without hysterical notes in his voice, without feline curiosity and desire to “ask for the sake of the question.”
  2. To listen – peacefully, sincerely, with an understanding view and mute participation.
  3. Express faith in him, as a man – for real, with optimism and motivation for his future victories.
  4. Do not doubt that he will cope with any disaster and misfortune – show steadfastness in your support, be unshakably confident in your hero.
  5. To know and see in him the cleverest man in the world – without exaggeration, wishing to side with the one who always makes the right decisions.

But what if all of the above hints do not work because the man closed and gets annoyed at any of your attempts to “help” ?

Busy yourself , dear :). And when he finally leaves his “bunker” Start wailing Rejoice and continue to love.

PS All this we write not to make life easier for “poor men”.

On the contrary. This is part of what leads to a truly harmonious relationship, when a man is purposeful and successful, and a woman is happy, beautiful and protected. And love is long (and not the first night-a month-a year-three).

That’s all. Thank you for reading our guide. We wish you happiness and love.

Write in the comments, what was the value of this article exactly for you?


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