How to make your boss become happy with you

How to make your boss become happy with you is another commonly asked question to some seniors when they got newbies in office.

Every body wants to make their bosses happy with them as because there are so many benefits of this like:

  • One can get easy promotion in higher scale
  • You can have more trust flow and fame in your office when your boss pampers you
  • Other co-workers will be jealous of you (maybe case sensitive)

A lot other.

Yes, there are still so many and cool benefits for know how to make your boss happy with you.

If you are doing a job an office where a girl is a boss and you are a boy, then you should follow below guidelines.

Because now I am going to make things arranged so that I have created this article in two category types.

First for boys and the 2nd one for girls – so go ahead and enjoy reading the best ever and only effective tips with answers to your question “how to make my boss happy”.

Be fresh every day

Being fresh every doesn’t mean to take a shower every day and wear same old clothes, drive a car and arrived at the office.

Does it make sense? really you think that your boss who is a pretty young female will get inspired by your ugly daily wearing clothes?

Go, man.

Go die or buy some new clothes.

If you are working in a government office then it’s imaginable and doable thing.

But if you are in a private sector’s office then you have to keep an eye on your old clothes and change them with new ones.

Also, not just changing clothes can give you a fresh look.

You have to do more things like:

  • Take a fresher shower and do use some shampoo and a good body wash
  • Wear a good suit and spray some cents or use a light perfume
  • Have a smile on your face (whatever the situation with you, you have to keep smiling in the office)

The last step is essential and you can do hide other things by doing this in a right way.

Talk less

Well, this might be a dumb thing for you to believe in it.

But you should try doing this and I am one hundred percent sure that you will get a good response from your female boss when you do this.

We all know that every female love to talk, talk and talk more with clients, family members, employees or others.

Really? have you read employees?

If yes then it might be a typo mistake here, and there is nothing like all the female bosses loves to talk freely and frequently to their employees.

90% females bosses don’t want to talk to staff and they want just work done

Which means avoiding doing more talk will be beneficial for you and by doing so you can have more work done and make the female boss happy with you.

For girls who have male bosses

Have you got a boss who is a male?

Well, this is you, lucky girl!!

You can easily make your boss fall in love with your work and yourself too.

But, not in any other meanings.

I am talking about work relations and how your boss can treat you.

So come and read these free tips to make your male boss happy with you.

Just look beautiful

One of the best and easiest thing to do for all the females.

No, your not a bad face girl.

You are beautiful! Even other says that you are not.

In your office, you are and should be.

So whenever you have to go to the office just be fresh, take bath and have some perfume on your clothes.

Don’t try different hair styles and bullshit clothes.

Just be simple and do a light makeup to look some better.

Boss will look at your face and after that feel your smell.

If your smell is good, every thing will be good in your boss’s mind and he will probably don’t ask you any thing the harder way.

It means you have to follow these rules:

  • Being fresh is essential and looking cute or simple is great
  • Having good perfumed clothes on your body can be a golden tip
  • Smiling having a light angry-ness on your head can be a good way to have your boss don’t bother you

Follow that steps and you will be a good employee under a male boss.

Always be active

Being active is another great thing to consider when you have a male boss in your office and you are a female.

In many case studies and by personal experience I have seen that an active girl is a needy thing in every office.

Every body who is a boss wants that girl to do the work on at his workplace to make his workplace done more work in less time.

By being active I mean to say:

Do every task on targeted time and try to achieve it before the deadline (do it every day)
Keep note of every thing you do in your office and work space and have that stats copy emailed to your boss after a week or a month (do it routine wise)
Don’t create gossips and ask your boss that there is a work for you or not at least 5 to 7 times a day

Doing this you can win the heart of your boss and stay safe too.

In any case, you want more from my side on this topic or related to this topic then you can dare to ask me using the free commenting form below.


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