How to make the ex-boyfriend jealous?

Unfortunately, not all lovers manage to keep their feelings and go through life, which is called “hand in hand”.

And if the initiator of the parting was a guy, it is very difficult for a girl to get rid of her own sense of “uselessness” and imperfection.

However, getting rid of these complexes is actually quite easy – you just have to try to awaken jealousy in your ex-boyfriend. After feeling that his interest in you is not lost by 100%, you can again feel yourself beautiful and desired, finding the strength to go forward, to a new relationship.

So, let’s figure out how to make the former guy jealous.

10 rules that will make him jealous:

1. Be happy and serene

Any man is inherently the owner. And even after parting with a woman, he expects that she will still think only of him. Therefore, the best tactic of your behavior should be complete indifference to the object of your past adoration.

In no case do not refuse to meet with friends, attending training sessions, clubs, cafes and cinemas. Live a full life, and do not hide in your “shell”.

2. Pay maximum attention to your appearance

In order for your ex-boyfriend to understand what treasure he lost on his own stupidity, you need to look at every situation in all 100. To achieve this goal, you can use a variety of means, for example, such as changing the image or updating the wardrobe.

Do not interfere as well, and regular visits to fitness training or gyms, which will allow you to correct your figure and increase confidence in your abilities.

3. Use social networks to confirm the saturation of your life

If you have a personal page in any social network, you should not post on it sad statuses, photos or any other evidence of your depressed state. Update your virtual albums, replenishing them with evidence of the usefulness of your life (photo reports from the film premiere, going to the club, etc.)

And believe me, your ex-boyfriend is guaranteed to feel a slight pang of discontent and jealousy, making sure that you do not suffer after Break with it.

4. Do not show anyone that your heart is broken

Even if you are very hurt, try to keep your emotions and experiences to yourself.

Remember that common acquaintances and friends can tell your ex-boyfriend how you are going through. And then, the tranquility and attempts to show him that your life is still filled with bright colors will be a waste of time.

5. Do not hurry with the answer, having received from him an SMS message

Even if he decides to write to you, inquiring as to how you are, remain reserved and as indifferent as possible. However, aggression is also not the best way for you.

The answer to his message should be extremely restrained and polite, as if you are communicating with a friend who is not too close to you. And more: be sure to survive a spectacular pause before sending him your SMS.

6. Be confident in yourself

Even if your boyfriend insisted on breaking the relationship, do not write yourself in the useless losers. Direct all your efforts to increase your self-esteem. After only reaching this goal, you will be able to find the strength to build new relationships or restore old ones (if you still love your ex-boyfriend and are ready to try to return it).

To increase self-esteem, you need to overcome your basic complexes. If you have problematic skin, visit a qualified cosmetologist. From imperfection of a smile the dentist can relieve, and hated “ears” on hips or superfluous centimeters on a waist are guaranteed to melt after regular training’s.

7. Find new interests

If without your former lover your life has become gray and monotonous, you can paint it with bright colors – in your power. Make new friends, go to entertainments, go in for sports – in a word, do not deny yourself positive emotions!

8. Be friendly with the ex-boyfriend

Demonstration of a hostile attitude is a manifestation of weakness. And therefore, having met with your ex-boyfriend at joint friends or in your favorite cafe, behave extremely politely and at the same time restrained.

Do not show excessive spirituality and interest in his plans. Your communication should resemble the conversation of not too close acquaintances. Believe me, nothing touches a guy like the indifference of a girl whom he considered his own yesterday.

9. Do not give up entertainment in the circle of your mutual friends

If you are invited to a party, you should not refuse. Even if there is not your ex on the holiday, be merry and spontaneous.

Surely one of your mutual friends will tell him that you do not suffer at all. And the news that you left so quickly after the break, can not not hurt his ambition.

10. Flirt and have fun in his presence, without going beyond the limits of believability

If you are invited to a holiday where your ex is present (or met him at the club), try to flirt with him a little with a guy to whom he was jealous of you earlier (or with another worthy opponent).

Do not be overly crooked and intrusive. It is enough to communicate with the chosen person mentally and affectionately, from time to time lightly touching his arm or shoulder and looking him straight in the eyes.

Do not be flirtatious with everyone. Choose one “object of attention”, and your flirting will be as convincing as possible.

Making the former guy jealous, you can achieve two goals at once: to restore confidence in your female attractiveness or to return the former lover. In the first case, it is possible to use any of the listed methods.

But in order to return the ex-boyfriend, you should be extremely cautious, flirting with someone.

Remember: a new friend should push your ex-boyfriend to a decision to return everything “to his own”, and not to convince him that your relationship is irretrievably destroyed.


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