How to make a guy run after you

When a stable relationship comes to a standstill, the guys tend to look at other girls without any scruple of conscience.

At this moment, many girls are faced with the question of how to get a guy to run after you.

But not so simple and simple.

To return the former enthusiasm in this case, as well as if it is necessary to initially interest the guy.

It is necessary to adhere to certain actions that at the psychological level will cause the guy to “run after” the girl and try to achieve her favor at all costs.

So don’t wait and learn more by reading below:

Leave the guy alone for a while

However strange it may sound, but in order for the guy to start running after you again, you can try to leave him alone for a while and not get bored with constant calls and demands of frequent meetings. This method is also effective if you want to return the former guy.

You can devote your time to your beloved: meet your girlfriends, go to parties, sign up for a gym, dance, and start learning what you’ve been dreaming of for a long time, and a lot of other pleasant things that help you improve or relax from daily hassles.

Distant in this way from the guy, you will give him the opportunity to feel what it means to be without you. In 90% of the cases, the guy, having analyzed his life without his beloved girl, understands that she has become not so happy, and therefore begins to rediscover the location of her girlfriend in all available ways.

Start to actively flirt with other guys

If the guy is used to you, relaxed and no longer shows a past fervor in the relationship, as well as if you need to interest a new guy while in a big company, you can take advantage of a dangerous but effective method – to make the guy jealous . Try to actively flirt with other guys and generally stay in the center of male attention.

Your regular guy will always pay attention to the fact that his girl is a success with the male, and will conclude that at this rate you can lose and that will spur him to active courtship with a new force.

However, this method should be used very carefully, because a jealous guy too can cause suspicion and distrust, which will further alienate him from you. If you want to attract a new guy, this method works in most cases, because the guy unconsciously begins to think that you are special, in addition, he wakes up a healthy spirit of competition for the girl, from whom all his friends and acquaintances of the male are delighted.

Pay attention to your appearance

As you know, all the guys “love eyes”, and therefore the appearance of the girl is very important to them, so if you are thinking about how to like the guy , look at your appearance.

A regular guy can cool to you because you stopped taking care of yourself: to dress and dress the same way as in the first month of your meetings, or to gain a couple or two extra pounds. In this case, you need to slightly adjust your appearance, paying special attention to beautiful clothes, neat hair and make-up and, if necessary, physical exercises. Having seen his girl as a former beauty, the guy will necessarily renew his interest in her conquest.

A new guy can also be attracted with the help of a spectacular appearance, and thus it is not necessary to be an ideal beauty, it is enough just to find your zest that will set you apart from the crowd of other girls.

Play with a guy in the game called “hot-cold”

This method is more suitable to interest a new guy and make him run after himself, however, it can also affect a regular boyfriend if you do not meet for too long. The essence of the game is “hot-cold” is to bring something closer, then to alienate the guy from himself.

For example, a few days you can call a guy literally every hour, take an interest in all his affairs, invite to meetings and generally take every initiative, and in the next few days, on the contrary, do not call and ignore his calls, stop being interested in what he has New, and to refuse meetings under any pretext.

Then the cycle can be repeated, and repeatedly.

As a rule, after several similar alternating periods, the guy begins to literally “rip off the roof” and he is ready to do anything, if only the girl behaved with him as on “hot” days.

Become the girl of his dreams

To the guy started to run after you and actively take care of, you can become the girl of his dreams. To do this, it is necessary to find out as much as possible about the kind of girls this guy prefers: what qualities they should have, what to get involved and so on.

If you have the opportunity to get this information, then you can use it to maximize yourself to the image of the ideal girl for the guy you are interested in.

However, this method has one significant drawback – the need to pretend that later it can have the most negative impact on your relationship. If you need to correct in yourself only small features, then you can rejoice, because you found your “half.”

All of the above methods can be used to the fullest extent so that the guy really started to run after you , and in metered quantities to refresh the stable stable relationship.


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