How to invite a guy to meet so that he dos not deny?

It is possible that a few years ago, the girls could not think about taking the first step and offering the young man to meet.

It was always shameful, wrong, but not now.

Modern realities are such that girls are sometimes much older than men and will not stop at anything to achieve their own happiness.

But any of them will still think about how best to invite a guy to not scare or push him away.

There are a lot of Soviets on this issue.

What you should remember when offering a guy to meet

Firstly, if a girl sympathizes with a guy, this does not mean that you need to “take the bull by the horns” and immediately offer to meet. You have to go through some time, you have to talk, get to know each other, understand, do you really want to continue to be together.

It’s only then that you should open your cards when the decision to meet is properly thought out and weighed. Otherwise, the guy may misunderstand you and, of course, not accept your proposal, and this, in turn, will mean the final loss of the gentleman.

Secondly, we must not miss that momentous moment. Unlike men who prepare for a long time to offer the girl to be together, they choose the right place and time, girls should not worry about it too much.

On the contrary, if you decide to stop being friends with your boyfriend and expect more, you need to have a more relaxed atmosphere that is not calibrated to a millimeter. You need to be confident that at any time, even sitting at home on the couch, says: “Maybe it’s time for us to become a couple already?”

Thirdly, it is not necessary to reconcile with failure in advance, but to think over ways to retreat is useful. As a rule, men are flattered by this attention, and they are not able to ignore such proposals, but still, it is worthwhile to admit at least the smallest possibility of refusal.

Do not forget that any man with difficulty refuses his freedom, so it can happen in your case, so it’s best to probe the soil in advance.

Fourthly, try to make every effort to inform the guy that your friends, such important and pleasant relations will not change, but will only move to a new, improved level. Explain to the man that in your face he will not lose that fervent and faithful friend that you are now for him.

Fifth, before taking this step and first offering a guy to meet, it is very important for a girl to slow down for a second and think whether she really needs such a partner and relationships. It happens that a lonely girl tries in every possible way to get the desired man, but after a while, she is disappointed in the relationship and realizes that she was very wrong.

  • To prevent this from happening, analyze all your thoughts and feelings in advance.

Sixth, try to evaluate in advance your current relationship and understand if a young person is in front of you and wants to invite you to meet (any girl intuitively should feel it), but is embarrassed? Maybe he is not completely sure of the positive result and is afraid to stay at the broken trough?

In this case, you will have to try to speed up this process and take it in your hands. Try your hints and behavior to let the guy know that you are also more interested in him than in a simple friend. Show that there is a sympathy between you that needs to be developed with closer relations. Put confidence in a man, and then he will not be long in coming.

Seventh, be prepared for the fact that a man does not immediately accept your new relationship with open arms. Perhaps, for some time you will have to continue to take the first steps to translate communication into a new channel. The guy can not immediately understand how and in what direction it is now worth moving.

This does not mean that now you will always take a leading position and make all decisions concerning both of you. Just worth a little wait and do not let go of all the brakes. Behave as planned. Joint walks, going to the movies – show what you expect from this relationship, and the man will certainly learn everything and will begin to plan your joint pastime.

What should I avoid while offering a guy to be together

To begin with, do not pretend to be the person you are not. Do not be too pretentious to furnish the very fact of your proposal to meet, the mini dress will be superfluous if you are used to wearing jeans with sneakers. Do not strive to make out of this some extraordinary event. Just be yourself, to which a man has long been accustomed. This will help you feel more confident, and it will not make you feel uncomfortable inconvenience.

Do not be too zealous, trying to understand and predict his reaction to your proposal. This is not a tactical war where the only victory is important, these are feelings of two people who either will be together or not. Do not track the guy wherever he goes. Do not be too intrusive, even if you want to be around every minute. Just live a familiar life, waiting for the right moment.

Finally, leave a pre-written and a hundred times read the speech for Hollywood movies. It is not a good idea to mint words on a piece of paper. All the same, you will worry, somewhere you will get lost, lose the thread of conversation, and everything will go wrong, as you planned. Just be open and honest. Tell us what you feel and what you want. Sincerity and simplicity always bribe. You will see, the object of your love will not stand.

In any case, the first step on the part of the girl is considered something very bold and unusual. No matter how you arrange the situation, whatever you come up with and whatever words you pick up – you are already a winner. Not every girl will decide on such an act.

And decided, in the end, will get what she has been thinking and dreaming about for so long.

Therefore, girls, maybe it’s time to take the initiative into your own hands and decide for yourself what will be your life and with whom to build relationships?

Otherwise, waiting for a prince on a white horse can take too long.

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