How to “hook” a man of dreams?

Are you still lonely?

Today, a man tells us how to make the first impression correctly.

Why man?

Because he is the one who can make a relationship to last for a long time and it is a guidance for all the women on earth.How to "hook" a man of dreams?

Lets dig into it.

Imagine yourself

The cornerstone of any technique by seduction is the formation of an image. Remember: everything you tell him in the first hours of dating works for you.

Only on you depends the image that will develop in his view. Create an intrigue, make him think of you, wake his imagination. One or two correct phrases, a few half-hints – and now your image is colored with unique colors.

I will give a simple example. Suppose you – a recruiting agent who is engaged in the selection of personnel in the firm. Suppose that the man you want to hook is the owner of the firm, the director. Having told him the truth about who you are, you lose his interest, and he realizes that he is communicating with the girl to a level below.
In addition, a man should never define you in any particular cell. The main principle is to be special for him, bright, not like everyone else.

This is the main thing that you need to learn.

So, the first option. I’m asking you:

  • Listen, and where do you work?
  • You answer me:- I’m a specialist in recruitment.
    All is clear, I already crammed you into a certain cell in your head. And from that moment on I start comparing you to other women.
  • I think to myself – so, I have a friend, the director of the recruitment agency, which is steeper, and the like.
    Believe me, if I choose a woman for myself not for one night, then it’s important to me who you are!
    Another variant. You, instead of telling the truth, you start using intrigue.
  • I: Listen, and who are you working for?
  • You (with a snide smile):- I do not work, I trade people. Do you want me to sell to someone?

This option immediately excites the imagination. And it sets me up, whoever I am, to play with you. I immediately want to reveal you even more, to know you, to understand you. You intrigued me, I want to communicate with you, and after a couple of moments I get a burning desire to have a woman like you! That’s what an image is!

In addition to being intriguing, your image must be effective.

What does it mean? People should reach out to you, consciously or not. You – always “in great demand”, for your attention is a tough competition! Even if it is not so, create such an illusion. A demanding, energetic girl is guaranteed to attract attention.

Write out the basic facts about yourself and look at them freshly. Think about where you can a little – do not embellish, no! – create an interesting intrigue, an unexpected image. You must make him not just think of you, he must talk about you!

Your weapon is a competent legend

A legend is a story that will help you get his attention and explain to him why he has something to do for you. The legend must match your image and specific situation.

  • I will give an example.
    Legend of “jealousy” = (image) you have a guy + (situation) you need to cause his jealousy.
    – Hi! could you help me? My ex-boyfriend changed me, and so we broke up. Now he is in this cafe, and I want to take revenge on him! Please play my new boyfriend!
  • Legend “writer” = (image) you are a writer + (situation) you collect information for a book.
    Legend “actress” = (image) you are an actress + (situation) you need to get used to the role, and for this you are doing something.

Think of a legend that will surprise him, make him stand on your side and join the game you proposed.

The success of your legend depends on how much you get used to the role. Think over all the little things, anticipate his reaction to your words and prepare several options for the development of events.

The right questions, hints, even accessories – everything should work for you. Learn to invent legends, and they will help you get everything you want from men!

Use all the resources!

To achieve the desired result, in each situation, look for a suitable resource for dating. You can prepare in advance and use as a resource completely unimaginable things. Turn your imagination on! The more unexpected the resource, the more fun your first conversation can turn out.

So, let’s think, what resources do you have for dating?

You can use his environment – ask the opinion of his friends, connect them to the conversation. You can use the objects of his wardrobe – pay attention to their color and style.

– Tell me, where did you buy this T-shirt? My brother had a birthday a week later, he really wanted something like that.

Can you comment on his actions, his gaze, the phone’s ringing. Excellent resources give you your things: ask him to hold the bag and look for something, use the elements of his clothes, books and so on.

I often give people a completely inadequate resource at the training sessions and set the task for me: somehow use it when meeting people.

The most common is a plunger or a mop. This is my favorite.

  • “Young man, do not you know how to use this thing?” The store said this was for pipe cleaning.

When you learn how to use a plunger or a mop for acquaintance, you will see.

And you will understand that the world is really full of resources. It’s just that you never thought how to use them. Did not have experience. Some things will be unexpected for you.

Follow these simple tips: work on your image, think out an interesting legend, use unexpected resources and meet summer fully armed!


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