How to Have Better Life to Live Happily

Creating a life with success cubes and having it for happy ending is not so easy as some think about it.

Life is a game and we have to win it every day to every second and every heartbeat.

As it may can be end and stop us from living on this earth in a fixed time frame and what can’t do any thing to the life.

As it is from the only God who have created us and He is great on fixing the times of people from the birth do death.

Here I don’t want to give you lessons on death and life circle but I am going to share my insides about how to have a better life to live happily and not to ruin life or have just ignorance in it.

So lets it happened.

Just read my insides and working tips below this line:

Think about your future

Don’t just sit back and start thinking about your future like what you will do in the future and create just plans.

Go out and take control of your dreams, work on them and let the people know what you are up for.

As you know every thing which is ready to come to you is your future and instead waiting for things to happen you should try your best for getting them happen fast so you can try other things too in your little life.

Its life and its about exploring new things for yourself, for your people and for entire world.

As world needs you and your kind researches, so go out or open your internet enabled device and search for the exact things which you are dreaming about and start working on them to have a better life to live.

Just make sure that you are not going out of your budget and do things which can benefit you in any form of the life so you can take advantage of them and live happily.

Be helper

Being an helper to every body in this world will be a good thing and make every person who done this a great man in his own ways.

As every body wants help in some thing for must and nobody can do every thing alone, that is the rule of living in this world and with having people around you, you can do any thing in this world using their efforts as a little help to your self.

Then what are you thinking about? you love getting helped from someone? if yes then why you are just ending up not helping others in needy times?

Be a man and go ask them what they really are wanting from you to get their jobs done in an easy way and in the fixed time.

For an example: if you have a friend who is a running a business in auto motive you can ask him that he wants more customers are he is happy with the sales?

If he say that the business is going down day by day then he is must be asking you to have some customers on his shop to let his business run smoothly.

What you will do after then?

You just have to search for some auto motive related clients and ask them to buy every thing from your friend’s shop.

If people don’t gets inspired by your are they look at you as a foolish person then you have to deal with them.

Like in this case you can ask them to give their desired imaginations to make their cars and other autos more valuable and more beautiful so that you can ask your friend to bring all that things to you.

When you will say that things, they will be inspired by yourself and they must be with you to buy some items from your friend’s shop.

This way you are helping your friend to take his job and shop on new levels and people to get more accurate services means you are helping them in an easy way.

It makes you happy to help someone and it should be.

Work on your dreams

If you really wanna live more happily and take joys of the life which you’ve got just for once, then you should keep working on your dreams till then you think that you have all done.

Because when you work on your dreams and get them in the real life there is nothing special than that day, and you will end up laughing and smiling on that day when you got success in giving your dreams a life.

Its maybe a common thing and every body knows it all, but wait, nobody have done it from the real bottom of their hearts.

Just because nobody knows that how they can fulfill their dreams and give them a real life in their own life time.

That is why they just don’t dare to work on their dreams and rather then working on dreams they just work for a 9 to 5 job and earn that much money they are in need of.

But, you know that nobody can do something great without working on his dream project about any thing?

Its true that nobody can do a thing better then others when he/she is not that interested.

So if you want to live and have a better life then you should properly start working on your dreams and have them in your real life.


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