How to get rid of bad habits in yourself

We does not doubt about the question:

“how to deal with bad habits”

This is for many topical, since it is difficult to meet a person without bad habits.

If you have a bad habit, it’s because your brain thinks it’s good for survival.

If you, for example, have a habit of eating cakes, when something is upset, it’s because your brain has the ability to transform a bad feeling into positive emotions using a cake.

Negative, negative feelings pose a threat to survival.

All that helps to get rid of negative emotions, contributes to survival, from the point of view of your brain.

How to deal with bad habits

A cake in this case stops the feeling of a dangerous moment, this experience creates a connection in your brain. It prevents the feeling of survival threat in the natural state. Cake saves you from this threat. By eating a cake, you get rid of the feeling that you are in immediate danger.

If you do not eat the cake, your brain signals “Do something!” This signal is usually so intense that people often succumb and eat sweets.

To replace a bad habit with a good habit, you must understand that in these processes the brain is involved.

The energy of your brain moves as water flows through the pipes, finding ways of least resistance. If you created a good big channel in your brain, the energy is sent there. If you find something that makes you feel good, this way will light up when you feel threatened.

To do something else, you, in the first place, must build new neural pathways. This is difficult to do, because there are already old neural connections when you feel bad.

Let’s say you decide to eat carrots every time you experience negative emotions. “It’s just ridiculous,” you’ll think. Carrots can not help you feel good. It’s true. Cakes help you feel good, because they contain fat and sugar, which contribute to survival in natural conditions.

They create chemicals that promote a sense of happiness and pave neural pathways.

It is more difficult to build neural pathways by eating carrots. But repetition can create them. If you eat carrots every time you feel bad, the new nervous pathway will be strengthened and expanded.

If you repeat this within 45 days, the new path will be sufficiently steady to direct your feelings into a positive channel without a cake.

Most people do not do this. Who wants to eat carrots when they feel bad? Your brain lights up with the idea of ​​eating a cake even before you feel the threat to survival. Many do not want to realize their bad habits.

But these habits have side effects.

And if you want to get rid of these side effects, to learn the psychology of success , you must create a new habit.

The story of one success

We will acquaint you with the history of a woman who successfully solved the problem of how to deal with bad habits.

Sophia had a celebration, and she bought a new dress. She was nervous about her holiday, but the alarm disappeared when she bought clothes. After the triumph, the nervousness returned, already on other occasions. Sophia’s brain was looking for an outlet to get rid of negative feelings. And buying another dress helped overcome this nervousness. Nervous connections between the act of purchase and a sense of security were formed.

In a state of alarm, a woman had a desire to shop. And the created neural connections intensified with the passage of a long time.

One day Sophia could not visit the store because her car broke down.

She stayed home and felt terrible. The next day she asked a friend to take her to the store, but he was busy and could not do it. It was getting worse.

The next day Sophia felt so bad that she could not even take the bus to get to the shopping center.

A week passed without buying. It seemed to Sophia that she would die of alarm, but she did not die. Her brain found out that it is possible to survive without making a purchase.

When her health recovered, she wanted to go to the store, but decided to try to wait another day. The next day she woke up in a longing for shopping, but she wondered if she could do without them for another day.

And this went on for 45 days.

As a result, Sophia’s brain no longer thinks that she should go to the store to get rid of feelings of anxiety and anxiety, because new neural connections have been created. Now she can think about many other things, so as not to waste time in the sales rooms.

You can find the answer to the question – how to deal with bad habits – creating new neural connections within 45 days.

All that is required of you is your willingness to put up with the feeling that you are being threatened for 44 days.

Are you able to do this?


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