How to get acquainted with a worthy girl?

Probably, you, like me, spend a lot of time on your business, career or business. You clearly understand that a man is a result. You are 100% responsible for everything that happens in your life.

For you, there is no secret that with the “right” woman, you will become even steeper, more successful, happier.

But what to do to meet this? After all, we grew up in non-ideal families. We have our complexes, fears and limiting beliefs.

Yesterday we talked with an attractive girl and asked if she often gets acquainted with one of us in public places?

The answer was: “You are the first in the last few months”.How to get acquainted with a worthy girl?

In this article, We want to give you a step-by-step instruction that will help you after reading to add confidence and a correct understanding (without unnecessary) of dating with worthy women.

So you want to get the answer to how to get acquainted with a worthy girl? if yes than let’s dig in this guide and know more about your question.

Determined what kind of women “Your”

We ask you to decide which women cause you only emotions , which are sexual desire , which are the desire to care for and to be together for many years.

For example, I’m an extrovert of the logical mindset. And it’s good for me when the girl is an introvert of a creative nature. That is, We believe in the addition.

Do not call to follow my ideology. Just think about what it is like “yours”. And do not spend a lot of energy on “not yours”.

Stop fighting with fear

We spent many thousands of dollars on our personal growth and more. And we still have a “fear of approach” (this is what pikapers call it).

What changed? My attitude to fear has changed. Now we do not focus on the question “how to get rid of fear?”.

Fearfully? So you’re alive. He will never go anywhere. We assure you.

I do not care what you say

It sounds paradoxical. The Internet is crowded with prepared phrases for dating girls. Do not waste time on this nonsense. Not on that focus.

  • “Girl, can I meet you?”
  • “Hi. Does your mother need no son-in-law? “
  • “Good afternoon. And where is the library? “

Even with the help of such stupid phrases you can interest a decent woman. How?

Now you will understand everything.

Internal state

The most important thing is the internal state. It’s not what you think of yourself. And the way a man you girls and women feel.

How much are you connected to your “inner man”? Come to the mirror, look into your eyes and say: “I’m a Man!”

Did? What do you feel: comfort, excitement, resistance, what?

This item is the key. What you have to work on. Ideally, when you feel the warmth and comfort inside while doing this. This is your key support.


No matter how the woman’s face twisted while trying to get acquainted with her, We assure her that she is pleased with the man’s attention.

And if the face is crooked, politely ask for forgiveness for “anxiety” and wish for a beautiful day / evening.

It’s great if one mentally thank her for the fact that she immediately (and not afterwards) shows a true attitude towards men, in principle. This you will not make happy and you will not be happy yourself.

Still wanted to know how to get acquainted with a worthy girl? Don’t worry we have much more for you, just right below this line.

What is the minimum set of beliefs that a man needs:

  1. I am a man and I have the right to communicate with a woman I like.
  2. I’m a decent man and I like decent women.
  3. Women are pleased with my attention.

So far enough.


  1. You try to “flirt or seduce” before other.
  2. You want to please everyone. Leave these “dances” for “boys”, who are still bad at self-esteem.

The task of meeting a girl is to meet one with whom it will be mutually good.

So do not try to impress. Be yourself true. Rely on the feeling “I’m a man” and act on it.

Is it true if you like each other the way you are? (And not the mutual sympathy of “masks”).

You must …

… ask the first minute: “Do you have a boyfriend?”

Because many girls will enjoy your attention and diligence, and when you offer to exchange contacts for a meeting in the week, she will reply: “And I have a boyfriend / husband”. Stupid situation and waste of time.

How do we conduct a dialogue with an unfamiliar girl who seemed attractive to me:

Hi … (I’m waiting for her answer).

I liked you (I look at the reaction: irritation / positive / what? This is her true “face”).

You have a boyfriend?

If she does not have a boyfriend, she is positive, attractive to you, you are pleased with her even in such a short period of communication – these are positive signs that are weighty prerequisites for exchanging contacts and meeting in the near future.


Identified with “your” type of women

Do not fight with fear

Develop the right beliefs

Immediately place all the dots over the “and”

Thanks for reading. We hope that the article was not too harsh.

Only being a true man next to you will be a true woman. The same is true for women.

So comment down your reviews about this guide for knowing how to get acquainted with a worthy girl 🙂


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