How to finish the first date?

There are many situations in which the ending of a date can go wrong, even if you like each other.

Learn how to avoid embarrassment and finish the date on a positive note depending on what you want further.

Here are some tips for completing the first date, regardless of whether you are going to meet again or not.

It’s always worth it to be ready, so take care of the opportunity to get home if something goes wrong, so you do not have to feel even more uncomfortable.How to finish the first date?

If you like it

Ideally, if you both had a good time, it’s worth ending the date with a kiss, but this is not the only thing worth doing.

It does not matter if you say goodbye on your porch or at the door of the restaurant, here are a few points that you should follow.

Let him know!

There’s no point in pretending to be impatient or embarrassed if you’re really having a good time. Even if he does not rush to schedule the next meeting, tell me how happy you were.

If it seems to you that this is not enough, tell us about the club, museum or other place that you would like to visit. He will understand exactly this hint.

Establish physical contact

Even if you have never touched a date, when you say goodbye, you should do it, if you like the date. Even if it’s just a fleeting touch of your hands, try to get closer than with a friend or a person who does not deserve a second date.
Do not be afraid to call or write to him.

Wait until he calls , maybe not the best way out, if you really want to see it. The three-day wait is also morally obsolete. If you want to call or write to him, do it, but do not overdo it. One missed call or message is enough until he contacts you.

If you are not sure about the second date

Completing the first date becomes much more difficult if you are not sure that you want to see it again. Sometimes we are embarrassed by embarrassment, but perhaps the guy still deserves a second chance. Here’s how to proceed.

Be a little shy

Say that you had a good time, but do not add that you want to see it again.

If he unequivocally signals that he likes you, it’s best to behave shyly. Do not answer him with the same enthusiasm, but it’s not worth it to be cold either. Say that you had a good time, but do not add that you want to see it again.

If he insists, just say that you are busy in the coming days and will be able to respond only after that. Smile, so he understands that you are not trying to just get rid of him.

Finish with a light kiss or hugs

Although the kiss is considered the completion of a successful first date, do not neglect it in a situation of uncertainty.

By the way, if he wants to kiss you , and instead gets only an innocent kiss on the cheek, his reaction can tell you a lot. Hugs work the same way.

Do not make plans for the future

Do not link yourself with specific plans, if you are not sure. Be polite, but explain that in the next few days or a week you will not succeed.

If you do not like it

Ending a date, when you realize that nothing will work with this person, can be very embarrassing. Remember that it is worth treating it the way you would like to be treated in a similar situation.

Be honest about the lack of attraction

There is a big difference between saying “We had a good time, but I do not feel anything for you” and brutal honesty or even rudeness about the lack of attraction. You need to express your thoughts politely.
Add a compliment to refusal

Even if you are not going to see him again, make a sincere compliment. There must be something you liked about him. Soften it, but do not hint that you feel for him something more.
Do not talk about friendship

Do not end the rendezvous , after which you did not feel anything for the person, a proposal of friendship. His self-esteem has already suffered from the refusal, so do not pour salt on the wound, sending him to the waiting zone.


Be positive and say what is you are thinking right now, don’t be more pro, just be the beginner and let that person say some words.

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