How to find out if he likes or dislikes you?

When two people of opposite sex meet, they get attracted to each other.

The release of a huge amount of testosterone into the blood, we take for love.

After a while, the passion fades, and people are separated from each other.

The guy is not so often dials your phone number, avoids meeting with you and is looking for a new passion.

And the girl at this turning point for herself thinks and is tormented by doubts whether he loves her or if it was all a lie.

As a rule, the first few weeks after meeting two people’s emotions and the desire to be necessary to someone crowded both, but if it turns out not real feelings, but only the release of adrenaline, then there is only bitterness and regret.

Love does not love

There are such men who on the first date offer the girl to sleep.

They attract her with beautiful words and compliments, promises to give a fairy life and give her what she dreams of all her life.

They will never invite a girl to their home, they will not Introduce them to their parents. Their meetings are limited only to intimate meetings, and rarely when he invites her to a cafe.

If a girl with such a guy takes the initiative in his hands, asks him to take her to a movie or a nightclub, most likely you will not hear the answer no, you will be told that there is no time and a lot to do.

The girl will not be able to introduce such a guy to her parents, you will get a birthday gift or flowers for March 8th. Such a man simply uses you to satisfy his desires.

But do not all fall on men, there are girls who are not interested in a serious relationship.

They will receive gifts from the man, travel with him to rest, but they will never get acquainted with their parents and will not want to spend the weekend at his dacha with his family.

Rarely call themselves, and if they call, then only when they need something. It is not to be hoped that a girl of this type will be pleased with the gift or a romantic dinner, she will take it all as a given and hurry to leave you, explaining that she has a meeting with her friends.

How to recognize love

A well-known fact, if a person loves another person, then he is ready for everything.

If you want to test the feelings of your partner, then let him perform a feat for you.

A feat is loudly said, but to help you in some case he agrees, but if a person spits on you, then he will come up with another excuse.

Carefully observe the gestures and words of a person.

A loving person will aspire for as much time as possible with his passion, Forgetting sometimes about work, friends, and life.

You will communicate with his friends and parents often, he will not hesitate to show his feelings in public and he will not have to hide from you.

A loving person will be with you not only when you shine with happiness and in a good mood, but also when you are sick or doing house cleaning.

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