How to find a guy for a permanent relationship?

When we get acquainted with guys, we subconsciously choose the best, suitable for our measurements and the parameters we created, get acquainted, start relationships.

But time goes by, and from a date to a meeting comes a natural question:

how to find out that a guy is serious, this is not a fleeting romance, but a relationship built as a foundation for further family relationships.

How to attract the attention of a guy?

How to behave so that the guy paid attention to you and realized that you are for him – the only one on the whole planet?

To start, you need to collect all the information about the guy, through friends, acquaintances – any information about his hobbies, places of leisure and leisure will do.

You should be aware of everything and be interesting to him as an interlocutor, be able to listen and argue lightly, if necessary, skillfully maintain the topic of conversation and communicate nicely.

No matter how hard you try, it will not be done until the end, if you do not have the appropriate appearance, because men like eyes.

Dressing must be stylish, elegant and moderately sexy, without revealing everything to view, and leave the closed interesting parts of your body for the manifestation of interest and curiosity on the part of men.

Also, do not be too frank, and give your image a bit of mystery and mystery, whether today in a calm and naive manner, and tomorrow in seductive and fatal – such changes will make a guy think of you as an unusual person, unlike others. Do not be too accessible, make him fight for you, then the guy will appreciate it and for him you will always remain desirable.

To conquer a guy, you need to be genuinely addicted to his favorite pursuits – going with him to the stadium, getting sick with him for his favorite team, or going on a night fishing, – bringing together interesting hours of time very close, give impetus to the development of relationships and allow you to be alone with your loved one .

The guy should feel in you an ally and friend, so in any conflicts, be on his side, even if he is not right. Rightness will be revealed or not, and in your person he will find support and approval, which is very important for the guys. You also need to please his friends and relatives – the guys are waiting for the approval of their choice on their part, and are very proud of the beautiful lady.

How to understand that you like a young man

If you want to understand that the guy treats you no longer as a girl whom he met and just talked, and you liked him and remembered, you need to notice some features of his behavior.

A good sign of sympathy will be the desire of the guy to talk about his life, friends and hobbies, as well as funny and comical stories to make you interested or laugh. Guys do not tell everyone about their hobbies and preferences, and the fact that he says this to you allows you to think that he is serious and he likes you. At the same time, he is interested in your preferences and activities, as if interested in your private life, noting for yourself whether you are free at the moment.

A guy who likes you wants to be your friend, help you with business or advice, and there are a lot of couples whose relationship started with friendship, as it is known that friendship between a guy and a girl is possible in rare cases. Most of these relationships end in a wedding, and such unions are very harmonious, since friendship with the husband is necessary not less than love and respect.

Also, the guy introduces you to his social circle, introduces his friends and invites you to visit places where he himself repeatedly happens. He likes the admiring reaction of his friends to you, and he is proud of his choice.

The guy who likes the girl tries to memorize all the little things about her life, the date of her birth and the nickname of the dog, and in the future the girl is pleasantly surprised when the guy remembers the little things and details that she spoke a long time ago. Also he notices the features of the girl in the appearance of the girl, which others did not pay attention to, and this also speaks of his indifference. A guy who sympathizes with you will definitely notice a change in mood, and if you are upset with something, take an interest in the reason and try to cheer you up to see your smile.

Signs of serious intentions guy

But often it happens that there are young people for a long time, and not even one year, but the proposal of the hand and heart is not. And the girl starts to think that their relationship does not add up, that she does not need this guy as a husband and the family will not be able to create them. But do not despair, maybe you just over thinking on yourself, but how can you find out the guy is serious about you or not, and what are your plans for him?

First you need to evaluate the guy, and decide whether your intentions are firm, whether it suits you to create a family and whether it is worth fighting for it. A real, confident guy should be able to make money, be responsible and purposeful and fulfill his promises.

Serious intentions of the guy can be seen from his behavior and attitude towards you. First of all, it is a readiness to get acquainted with your parents and not to dissuade from this meeting. For a family dinner, a serious guy will not hesitate to show his feelings and will not be afraid to talk with your parents about a serious attitude towards you. He will also take the initiative and invite you to meet your parents, and will be happy and satisfied if you agree.

He also has a different attitude towards family and marriage, and if the word “marriage” caused him to flee before, now he consciously wants it, presents you with his wife, dreams of a joint children and a cozy home, in short, the boy is ready for In order to have a family.

A seriously-minded guy at any moment will give up all his affairs and come running, if his girlfriend needs help or something happens, he worries about her and wants to protect and protect her from problems. If someone insults or insults a girl, he will certainly stand up for her and rebuff the offender, since a real man is obliged to protect and protect a weak female sex from unpleasant types, and in such a situation the question is how can you find out that the guy is serious about you, Does not arise – everything is so obvious.

His feelings also appear in telephone conversations – he often calls to just talk and hear your voice and laughter, ask about plans for the evening and invite him on a date, he wants to see you every day, and he does not get bored with daily meetings.

Seriousness in relation to the girl manifests itself in small things, and in deeds committed for the sake of the beloved, and these are gifts, flowers, pleasant surprises, and you do not think about how a man treats you, seriously or not – you are calm and confident in His feelings.

How to make a guy take it seriously

But often the girl notices that the serious attitude of the guy to it is not present, and puts the purpose how to force it to concern seriously.

First of all you need him to respect you, your point of view or act, and for this you should not be a pacifier, even if your appearance is perfect – you get used to beauty quickly, and if the girl has nothing to talk about, interest in it quickly Passes.

A girl should be smart, be able to express herself beautifully and correctly, maintain a conversation and have good manners.

Also the girl can show the guy that the wedge did not come together on it, and she has her own circle of acquaintances and men’s companies, in which she has fans.

It will play out in the guy a sense of jealousy, and if you are dear to him, he will not let you communicate and flirt with other men and appreciate you.

But if the relationship continues for a long time, and the guy does not dare to take a serious step, you have to put it before the choice, so that he decides what he needs in life and from this relationship – if he settles down and wants to start a family, he will definitely make you an offer And the matter will end with a wedding.

But if he tries to dissuade and waste time, then there is no sense in spending years waiting for him, most likely, he will not dare to marry, and you just lose your time with him.

It is necessary to break off such relations first and try to go in another direction – in search of a worthy, courageous and noble guy who will not be afraid to take responsibility, and give you a wonderful, serious relationship and an engagement ring.


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