How to destroy a relationship?

I’m sure you’ve heard that relations are a two-way street.

Yes it is.

Women bear the same responsibility for relationships as men.How to destroy a relationship?

If you think that everything is bad in your relationship, because the partner behaves somehow “wrong”, think, maybe the problem is not in him?

I made up a list for you:

10 most common female mistakes that destroy a relationship with a man!

1. Words hurt

Men are physically stronger, but women have another advantage – possession of the word.

A typical female mistake in a relationship is to rush into harsh words, humiliating a man and making him ashamed.

Words are like … toothpaste. As soon as they come out, they can not be returned back to the “tube”. Regardless of how much you regret, the damage has already been done. And even if he says that he forgives, the negative print will persist.

Try to use words not as a weapon, but as a healing balm, with which a man can be reassured, encouraged and encouraged.

In extreme cases, follow the saying: “If you can not say something good, do not say anything better!”

2. Excessive expectations

The desire to receive from a man more than he can give you, often becomes the reason for his moral oppression. In the end, this becomes one of the factors that destroy the relationship.

For example, he just starts climbing the career ladder , and you want a summer residence in the Maldives and seriously demand it from him.

In such situations, when a man realizes that his beloved can not make happy (read – “to fulfill her wishes”), it can hurt to his dignity.

In this case, your expectations become programming for failure and disappointment.

Try not to demand , but to support in a man the spirit of striving for the goal .

3. Sarcasm

This is the quickest way to show a man that you do not respect him.

A flurry of criticism closes him emotionally, and then the man does go away to look for kindness elsewhere.

The same goes for the sarcastic expressions of the face.

4. Mocking and humiliation in others

Criticism alone is one thing. But in the presence of other people – quite different.

You force him to either accept the role of a loser, or start defending himself, to enter into a conflict and ultimately to hate you.

And involving friends / relatives in such situations, you force them to take sides. What for?

What could be worse than tirelessly “pecking” a woman?

Correctly – extras from her relatives and friends, who are engaged in the same “pecking”.

If this becomes your habit, the way out of the destructive relationship can be found not even from your submission. And with the filing of relatives, in the imagination of which your man can become a real monster.

5. Rejection of intimacy

While women need an emotional connection, your man needs the same at the physiological level.

And yes , he does not need it because he is sexually preoccupied. And because his instincts, his body, his hormones demand it .

Of course, you can really have a headache. He will understand if this is true and happens only sometimes.

6. Disrespect of opinion, disregard for advice

A man by nature loves to solve problems. Think about concrete steps to solve them, implement them and enjoy the understanding that everything turned out exactly as planned.

And if you take this opportunity, his ego is very afflicted.

Disregarding the advice, you send a message that you do not appreciate his opinion.

When you tell about problems and experiences, be ready, that the man will offer his own solutions.

It is not necessary to do what they advise, but you need to listen and say “thank you” .

7. The undermining of authority

If you voluntarily give the role of leader in the family, demanding responsibility from a man, try to respect it.

It is not easy to lead when “wards” openly criticize you .

It’s easy to criticize the “bosses”, stating that you could have done better.

8. The eternal “acid mine”

Constant dissatisfaction with everything and everyone is another vivid example of how a woman destroys a relationship.

Remember that the goal of relationships is happiness. And both partners must work on this.

If you think that other people should be happy with you, you will never attain this state.

For your happiness, you answer only yourself. Remember this simple truth!

Everyone is irritated and upset. But it’s not worth blaming someone.

Think, would you like to build a relationship with a man who is darker than a storm cloud every day?

9. Ignore and interrupt

I’m sure you’ve had at least once in your life had to find yourself in a situation where someone deliberately misses everything you say, that is, he simply ignores.

That’s how your man feels when he tries to share his experiences, and you brush it off. He feels that he is not appreciated.

The reverse situation is when you are constantly trying to “insert 5 kopecks.”

Try to learn how to listen.

If you want to ask a question, wait until the man has finished. Do not interrupt, even if it’s some kind of banal story, the topic of which is not particularly interesting to you (fishing, football, computer game).

In no case do not go, not having listened to the end , this is the brightest example of disrespect!

10. Choosing the wrong man

You once again act on a pattern that leads you to a relationship “with the wrong” man.

Pay attention to how you perceive the new man when meeting you. Do you notice any minor shortcomings, but tell yourself that they will then be eliminated under your influence?

Stop at the same moment. Further it will only be worse – the shortcomings will manifest themselves more and more. And to correct them you will get less and less.

The man you start dating with will not change habits radically.

If the problems are already apparent at the stage of acquaintance, serious relationships will only aggravate them.

Therefore, ignore the obvious signs that a man does not fit – one of the main female mistakes, for which you then have to pay.


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